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waking up to new ideas; traditional bedding manufacturers are offering a range of new products that go beyond the norm.

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
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Traditional interior spring bedding manufacturers introduced some imaginative specialty bedding items on the Las Vegas market in July.
No one has given up the anchor innerspring category for years.
But manufacturers recognize that the untapped market has caught them off guard.
Simmons Bedding Company
Two new ideas are providedoutside-of-the-
Boxlines: natural care loft bed and care with gelarea gel layer.
Sealy introduced SpringFree II Posturepedicline made of 100% Latex core and confirmed that it will add an inflatable bed later this year.
Its sister brand, Stearns & Fosteris, launched its new tropical oasis latex foam core collection this month.
Sealy also announced that it will open a latex foam factory near wilkes. Barre, Pa. , next year.
\"Featured bedding has been taken over, especially with Sealy and his loft bed,\" said Mark Nelson, executive vice president of sleep experts at Carrollton retailer, Texas.
\"It became very professional.
The air in spring provides seven
The bed is collected indefinitely, mixing the latexand memory foam core layer with a colorful tickings.
\"Latex is gathering steam,\" said Jim Nation, executive president of Spring Air . \".
United sleep products and its new CEO, Mark Werner, quickly stepped out of the door with its new nature dream series, which features a variety of foam buffering functions and focuses on more natural products for natural sleep.
Park Place has added four new models to its treatment range, including aromatherapy with aromas in lavender, vanilla or fresh clothing.
British Rand sleep products has launched a natural milk core bed with bagged springs.
\"I think this is inevitable because the professional sleep category is growing so rapidly,\" Tim, president of SommerTimeConsulting, a company that works with retail bedding stores and bedding manufacturers ·
\"Large internal spring manufacturers want to get a piece of it, especially because of Tempur-
The progress of Pedic and SelectComfort in this market is very real and important.
At the beginning, the innerspring people joined in to defend and protect their floor space.
Some spring mattress manufacturers are playing catch-up games, Sommer noted. up.
\"They have produced some products that are not very noticeable,\" he said . \"
\"Now, it\'s a legitimate, growing category.
Consumers are willing to invest in better products
Quality of sleep products.
\"Inflatable mattresses are recognized in the market, thanks in part to the effort to choose comfort and comfort.
As Simmons has done with Boyd\'s professional sleep, retailers can expect more inflatable beds from traditional companies, either made by themselves or signed licensing agreements.
With the news of allergies, \"green\" furniture and healthy living continue to enter American families, and bedding to solve these problems is also constantly appearing.
Several manufacturers have introduced a large number of projects and products with the words \"nature\", \"organic\" and \"environment.
How will they pile up into solid areas of expertise
Some niche brands, such as Natura World, Vivetique, and Green Sleep, have been targeting this particular consumer group for years but remain to be seen.
However, in the field of bedding marketing, it is more important to find materials such as organic cotton, silk, virgin wool and latex foam.
Gunnar Highman, a retailer and partner at wildflower organic in Austin, Texas, will keep a close eye on these products, especially when the market comes along.
His client insisted on using organic materials on their beds, so he looked closely at new entrants in this select category.
\"When you enter the organic market, you get something very technical,\" he said . \"
Sommer pointed out, \"more and more people, with the choice, will now choose more natural products.
They just don\'t have many choices in this regard. \" Caption(s)
: The natural care line for Simmons has latex foam and other natural materials.
The unlimited range of/Spring Air includes latex and memory foam layers.
The new Posturepedic SpringFreeII of/Sealy uses a 100% Latex core.
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