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you’ve been using your travel pillow wrong – turn it upside down to sleep better on a plane

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
The shaped bed pillow is probably the most popular design for airplane passengers.
They should support your neck and when you snooze, they stop your head from swinging from one side to the other.
But it turns out that many people can use the wrong pillow.
Dr. Michael Bruce
Or a sleep doctor familiar to American television viewers.
Is one of the world\'s leading sleep experts and a professional while sleeping in transit. He told News. com.
We really should have turned the pillow upside down.
Dr. Breus said: \"One of the things I told my client is that if you have
Neck Pillow in shape, turn it so the bottom of U is under your chin.
He continued: \"This is because your head tends to Bob, Bob will wake you up and turning the pillow will stop your head from swinging.
\"If you haven\'t taken out a pillow yet, then you can still get a great night as long as you pack the window seat.
\"Looking for a window seat, you can roll up a jacket or bring a pillow to support it and let it rest,\" Dr. Breus said. “[Also]
, As close as possible-but not in —
The export line you can select.
\"The reason you want to get close to the exit row is because you are closer to the center of the fuselage, where you will feel the least amount of turbulence.
\"But when America
The shape options are the most widely used and there are many other designs around.
Sun online tours tested some of the most popular to see which one is the best, depending on how you sleep.
Another important trip for passengers to use wrong is flight socks
Flyers were not worn long enough to make the most of them.
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