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what should i use for stuffing in outdoor furniture pillows?

by:Qihao      2019-09-01
If you are making new pillows or replacing fillers for outdoor furniture, you can choose from them ---
From cheap polyester filling to special foam like used on board.
Cover pillows with durable outdoor supplies
Rated fabrics such as cotton duck and vinyl PVC.
These fabrics have many patterns and colors that complement your decor.
No matter what fabric and filler you choose, bring in outdoor pillows in wet weather to extend their service life.
Polyester Fiber free-
A loose fill called a fiber fill, or a compressed batting.
Both forms are washable, non-
Allergic and resistant to mold.
Loose fiber filling is useful for filling in circles and other strange thingsshaped pillows.
The Polyester filler absorbs moisture, so the pillow must be dry if left out in the rain.
Because polyester filling compression is used, it is best to use for accent pillows that you can replace once or twice a year.
Polyurethane foam is widely used in-firm cushions.
Because it absorbs water, it must be treated to prevent mold and mildew.
You can also protect it with a plastic cloth underneath the pad cover. Open-
The foam is durable and allows the water to pass through and absorb very little.
When treated to resist mold, it is ideal for the courtyard and boating mat. Closed-
The foam is very strong and does not absorb water.
Due to its rigidity and buoyancy, it is used in flotation devices and other special applications.
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