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what type of pillows do chiropractors recommend for neck pain relief?

by:Qihao      2019-08-24
Waking up with a stiff neck will definitely ruin your day.
If this is part of your daily routine, let me ask you some questions.
When was the last time you changed your pillow?
I bet it was a long time ago.
This may be the key to your morning pain.
So, let me take you through the wilderness of the market and find the perfect pillow for neck pain.
How do you know if your pillow hurt your neck?
First of all, let\'s define if your neck pain is caused by a pillow.
It is easy to understand: ● you will have a feeling of tension when you wake up, this feeling is 20-
Simply stretch for 30 minutes or after;
● After good exercise, the pain feels more like pain;
● Most obviously: If you are not at home to sleep, there is no sign of stiff neck when you wake up in the morning.
Choosing the wrong pillow, either doesn\'t provide any support at all, or creates a strange angle rather than having your neck aligned with the rest of your body.
Both cases can cause pain.
The best pillow with different sleeping positions many people underestimate the importance of sleeping position during the selection of pillows.
At the same time, this is one of the key points here.
Which pillow is best for you according to your sleeping posture?
● If you are a side sleeper: choosing the height of the pillow is a critical moment.
It should be high enough to keep the neck in a neutral position while properly contouring the head.
In this case, a solid pillow with uniform support and good cushioning performance is proven to be the best.
\"You can put another pillow between your knees to align your spine.
Or you can use the body pillow to achieve a similar level of support.
\"● If you are a back sleeper: people who like back sleep can choose any type of pillow.
But the perfect thing is to use the rules-
Medium hardness, medium attic.
The pillow is a great choice, you can control the amount of the filling and shape it the way you like it.
\"If you have a soft mattress, it\'s better to put a pillow under your knees when you sleep behind.
This also minimizes the pressure on the waist.
\"● If you are a stomach sleeper: This location is not actually recommended as it may put unnecessary stress on the lower back and neck.
Most stomach sleepers also tend to turn their heads to the side, which increases the tension in the neck.
If you can\'t change your sleeping posture, it\'s good to use a thin, soft pillow or no pillow at all.
What pillow does chiropractor recommend to relieve neck pain?
Now, let\'s see what kind of pillows can help you with neck pain if you already have this disease.
Depending on your personal preference, you can choose one of the following pillow types: ● cervical pillow these pillows are also known as orthopedic.
They can be immediately
Designed to support the neck and maintain the standard shape of the neck aligned with the spine.
If you have chronic neck pain, your chiropractor will most likely recommend using this pillow, as some studies have shown that the cervical pillow is effective in relieving neck stiffness and improving sleep quality
You can choose between models made of memory foam or LaTeX based on how you feel and the amount you are prepared to pay.
\"No matter which memory foam neck pillow you choose, be sure to have the right size.
Too small or too big to provide the level of support you need at all.
Would you like to try these pillows?
You can take a look at the cervical pillow Happysleepyhead.
Start with com.
● Feather pillows are a great choice for those who often change positions during sleep.
They can form contours on the neck and head so that they remain neutral and, like any natural material, they have good cooling performance.
Another advantage of feather pillows is that you can reshape them and sometimes even adjust the volume of the filling.
\"Feather pillows, however, cause allergic reactions in some people because they have lower resistance to mites (
This is one of the most common allergens in human beings).
Also, they can be difficult to clean.
If it\'s your turn
For you, you can switch to the synthetic state.
● The initial purpose of memory foam is to improve the comfort of astronauts during rocket launch.
The memory foam pillow has excellent cushioning performance and maintains a neutral position in the neck, easily adapting to any position you decide to sleep in.
Last words today\'s market offers quite a few pillow options to relieve neck pain.
I hope this guide will allow you to make a balanced choice and say goodbye to your painful morning.
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