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âx80x8brailway laundry: railway laundry runs out of water, buys 10k litres of water daily | bhopal news - times of india

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
BHOPAL: Mechanized laundry in the Neelbad Bhopal railway department does not even have water to wash linen, now it is forced to buy about 10,000 litres of water per day to wash the sheets, pillowcases and towels on the train departing from Bhopal and habiganji train station.
An employee of a laundry company, who declined to be named, admitted that they were working to solve the problem of water shortage.
\"We spent 800 rupees-
\"As our borewell is not working properly, 1000 per day,\" he said . \".
By the way, the laundry room is running
Building with few doors.
In addition, workers do not have any training on any chemicals used when using mechanical laundry to wash their clothes.
According to the guidelines for the establishment of laundries by Indian railways, there should be two overhead tanks to store 15000 liters of water (soft water)
In addition to the original water tank with a total capacity of about 50,000 liters.
However, none of the outsourced laundry services follow up.
The guidelines also mark the reuse of wastewater.
On the positive side, the machinery used for washing is in accordance with the guidelines.
About four years ago, mechanized laundry at Bhopal train station was established in Neelbad by a private player who did not even comply with the environmental norms.
According to the National Pollution Control Commission (PCB)
Specification, any such agency needs to have a wastewater treatment plant so that their wastewater is not publicly disseminated and mixed with conventional sewage.
There are a few other environmental specifications that need to be followed and the laundry room can only be opened after permission from the PCB.
When asked about the status of the new laundry room, IA Siddiqui, spokesman for the Bhopal railway department, said because this laundry room has been under the PCB\'s scanner, \"the new laundry room near Bhopal railway station will open by April.
We will monitor it professionally.
\"The PCB has sent several notices to the Bhopal railway department regarding their alleged mismanagement, in violation of the environmental norms of the laundry area at Habibganj railway station and the Neelbad laundry area, but they did not comply with the parameters of the PCB.
PCB lawyer Deepesh Shukla revealed that, as a result, a lawsuit has been filed against the Bhopal railway department in the Bhopal district court and a summons has been issued to senior officials.
According to PCB records from May 23-20, 2013 to June 15, they continue to clean and clean trains without PCB permission.
They were allowed to clean fewer coaches in the Habibganj yard, but without permission they gradually increased the number of coaches.
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