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What this Amazon pillow case really looks like will make you laugh

by:Qihao      2019-09-02
Shopping online certainly has its convenience, but asone\'s customers have recently discovered that there is always a risk in buying things that are invisible.
While many flawed purchases are often posted online as a warning, Amazon\'s latest failure can only be ridiculed.
Advertised as \"dinosaur children\'s pillowcase\", the image of the product shows a scam of a child sleeping on it.
It is reported that this is exactly what the customer received, as shown on imgur.
Shoppers want a dinosaur.
It is a white rectangular pillowcase with a screen for a child sleeping on a dinosaur pillow.
Amazon seems to have cracked the scam and the original list on the site can\'t be found now.
At the same time, the real dinosaur
Pillows in shape are still available.
While it\'s likely to be just a fun prank to play by someone with an evil sense of humor and superb photoshop skills, it\'s still hilarious, admittedly.
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