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What You Need to Take on Holidays

by:Qihao      2020-07-07
Going on a trip, particularly overseas creates its own headache, albeit a nice headache! The brain goes into overdrive trying to cover all aspects of the trip. When traveling I start by putting the open suitcase or backpack, where things can be fired in as I think of them. Going through the items closer to the traveling date I weed out the unnecessary items. Here are some things that are important for you to consider. The important paperwork, legal, personal and country requirements have to be up to date, passports must have over 6months on them before expiring. Every traveler requires these in one form or another. Up to date passport Your tickets required for hotels, booked tours, onward flights Travel Insurance Credit Cards, loyalty cards Addresses and contact lists of places booked and your holiday plans and projected travel movements Travel guide book or books Money in the required currency to tide you over for at least the first 24 hours Something to carry your passport and money safely from the predations of pickpockets Having got those ticked off the list you then have to consider your personal health and well-being. Some countries are higher risk than others are, in that the health service may not be the standard to which you are accustomed. Another drawback is trying to explain in a foreign language that you need some thing for a sore throat! Comfortable shoes Prescription Medication with a note from your health provider is useful if you need medicines while traveling, give the note to authorities if there are queries at customs. Other generic medicines like throat lozenges, cough syrup are also worth considering. Include sunscreen and insect repellent depending on your destination. Pack these into the checked luggage. Basics like a small packet of soap powder in a bag, a small sewing kit, safety pins, tweezers, and scissors. Pack scissors into checked luggage and do not carry in hand luggage. A light nylon or plastic raincoat that can be folded in the smallest place in carry on luggage. Wet hand wipes along with an antiseptic hand gel can be particularly useful if the country you are traveling in has poor hygiene facilities. It would be wise to include a toilet roll in this category. I never travel without my bed pillow A small traveling clock has its uses, but with mobile phones having an alarm today, is not high on the must have list. A small torch is worth having when you are not familiar with your surrounds at night. Living in the electronic age as we do, becomes an issue as we stress over which device would be the most useful. Weight considerations are needed here so some hard decisions may be necessary. Some of these would need considering if you cannot live with out them. Many have several functions and reduce the need for many items, but its all about personal choice. Camera or cameras Batteries for your electronic items Mobile phone Adaptors for all your electronics, not all countries have the same system as your home country. MP3 player, Kindle iPad or iPhone Net book, I found mine incredibly useful as it was not always easy using provided computers at internet cafe's when you wanted, or within your time frame. Clothing is always the big question. You need to have researched the likely weather in your planned holiday zone for the time you will be there. It always pays to cover any eventualities, as weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. There is always the norm to assist your decision. Having laid all the clothes out that you plan on taking, take it upon yourself to reduce it by half! Don't forget that rolling clothes will save space in your bag or case. The reverse applies to money, double what you plan on taking! What ever else you may need, always carry a good book to read for delays that will inevitably occur.
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