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what is a contour pillow?

by:Qihao      2019-09-03
The contour pillow is a specific type of pillow with a profile that is specific to the ergonomic part.
The contour pillow is specially designed to provide support for the target area, which is stronger than the inflatable pillow and usually consists of high density or memory foam.
These unique types of pillows may be recommended to those who have aggravated neck or back problems due to sleep poses, or will not be relieved by rest at night.
There are basically two types of contour pillows, although the specific design of each type may vary.
These pillows are usually designed to support the head, neck or legs.
The type of discomfort you experience and the type of sleeper you are in may determine which profile pillow you can use comfortably.
The most common type of contour pillow is designed to support the head and neck while lying down.
Basically, the head and neck inflatable pillow will support the neck while providing a well-outlined resting place for the head.
These types of pillows are effective for back sleepers and can help reduce neck and upper back pain by keeping the neck aligned correctly with the spine during sleep.
Side sleepers, however, are likely to find these pillows uncomfortable.
For those who like to sleep sideways, leg rest can bring more benefits.
The Contour leg rest provides support at the knee, the legs gather together while sleeping, and helps support the lower body by keeping the back better aligned.
Both pillows may need to be used to, and it may take a few nights for the user to notice the benefits.
In addition to people with neck and back pain, mild to moderate sleep apnea is also considered to benefit from the use of contour pillows.
Some pillows are medical devices specially designed for breathing machines to improve breathing in patients with sleep apnea.
The price of the contour pillow can be from $20 (USD)
Average $60.
Can be purchased from major retailers, medical suppliers and online for bedding and linen.
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