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whose armrest is it, anyway? the unspoken etiquette of airline, bus and train travel.

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
On a recent flight from Copenhagen to Toronto, Janice Reese offered to exchange tickets with a mother and her younger son, just out of courtesy.
But, as the old saying goes, no good thing is not punished.
\"I booked a vegetarian main course,\" recalls Reese, who works for a non-profit organization in Berlin.
\"It went to my original seat.
By the time I found out, my mother had already finished my meal.
\"Lessons Learned: let the flight attendant know when you change your seat, especially if you need a special meal.
Seating etiquette is not as simple as it looks.
For example, consider the passengers on the recent United Airlines flight from Sydney to San Francisco, who sat in the same aisle with a passenger talking.
The passengers sitting in the middle seat were unfriendly and racist statements were reportedly made, eventually forcing airlines to move their flights to New Zealand.
The incident raised the question: is it acceptable to have a conversation about people in the middle seat?
Maggie Oldham of New York said: \"Neither is it . \"
Etiquette coach.
The conversation must be brief.
But if it\'s longer than \"fast swap\" then it\'s gone.
\"It is polite to have one of the passengers offer to exchange seats with passengers in the middle seat,\" Oldham said . \".
\"It would be better if you asked in the middle --
If they prefer seats by the window or by the aisle, they then step back accordingly.
\"So technically, the people who spoke on the combined flight and the people who growled were wrong.
But this is not the only question of seating etiquette.
Q: Should I sit down in economy class? A: No. Seriously, no.
Although theoretically you can tilt your seat back, most airlines have removed the space between seats so that you can almost certainly collide with the passenger\'s knee, laptop or knee.
This could trigger a confrontation.
Q: Sorry, I paid for the seat and recline when I wanted it.
Should I ask the passenger behind me before doing it?
Yes, you can at least do that.
If you\'re going to tilt, ask the passenger behind you if you can.
\"If you are ashamed to talk to your rear seat partner, at least lean your seat slowly and politely so as not to mess up their laptop, pour free soft drinks over their pants Catherine stammer is a former research scientist and regular visitor living in San Jose.
Q: What is the seat spread, how much can be accepted?
A: seats spread when passengers stretch, stretch, or invade your personal space with their legs, arms or heads.
How much can be accepted? None.
\"Don\'t spread to your seat,\" said relationship expert Masini on April . \".
\"Bring a memory foam neck pillow so you can sleep comfortably and avoid falling on their shoulders as the pillow will keep you away from your neighbors.
Buy a second seat if you are a big passenger.
Q: whose arm is it?
A: It is clear that the passenger in the window seat controls the window arm rest and the outermost arm rest is controlled by the aisle seat.
But two handrails in the middle
Ah, not easy!
There is a consensus that this is a shared space, but the passengers in the middle seat have something close to the right of way.
In other words, if you are sitting in a window or aisle seat, the passenger in the middle seat will put his arm down first.
It would be great if there were any remaining rooms.
If not, it belongs to the passenger in the middle seat.
One more thing, says czodata Czink of Toronto.
Based on etiquette experts, \"try to be a little bit friendly to it.
Q: Do you wear shoes or not?
Only you know the answer to this question.
Bill Sechter of Seattle said: \"We all know if our feet smell, whether we need to make a decision based on this fact . \"
Created a frequent visitor to a company that designed the workspace.
\"If you know you have foot odor, put your shoes on anyway.
If not, feel free to take them off, but remember not to let them get in and out of your ranks for others.
One more thing: Always wear socks.
It\'s better for everyone.
You don\'t want to end up on one of those passengers-
Website of humiliation.
Q: Should I wake up a snoring agent?
A: If snoring keeps you awake during a night flight, that\'s definitely the case.
But the burden is on the snoring.
\"If you know you have snoring problems, you may need to avoid sleeping,\" said Marie Anne Parker, an expert in etiquette at San Diego . \".
Best way: ask the flight attendant or conductor for help.
You can change your seat.
\"If the passenger asks ourselves if we can hear his snoring, you can be honest but still polite,\" she said . \".
Q: Should I change my baby\'s diaper in my seat? A: No.
Go to the bathroom for a small liter.
When it comes to kids, remember the passenger Reese who lost him? flight meal?
The last lesson is to learn.
He said: \"Instead of facing the mother, I mentioned it to the flight attendant.
I doubt the mother will have a similar situation again, so it doesn\'t seem worth bothering her about it, but the flight attendant might do so.
\"The flight attendant was grateful and provided him with extra snacks as there was no vegetarian diet on the flight.
Now, Reese will always remember the value of avoiding confrontation and caution when one of these unwritten rules is violated.
Elliot is a consumer advocate, journalist and partner.
Co-founder of the Voyager advocacy organization.
Email him at chris @ elliott. org.
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