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weekly innovation: a better travel neck pillow

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
In our \"weekly innovation\" blog series, we explore an interesting idea, design, or product that you may not have heard of yet.
We had a sink before-
Urinals and smart bedding. (
Are there any innovations you can share?
Use this quick form. )The familiar U-
The shaped inflatable bed pillow is not made for Ravi Shamaiengar. The Virginia-
The doctor, who has been on frequent business trips for many years, has thought that the standard bed pillow is a headache for him, he holds things in his own hands and modifies the way he invented: take a Nap Anywhere.
Siesta anywhere is a thin foam plate with a strong but curved place in the middle.
The top of it is folded into a shelf to support your head and neck.
The bottom of the curved disc can form a mold on your shoulder.
When you are done, it will become flat to the original shape for easy packing. (
You can watch this video and see how it works. )
Radiologist and health magazine publisher-born inventor says he has been working on the design in his garage in his spare time.
\"I made the template with chicken shreds and it works better than anything I \'ve used before,\" Shamaiengar told NPR . \".
\"I had to figure out how to build it, so I hired an engineering company and I started my project two years later.
\"In 2012, siesta anywhere made its debut at the Virginia inventor Forum and won the Best Innovation Award of the year.
The victory inspired doctors to launch a campaign against the crowd --
Last month\'s financing platform, Kickstarter.
Efforts to raise $40,000 to start producing siesta exceeded the target, and doctors said a factory would start producing the first batch of foam pillows
About 3,000 peopleby September.
About half of them will go to the project\'s Kickstarter supporters.
The rest will be ordered anywhere in a nap within a few weeks, starting at $49.
Although we think this will be in kitschy in-
Flight directory SkyMall, Shamaiengar is not as far as it is thought.
\"I am not a typical entrepreneur,\" he said . \"
\"This is the device I made for me.
I really have no desire to do it for others.
But after I did it, the person who saw it said, \"This thing is amazing and you should do it for others.
Now, this may help more people than I do as a doctor.
This is probably my biggest achievement.
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