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We Slept on These Bed Pillows for a Month to Find the Best of the Best — These Are Actually Worth the Money

by:Qihao      2019-08-29
When investing in new pillows, where should people start looking for them?
If you lose half a day while browsing the bedding review online, you may notice it approaching-
It is impossible to reach any consensus on what is best.
In fact, there may not be an undisputed \"perfect pillow\" because everyone\'s physical, emotional and environmental factors are different.
But, despite the many options available on the market today, you can use your current knowledge of sleep preferences to narrow down your options. According to the doctor
Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist, is also known as a sleep physician, \"Choosing a pillow is a very separate process.
When it comes to picking the right pillow, there isn\'t actually a size, shape or material that fits all the pillows.
The best way to find a pillow that suits you is to determine your personal criteria and then use your intuition to judge what is the most comfortable and suitable for you.
\"At the beginning of the search, the filling material and hardness of the pillow are two main factors, because you can immediately rule out a lot of such products.
Think about the pillow you\'re sleeping on at the moment and try to specify where you like and don\'t like it --
Is it too firm or is it completely lacking support?
Is it made of a solid memory foam or is it filled with a plastic material, would the opposite type be more appropriate?
Your usual sleeping posture can also help you determine which firm is best for you.
We asked Lexie Sachs, senior product analyst at the textile lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, what is the most important factor in buying new pillows, and she told us, \"The goal is to align your head and neck.
When you are lying on a pillow, your neck should not be tilted in any direction.
The side sleepers need a thick and firm pillow;
The stomach sleeper needs a thin and soft sleeper;
The campers need to be in.
\"Some filler materials, such as memory foam, will essentially be heavier than others and have cores that are more supported than a fiber or feather mixture, which will be softer but may be less structured.
However, for all types of people, it is still correct that there should be no neck pain even during the first few days of sleeping on a new pillow.
Sachs added, \"New pillows may feel unusual at first, especially when you switch to materials you\'re not used to, but the pillows will never make you feel pain.
\"With this in mind, make sure you check the retailer\'s return policy before you buy a new pillow in case it doesn\'t work for you in the end! Best Product
Com\'s advanced Home Decor editor, I have tested pillows for this site for nearly 3 years and have personally experienced the differences in various hardness levels, filling types and heat --
Fabric sweat removal technology.
While every pillow I test at home is not suitable for me, I am trying to consider the benefits that these products do provide in terms of support, it may be more suitable for filling materials and construction quality of different users.
Some of the pillows selected for this test trial came from the brand I tested for the first few iterations of this article, but I wanted another editor to sleep on his own.
I also looked up pillow reviews from Forbes, Wikipedia, Business Insider and apartment therapy to learn about these store tests and be touted as the best product.
Finally, I searched the top
Sell pillows on Amazon and consult the highest review
Rate the product considering which products are best for the budgetor convenience-minded buyers.
Two weeks after studying the pillow type and talking to the brand representative, a total of 12 pillows with different material types and price points were convened and distributed to the editor.
From the 12 pillows that were initially cut, we put our in-
The pillow is best for the House editor who likes the sleeping position and the hardness of the pillow, while remembering the bedroom environment and the pre-
We can\'t control the pressure level before going to bed.
We asked editors to choose a pillow as close as possible to where they had already slept, trying to make a smooth transition to the new sleeping surface
But as we have learned, there is no guarantee that this is a perfect match.
The editors slept on these pillows for a month so that they had enough time to track their comfort with the pillows.
We immediately found that if the pillow was uncomfortable to sleep in the first few days, or could cause neck or physical pain, it was not the right pillow for them at all.
While testing only these products for a month does not show how they wear out in widespread use, it does provide editors with enough time to consider changes in the sleeping environment for a few weeks.
All participating editors judge the pillow based on the following test criteria: support: Does the pillow provide balanced head and neck support, or is it too soft or strong?
Responsive: Is the pillow plastic or is there only one form?
Pillow weight: does the weight or lightness of the pillow affect the comfort of sleeping with it?
Keep warm: can the pillow keep the heat of the body?
After receiving feedback from the editor at the end of the trial period, we reduced the 12 pillow products to 7 for final review.
See what they say on our best pillow list!
Advantages: its unique structure is plush, supportive and cooling: too much weight and too much resistance to stomach sleep. The unique structure of the Leesa mixed pillow looks a bit strange but it actually checks a lot of boxes and is comfortablewise.
Each side offers a completely different texture experience
On one side there is a microfiber quilting pad on the head and neck, on the other side it is more flat and sturdy, but there is a ventilated cooling gel right below the surface of the pillow.
Even with a thick pillowcase covered, the sense of cooling is still effectively transferred to the skin.
This is Forbes\'s favorite side.
Sleeping pillows and Joe cups have recently been called \"the most comfortable pillows in the world \".
\"At least for the back and side sleepers, it\'s not far from the truth!
I tested this pillow for a month and I would classify myself as a side sleeper with occasional stomach
Sleep tendency.
The attic of the pillow is very low and decent, but its shape is not plastic.
There seems to be a powerful \"backbone\" in this pillow too \"--
Whenever I turn over to my stomach, I sometimes feel like it\'s a bit pushed back.
Depending on which part of my body is in contact with the pillow, the ability to experience a different feeling is unique and helps the sleep experience.
The pillow doesn\'t make you feel like you\'re sinking, overheating, and it doesn\'t make you feel like you have to loosen it at any time.
It may not be cheap, but deep sleep is worth it.
Bottom line: no matter which side of it you sleep on, this pillow is meant to keep the user comfortable and cool while keeping the right body aligned.
Pros: It\'s lighter than a typical foam pillow and has the right loft and stomach sleep support: it feels more resilient than a soft one. The Tuft & Needle pillow is made of an adaptive foam that is ventilated with small holes for airflow, and it has a removable, extra stuffed quilting cover.
While our Editor Bridget Clegg did notice that the shape of this pillow was not easy to form and the material was a bit elastic, she really liked its round shape --
Walking aimlessly shaped, saying \"it just fits the scammer between my shoulder and head, making me no longer so fidgety while sleeping sideways.
She also pointed out that the product is also very lightweight for foam pillows and does not keep the body heat too much.
After a few nights of sleep, Craig also found that this low
The loft pillow also provides excellent support, saying, \"It lifts my head in a way that feels my spine is more aligned with my neck.
After spending a few nights on this pillow, I almost stopped filling the pillow with my cotton . . . . . . Overall, I would recommend this to someone who likes to be a little bit stronger (but still cozy)pillow.
Bottom line: Single-
The foam structure of this pillow reaches the correct balance of hardness, helping to keep the side and stomach sleepers flip over at night without interruption.
Pros: This option is perfect for stroking, and also for holding you up on the bed: It\'s almost too high, although the internal filling is removable. pillows-in-
Designed to support the structure of each sleeping location.
Its sturdy core pillow is filled with tiny coated microfibers, making it responsive, gel-like
Like the texture, it is compressed in a soft padded shell filled with a longer period of time
Feel microfibers for more comfort.
Our editor Danielle St.
Pierre was pleasantly surprised by the lightweight construction and ample support of this high pillow.
She pointed out that \"the external soft layer of the pillow has enough plasticity to adjust the angle to the most comfortable angle for my head and neck, while the supported internal pillow provides stability.
Another feature she cited was that the cotton outer cover and microfibre filling of the pillow kept her cool, saying it effectively offset the body\'s heat. St.
Pierre, who is a pillow for the stomach, and admits that there is a little bit of a pillow
Let it blend fluffy and support perfectly.
I also sleep on the Casper pillow and can prove that as a side/stomach sleeper, the attic between the shoulder and the head is comfortable and well suited to use a spoon, but when I roll to my stomach, it is not very comfortable.
If what you want is a fluffy, plastic and cooled pillow, then Casper is a solid, supportive option for those who always sleep sideways.
Bottom line: two unique Casper modelsin-
A pillow design is responsive and lovely and great for those who like pillows with elevators.
Pros: The design has excellent support and huge airflow to help keep the hot pillow cool: the purple pillow is undoubtedly the heaviest pillow on our list at the age of 10.
5 pounds, is by a superPurple elasticColor polymer.
Unless you already have one, you are unlikely to have slept on something similar before.
Our editor, Zarah Kavarana, was brave enough to give the product a shot, and her curiosity was rewarded.
She said, \"I had big questions when I first started using purple pillows.
It\'s hard, flat and heavy.
Almost everything I would never want is in the pillow, but its firmness and strategic support make my chronic back and neck pain so different that I fully believe it now
The rubber material of the pillow is molded on the top and bottom to form a slender triangle
Shaped cells compressed under pressure while maintaining firm and supportive.
It also comes with a thin, white, removable fabric housing.
Kavarana notes that this unconventional design helps keep the body aligned on her usual side
It also allows air to flow to prevent her head and neck from getting too hot.
While she did say that the pillow lacks the plasticity and spoonable feel of the traditional pillow, the purple pillow remains perfectly flat as it does not keep the heat, this made her unable to constantly adjust her position at night.
The purple pillow is definitely a unique product and we think it will be the best for the side sleeper or for those with pain in the neck and back, because it prioritizes proper body alignment rather than fluffy.
Bottom line: while the purple pillow may be the opposite of the plush pillow, its highly responsive material reduces the pressure on the body\'s stress points and helps improve alignment.
Pros: It\'s firm to support interlocking filling, but cushyCon: not an obvious heat-
This is a broken memory-
Foam pillows of different density, different from other memories --
Foam pillows we tested, this one is much more plastic than other pillows and sometimes feels like a wrestling match that can be adjusted at night.
Our editor, Patrick Varone, tried the \"extra company\" padding after testing two lower densities before and found it perfect for him.
He said, \"I don\'t wake up anymore because my neck hurts or my neck is stiff, which makes the whole thing worth a try because I tried dozens of pillows on this issue, but never luck.
He pointed out that the pillow was just right with the right attic and stand to support his head without having to stack a pile of pillows to get the right height.
Varone also likes this pillow to look longer than traditional fiberfill types.
To expand the vacuum-
Packed foam, it is recommended that the user toss the pillow in the dryer for a few minutes, he found that this method can also loose the pillow when needed!
Bottom line: extra ads for MyPillow except for weird commercials
The sturdy pillow is light in weight and plastic and can be used in almost any sleeping position.
Advantages: it has a super
Soft lid and adjustable broken
Foam filling has plasticity, elasticity and support: foam filling has a strong reactivity, and there may be a lot of things that side/stomach sleepers need to remove in order to enjoy comfort. The chicken house household goods pillow is a memory of crushing --
According to the user\'s sleep preference, the foam pillow that can be opened to add or remove the filler can be opened.
It even comes with an extra memory bag
Foam fill in case the user wants an extra spraypuffed!
This pillow is covered with a soft quilting cover with a ventilated corner support on the side to drain the hot air.
If you are looking for the best pillow on Amazon, this pillow is probably one of the best results, and 75% of the 875 reviewers currently give it fivestar rating.
This is also the top pillow choice for Business Insider --
They specialize in the chemical composition of the product. free CertiPUR-
Certification in the United States, as well as its convenient machine
Washable structure.
Our editor, Leanna Yip, initially tested the pillow without adjusting the filler and said it was too strong, \"it was too voluntary.
\"She also said that she had to delete about half of her memories --
Foam Filled to the cozy attic.
She did not find, however, that the pillow kept the body\'s heat, saying \"the strength of it is its temperature.
It\'s never too hot and cool!
\"I have also tested this pillow for a long time and can also prove that the internal foam filling does require some adjustment after arrival --
However, I do find that this is actually a big advantage of the product.
Many other pillows (
Include products in this list)
Available at different densities, but can\'t pull the zipper to remove the filler, but the Eden pillow actually allows some flexibility.
The foam itself is elastic, but because the shape of the pillow is plastic, it is well balanced in terms of softness and support.
The quilting lid is an added benefit as it not only feels comfortable but effectively grabs the pillowcase so it doesn\'t slide around at night.
Bottom line: This adjustable crush no matter how you sleep
The foam pillow has a proper balance of softness and attic to keep your head supported (and cool! )
All night. Pros: Its dual-
The side support system is almost the perfect choice for any hardness preference, in addition, the soft and smooth lid can take away the heat of the body, very cool: this is one of the most luxurious products on our list, the core of the solar performance pillow for the bed is a layer of breathable latex and foam and covered with proprietary heat
Very nice and cool sweat-arranging fabric all night.
Katie McBroom, our editor, even called it \"refreshing \"!
Its unique side buckles not only provide a loft and structure for the pillows, but also provide more airflow.
The slightly contoured shape of this pillow is designed for the side sleeper, which is worthless, although the rear sleeper may also get the same support benefits from using it.
This pillow has two different types of foam on both sides
One is a little stronger than the other.
So that users can choose which side is the best for them.
While the weight of this foam pillow is a little different from McBroom\'s usual preference, she finally feels that the density of the pillow helps to keep the head and neck better aligned.
She pointed out, \"I like the outline shape and design of this pillow and I don\'t need to fight it at all for comfort.
\"Its outstanding feature is the unique cooling top of the bed --
Layer material called Ver-Tex fabric.
McBroom said, \"I believe the cooling side is the most beneficial and makes me comfortable all night.
When I\'m not cool enough, I tend to be hot and have trouble sleeping too, so it\'s a clear reward other than the overall comfort form of the pillow.
Smooth Ver-
The Tex fabric does make the pillow a bit more slippery than the normal cotton cover, but it effectively keeps every side of the pillow cool.
The bottom line is: While this product is definitely in the \"treatment-
Its special features are designed to effectively help the body rest, recover and recharge.
These are the pillows we tested in this iteration of the trial or in previous trials, and while they did not finish cutting, they may be a good choice for other sleepers to consider.
In the middle ($69)
Jamie Myers, our editor, wants to like this very soft white European.
But the pillow that feels medium density is not supported enough for the side sleeper.
Although the structure and quality of the product is great, she believes that a medium-density product is more suitable for stomach sleepers, while side sleepers should choose a stronger choice.
Pillow company Turo ($89)
: Our editor, Stefan Vazharov, loved the pillow very much and said that while it was heavy, it provided great support for the campers.
If you are looking for a pillow made up of a memory foam, we recommend it as another firm pillow option instead of a plastic crushed foam. Helix Ultra-Cool Pillow ($115)
: I have tested the first few iterations of this pillow and still really like its adjustable interior padding and irresistible cool housing, which feels particularly good in the warm months.
In addition to the bedding pillows listed above, this is a cheaper alternative that lacks profile shape and pressurepoint-
Mitigation support.
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