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why do i sweat in my sleep?

by:Qihao      2019-09-02
Did you wake up after sweating in the middle of the night?
Found your sheets or pajamas wet in the morning? Don’t sweat it.
You\'re not the only one.
\"Night sweats are a common symptom that we often see in primary care settings,\" said Lindy Chavez, a family medical nurse at Camarillo Dignity Health Care Group in California.
If not treated, sweating too much can be frustrating.
But experts say there are some fundamental reasons for sweating too much at night, many of which can be handled.
Here are a few reasons why you may sweat at night and what you can do.
Purry\'s point of view, a month-
Mattress industry veteran, founder and CEO of MattressInsider.
Com, the most common reason the mattress will make you hot when you sleep is its material.
Specifically, one is called closed.
Foam polyurethane. “Closed-
\"It\'s much cheaper to use foam cells during manufacturing, but it can sleep very hot,\" says Cell hard . \".
To solve the problem, he suggested buying an open mattress.
The cell polyurethane foam, \"is porous, so the air can get in and out of the cell of the foam to make it breathable.
If you\'re looking for a mattress that uses memory foam, the goal is Gel, Prichard says
Injection memory foam of sleep 1-
2 degree cooler.
You should also make sure that the foam density per square foot is not more than 4 pounds, as higher density captures heat.
Finally, you should buy a mattress that uses natural latex instead of polyurethane foam because natural latex is not temperature-
The material is sensitive and more durable, he said.
\"Too many rooms and/or blankets that are overheated are often the easiest reason for night sweats,\" Chavez said . \".
Chavez recommends wearing comfortable and breathable pajamas to avoid placing multiple blankets on the bed, especially during the hot months.
The sheet of the material also helps to get hotter and hotter in the middle of the night.
\"Body temperature is significantly affected by contact with the skin, so it is better to be regulated by naturally cooled fabrics, such as linen,\" said Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of bedding company parachute.
Not a fan of linen?
Other breathable fabrics such as cotton or natural silk will also keep you cool at night.
\"Turning off the thermostat is a way to improve the quality of sleep, because too hot a sleeping environment can cause sweating and sleep disruption throughout the night,\" said Sujay Kansagra, a sleep health specialist at the mattress company.
Rebecca Robbins.
Author of \"sleep for success!
Sleep experts at the Benjamin Hotel in New York City agreed on this, noting that if your bedroom is above 70 degrees, a little cooler in the room can have a huge impact.
\"The range of 60 to 67 degrees sounds cold but is the best bedroom temperature to sleep,\" she said . \".
According to Terry Claire, a certified clinical sleep educator in Washington, D. C. C. , and co-
The author of \"sleep to the top of the Mountain\", women who experience menopause or even menopause often report symptoms of sweating at night.
\"The degree of sweating varies, but when your sleep is disturbed for a long time, it should be reported to your doctor,\" she said . \".
Anxiety and stress can also cause excessive sweating when you try to get z.
\"You may sweat too much due to stress during the day.
Therefore, nightmares and other stressful dreams will also make you sweat while you sleep . \"
Christopher Hollingsworth, general surgeon at the New York Surgical Society, added that it is expected that one day\'s work stress will prompt you to sweat all night.
Try to do an activity that helps you relax in front of your pillow, such as meditation, warm bath or reading.
\"In addition to trying to manage your stress every day, you may want to try some relaxation techniques at night and calm your nerves before going to bed,\" Chavez said . \".
Sweating at night can be as simple as having a fever or the body trying to control the disease.
Colds, flu and other infections and viruses, especially those with fever, can cause a lot of sweating.
\"You may suffer alternate cold fights-these are all temporary and they should pass as the disease fades,\" Hollingsworth said . \".
In rare cases, you can sweat at night due to more serious things.
\"There is a long list of potential medical problems that can be attributed to the condition of persistent night sweats, including anxiety disorders, autoimmune diseases, thyroid diseases, heart disease, certain neurological and/or bone marrow diseases, cancer, etc, \"Constantine George, chief medical officer at Epitomedical, said private clinics, a combination of internal medicine and pediatrics, founder of the concierge medical application Vedius.
But don\'t start searching and don\'t automatically assume you have cancer.
Please consult your doctor if you have any other problems.
\"Fortunately, these are very rare, and there are usually some other symptoms of infection,\" said Alex dimitriau, a twin board.
Certified doctor of psychiatry and sleep medicine, founder of psychiatry and sleep medicine at Menlo Park, California.
\"Some drugs can cause night sweats, so read the labels and talk to your doctor about any possible side effects of the drugs you might take,\" Robbins said . \".
These drugs include anti-depression drugs, diabetes drugs, and certain hormones-
Blocking treatment drugs.
Anti-hypertension drugs and chemotherapy drugs can also be a catalyst for sweating, Cralle added.
Have a drink while you\'re sleeping?
Drinking alcohol before going to bed can lead to sweating sleep.
If this disrupts your sleep, Cralle recommends reducing alcohol consumption and avoiding alcohol consumption within a few hours before going to bed.
\"It is not common that the withdrawal of alcohol and certain calming substances also results in night sweats,\" Dimitriu added . \".
A recent study found that hot flashes and sweating at night may be related to medium-age women.
Other symptoms of this condition include snoring, repeated waking up or insomnia, restless sleep, extreme fatigue during the day, a feeling of sore throat or dryness, suffocation or gasping, restless sleep or a headache in the morning.
If you think you may have this situation, schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor to discuss the tests you can do to see if this is the case.
\"Adequate sleep is important to your health.
Quality of life, \"says Cralle.
If you notice that you are sweating at night, she recommends adjusting your sleeping environment and looking for a sleep specialist to discuss the issue of sweating during sleep. Maral K.
Skelsey, a member of the International Association for sweating and a clinical associate professor of dermatology at Georgetown University School of Medicine, is said to be looking for any changes in sweating patterns.
If your night sweats start to show up with other symptoms, it might be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a doctor to discuss what might happen.
When sweating suddenly starts and is related to weight loss or fever, or just on one side of the body, you may need to worry about it.
Talk to your doctor right away, because some of the reasons for sweating can be life
Said Skelsey.
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