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what is flat head syndrome?

by:Qihao      2019-09-03
An obvious side effect is very successful in the \"time back to Sleep\" movement-it is recommended that parents lie to their children behind them, Sleep, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death-has been increasing the incidence of positional oblique head deformity or flat head syndrome
This situation-the back or sides of the baby\'s head appear to have flattened-is caused by the baby\'s long time of leaning his head against a flat surface, including the crib mattress.
Because the baby\'s skull is made up of several different plates that are not glued together yet, they are more susceptible to external pressure and therefore are prone to this.
As far as the medical profession is concerned, the flat head syndrome is mainly cosmetic, which is almost a temporary problem and will be solved by itself.
The overriding suggestion is that the baby should sleep on the back forever, reducing the risk of crib death is more important than the beauty problem of flat head syndrome.
However, parents are advised to consult the doctor\'s diagnosis and advice.
Overall, the problem can be easily prevented and treated, and when babies are supervised, put them on their stomachs for a short period of time, says Dr. John Murphy, consultant pediatrician at Holles Street.
\"Plagiocephaly is largely based on the background
He explained.
\"One thing that may not get enough emphasis is to give the baby time in the belly.
\"Belly time actually means that when the baby is replaced or fed and fully awake, having him lying on his stomach under supervision for a few minutes,\" he said . \".
\"This tends to strengthen the neck muscles, and I think it will help prevent many situations from happening.
There is good evidence now that this is helpful.
Other tips to help correct the problem, according to Murphy, include feeding the baby on the operating arm, encouraging him to leave the flat side.
\"You can talk a little more from there and make things over there that you want him to turn to more interesting,\" he added . \".
\"This increases the rotation of the neck.
\"While the treatment of this situation also has a specially tailored corrective helmet, which usually costs thousands of dollars and babies wear 23 hours a day, doctors are skeptical about it.
\"This is not a real medical intervention, and most doctors will not recommend them,\" Murphy said . \".
\"The helmet may limit the head and body movement of the baby, which will be a concern.
The whole business of \"Back to Sleep\" is that the baby is in an unrestricted state and is unlikely to get stuck.
\"Elsewhere, the memory of the Irish brand Clevamama --
Foam pillows are being sold as a way to significantly reduce flat head syndrome: tests conducted at Trinity College\'s bioengineering center in Dublin found that pillows can relieve stress on baby skulls by nearly 50 pc, at the same time, the baby\'s head is allowed to rest in a position that does not limit the airway.
Clevamama specially developed memory foam for babies because it is lighter and more breathable than the standard version, but with the same benefits, says Martina Delaney, founder of Handybaby.
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Put your child on his belly, play to change the position of the crib, or alternate which end you put him on the crib to place the toy, you want your child to turn to the phone or light, if possible, open the side where you hold your child\'s feeding, take your child with you, or use a sling instead of a carriage.
Circular hall hospital said in its orientation on the location of the oblique eye that since the launch of the \"return to Sleep\" campaign in the early 90 s, the incidence of crib deaths has dropped by nearly 40 pc.
At the same time, in the UK, this campaign, initiated by Anne Diamond, also recommends not smoking around babies and not overheating them if they cough or catch a cold, see a doctor-the number of crib deaths has dropped from 2,500 to 300 per year.
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