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What Kind Of Pillow Should You Bring To The Dorm

by:Qihao      2020-08-21
Moving into the dorm is a hallmark rite of passage into college. Usually the first reaction to what pillow to bring to the dorm is to bring your pillow from home. But does bringing your old pillow to your new dorm make sense? Should you opt for a newer pillow or pillows that you can learn to love at the dorm? Picking the right dorm pillow is a very personal choice that most consumers drag their feet on. The reason it is so hard to consider moving to a new dorm pillow is because they have used their pillow for so many years that it's probably about as old as them. Another rationale by pillow users is that they will never find one as a comfortable and perfect as the one they have. So we will explore several reasons why you should consider buying new pillows for your dorm room. Your Current Pillow Is Old Most consumers don't realize it but their several year old bed pillow probably contains up to 25% of its weight in dust mite feces and dander. Getting a new dorm pillow is just healthier not only will it improve your allergy issues but it will help support your proper sleeping position. Both of these taken together mean a much better night's sleep. Less Stuff To Transport Loading up the car/van/truck for the dorm is easy you simply load up on your one way trip. If you take your pillows from home you will have to replace your home pillows for when you travel back or bring them with you. Normally weekend trips back home should be low key and you will be knee deep in laundry more than likely. So the easy solution is to keep your original pillows at home and buy a new pair for the dorm. Your Dorm Pillows May Suffer If you're like most college students you will have your share of accidents in your dorm room and your pillow might get ruined. Your bed in the dorm is not only your bed, but the couch the dinner table, the homework zone and more. With all those activities your pillow is likely to get spilled on and if not by yourself but by your roommate. We would never recommend buying a disposable pillow as the lack of quality defeats what a pillow is supposed to do which is provide comfort and support for your head and neck. Instead expect to spend $25 to $50 on average for an excellent quality pillow. Dorm Pillows Are Used Differently As mentioned above your dorm bed has several purposes it must fulfill. First off you should always bring two pillows to college because you will likely use them to keep your back propped up to allow studying in bed. You will also find that a pair of dorm pillows allows your head to be propped up better which allows the dry air caused by dorm heating systems to cause less dry mouths which in turn means a better night's sleep. Finally having multiple dormitory pillows just gives more flexibility in bed allowing you to snuggle watching movies, hangout on the floor playing cards and dozens of other applications.
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