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What to Look For When Buying a Breastfeeding Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-08-29
Breast milk is essential for your baby; and breastfeeding is beneficial for the mother and baby. It is during this time that a mother and baby can develop a special bond. However, for many mothers, finding the right position to nurse their baby is a big concern. When the position is not ideal, the mother and the baby are not comfortable. In addition, nursing mothers suffer from back aches, shoulder and neck pain. The good news is that you can get some respite from these problems without compromising on the comfort you and your baby get during nursing. Breastfeeding pillows or nursing pillows has been designed to provide maximum comfort and enable easy breastfeeding. So what are these pillows all about? How are these beneficial for you and your baby? Here is all you needed to know about nursing pillows: What is a Breastfeeding Pillow? Breastfeeding pillows are specialised pillows that are designed in such a way that the pillow wraps around the mother's waist. They and big enough to hold your baby and raise it to the level your nipples, eliminating the need to support the baby with your arms. Some of these pillows are designed to wrap around your shoulders. What are the Different Types of Breastfeeding Pillows? The market is full of different varieties of these pillows. Pick from the following options: Doughnut-shaped Pillows: These pillows are round, wrap around your waist. It provides your back the required rest while allowing your baby the required support. The pillow latches on the back and enables you to feed your baby without hassles. Some of these pillows come with a whole lot of utility like adjustable straps, pockets to hold baby essentials, and so on. Horseshoe-shaped Pillows: Unlike a doughnut-shaped pillow, these pillows do not cover the entire waist. This is easy to use if you are on a couch, rocker or bed. While this may not be multi-functional like the previous variety, it still does the job by providing you a hands-free and comfortable feeding experience. This also doubles up as a baby pillow or seat when not used for nursing. Bed Rest Pillows: These come with cushioning for the back, neck and arms. The bed rest pillow, however, does not offer the best of comforts for your baby as there is no support or place to put your baby on while nursing. Twin-friendly Pillows: These pillows are designed especially for mothers who have more than one child to nurse. This pillow provides double the comfort and ease for the mother while the babies are nursed. This variety also comes with some of the other features like back, neck and arm rest. What are the Features and Functionalities to be Considered? As a mother, you would want nothing but the best for your little one. You do not want to make the nursing process very tedious for your child. Here somethings that can you can look for while picking a breastfeeding pillow: - Ensure these pillows are easy to use and work well in different positions. Finding the right position may take a while and a little experience too. So getting the right pillow can help you try different positions till you get the one that suits you the best. - Look for pillows with adjustable height; the size of your baby's head is bound to grow, your breasts will also undergo changes in sizes. Therefore, it is important to have an adjustable feature in the pillow. - Ensure the material of the pillow is washable. Hygiene is an important consideration as your baby needs to be placed on surfaces that are completely bacteria-free. It is essential to keep washing the pillow every other day. - Choose soft fabrics. Not only do they keep your baby from rashes and allergies, they are also easy to wash and maintain. - If you are a travelling mother, pick pillows that can be inflated and deflated, as required. Besides being a space-saver for small homes, this is perfect to carry around. - If you are a multi-tasker, pillows with pockets and holders are the right choice. They help you keep your baby supplies handy, you could also keep a toy or two to keep your baby busy. - Look for harmful, sharp objects that could hurt your baby's tender skin. Look for zips and pins. - Before buying a nursing pillow, try and check it. If you are big-breasted or have a big torso, the standard sizes may not fit well. You are now all set to enjoy and share the warmth of motherhood with the apple of your eye.
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