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What are raw materials for memory foam pillow production?
All materials used to manufacture memory foam pillow must meet safety, quality, and legal requirements in the industry. Most of manufacturers have an in-house QC team to assess and test the qualification of their raw materials before they actually apply them to the production of memory foam pillow. Sometimes, they will also entrust the third party to further test and verify their raw materials or ask their raw materials suppliers to present necessary internationally-recognized certificates. The raw materials are the foundation of finished products, thus should be strictly selected.
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Ningbo Qihao International Trade co., Ltd. is in the leading position of domestic memory foam travel neck pillow market. We will show you the memory foam pillow for sleeping series that is most popular with customers. Our quality control professionals have carried out a series of tests on Qihao good memory foam pillows, including tensile testing, fatigue testing and dye fastness testing. The product upholds the neck and head by evenly distributing weight. This product plays an important role in building aesthetics and in protecting the structural system and contents from deterioration due to exposure to an aggressive environment. The product adopts cotton, velvet and other fabrics that do no harm to the human body.

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