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waking up to new ideas; traditional manufacturers are adding more specialty items to their product mix.

by:Qihao      2019-09-04
Byline: Karl Kunkel over the past year, the line between professional bedding manufacturers and traditional bedding manufacturers has blurred a lot.
Major manufacturers such as Sealy Inc.
Therapeutic sleep products Restonic and Simmons both launched their first product
Foam Beds, expanding these lines, or in the case of Simmons, using their names as part of a professional bed line.
For example, last fall, Boyd professional sleep, a major professional bed maker, launched its own licensing program to produce Simmons inflatable beds and water beds.
Many of these manufacturers are responding to the desire of the innerspring mattress retailer, who want to give customers additional options on the floor.
As consumers realize that they may indeed be able to have the bedding they really want, the retail space used for these options continues to grow.
Two professional sleep leaders choose comfort and Tempur-
PedicInternational, most of the growth in professional bedding continues to receive credit-
Some of the major spring mattress manufacturers reluctantly rethink their views and routes to include these \"other types of beds.
\"I \'ve been promoting professional sleep for years and people think it\'s trivial,\" said Dennis Boyd, president of professional sleep at Boyd.
\"I really think professional sleep has arrived.
It is not only achieved by choosing comfort and Tempur\'s success --
Pedic, but anecdotal evidence I spoke to my colleagues in the industry.
Business is particularly good in the air and memory foam category.
\"Boyd is a resident of the professional Sleep Association.
Choose comfort, high-end pioneer manufacturers and retailers
The final bed, accumulated impressive sales figures and kept it high
Profile public image.
In fiscal 2004, the company\'s net sales were $0. 558 billion, up 22% from 2003.
In 2004, Select Comfort created the first deluxe bed, Sleep Number 9000, and introduced the first sofa bed series with an inflatable bed with adjustable sleeping number.
SelectComfort also announced that in cooperation with Radisson Blu Hotels and Resorts, Sleep mattresses will be placed in hotels nationwide.
We think it\'s a sense.
\"Build a partnership,\" said Anna cute, public relations manager at Select Comfort.
\"By 2006, we will have an important place in these properties.
\"Other inflatable mattress manufacturers are keeping a close eye on the growth of Select Comfort and because of Select comfor\'shigh-
Promote the profile work of the inflatable bed category.
Select Comfort also continued to open its own new store, adding 20 last year to a total of 370. Tempur-
Pedic is considered to have almost completely changed the consumption interest in the sticky-bullet memory foam bed and also enjoyed a huge growth curve.
The company expects net sales of $2004 to be as high as $.
Net sales in the United States rose 77% in the third quarter.
The main reason for the growth is the increase in the penetration rate of furniture stores.
Bedding retailer who cannot or will not carry Tempur due to fear of loss of sales-
Pedic has authorized their bedding suppliers to launch some version of Tempur-Mattress--
They have done so, sometimes creating blatant counterfeits.
These bedding sets further drive the professional categories and interests of foam pillows and bedding.
Tim Solmer, coordinator of the bedding department at Tim innesota-
The sticky foam, which is based in the HOM furniture chain, provides a great boost to the professional sleep category.
\"Now everyone is successful,\" said Sommer . \"
As major bedding manufacturers enter the full
According to Sommer, the foam mattress pockets are deep and they will be able to innovate and create new professional beds that are more interesting.
United sleep products is a traditional innerspring mattresscompany dedicated to the development of global
Foam professional bedding, regards memory foam as spark plug.
\"This is where we see huge growth,\" said Thomas Neiman, vice president of sleep sales at Manchester United . \".
Although some traditional companies have entered the professional bedding category for the first time, the Gold Bond mattress company, a 105-year-
The old East Coast mattress maker has returned to its roots.
Gold bonds have been focusing on the mattress market for the past 20 years.
But in the past two years, it has once again strengthened its participation in traditional culture.
All beds included
Foam latex and sticky bullet models.
Andrew Friedman, vice president of sales and marketing at GoldBond, said: \"The story of professional bedding is that comfort is on sale and the price is on the rise because of better professional bedding . \".
The professional Sleep Association expects the association\'s category to get more exposure this summer.
SSA has leased 40,000 square feet of temporary space for its members at the First World Market Center furniture market in Las Vegas.
Buyers of traditional furniture stores will visit the market in large quantities and SSA is expected to benefit.
\"The ability to present our products to such a large audience in a unified exhibition is unprecedented,\" said SSA executive director Tambra Jones . \".
Restonic mattresses
Some of its most impressive growth over the past year has come from its specialty bedding niche.
The biggest winner of Restonic is
The foam health rest sensor with a sticky elastic top layer was launched four years ago.
Due to recent growth, Restonic will add several new models with a sticky top with ventilation channels for cool sleep.
\"At the moment, the complaint about visco is that it\'s getting really hot,\" said Donna amattori Favia, vice president of marketing services at Restonic.
Restonic will also introduce its first adjustable bed, which is suitable for Sensora due to its bending properties.
\"The Professional bed category really makes our overall sales high,\" she said . \".
\"That\'s why we want to expand it.
If there is any place where we can get more business, we feel that this is what we should pursue.
\"Love\'s bedding and furniture, an independent retailerH.
, Maintain uniform segmentation of professional bedding and traditional inner spring models.
She carries Gold Bond foam beds, comfortable inflatable beds and water bed supplies.
According to Love, president of Love bedding in April, quite a few customers are now buying a special bed.
In the past, many retailers have just put professional bedding on the floor as a replacement for the internal spring selection.
Somer, coordinator of furniture bedding at HOM, believes that there is a great potential for growth in the inflatable mattress category he carries.
\"This is a very viable product,\" he said . \"
\"This is a bed for all couples.
Series with high-
Premium inflatable bed with Tempur
The Pedic on the floor is a very nice dynamic.
\"But despite the progress of engineering technology in this area, he is not optimistic about the water bed.
\"I\'m sorry to say that, but I think the waterbed business is going into the last few days and it\'s an important category,\" Sommer said . \".
\"As a sleeping surface, I believe they are better than anything else.
But today, people are careful to protect their time and need some maintenance and care.
The water bed will eventually leak.
\"Guest Products International, a manufacturer of Guest rooms airbed, is designed to easily inflate and deflate to store closets, with an increase in model and price points.
These products are sold in bedding, linen and other specialty retailers as well as in direct sales.
Airlines are consciously moving their retail business from the sporting goods sector to a more fashionable space --
The location department of the store.
\"It will last for a long time.
\"The long-term impact of the airline and the entire category, because it will open up new customers,\" said Jack Hall, president and chief executive of the airline . \".
National Manufacturing FactoryCo. , a California-
The airbed-based company, thanks to its proprietary smart AirTechnology capabilities, has grown over the past year to provide consumers with an ongoing real experience
Time air pressure reading.
Americans also have molds.
Polyurethane-resistant film on nylon fabric covers its airbag.
Jr. Craig Miller stressed that not all aviation competitors provide these features. Vice President.
Looking for Chinese-
A special mattress will play a more prominent role in 2005.
Excel bedding company
New Jersey mattress importers from China will launch their first two sticky-pop mattresses
Foam bed with complementary spring line.
\"Many dealers don\'t necessarily carry Tempur-
Pedic or other manufacturers with markets to set aside space for such products, \"said Ira Leibowitz, vice president of Excel bedding.
\"Our price will be much lower than Tempur-Pedic. \" Comfor-
Pedick in Seattle
China-based stick-and-pop bed producer is one of the first companies in the United States to offer open beddingflame-
National Resistance mattress.
\"People are excited about the flames --
Because very few manufacturers offer flame retardant products outside of California, \"says JackSquires, president of Comfor. Pedic.
Retail Bedding ($ in millions)
2004: $1,734 2003: $1,445 change: + 20% distribution channel sleep store: 43% furniture stores: 37% direct consumers: 11% warehouse clubs: 6% healthy living stores: 3%s)
: Select Comfort introduced the first sofa bed series.
The Princess GS900 of Comfortaire offers Edge-to-
Inflatable bracket on the edge.
/There is a quick stunt flight
Inflatable function.
/Natural world Limited\'sall-
Foam feel models have latex and memory foam.
/Aerobed has an adjustable hardness table.
There are 100 settings for WhisperFlo air control in Whistler.
National manufacturing plant of America. Co.
Proud of its durable Airchamber beds.
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