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Use a Neck Support Pillow Or Use a Regular Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-07-11
Should I use a regular flat pillow for sleeping (standard pillow you bought at a department store) or should I use a pillow that has specific contours aka- a cervical support pillow (or a contoured neck pillow)? Today I am going to cover the reasons behind using a cervical support pillow versus your average pillow. A neck support pillow has many benefits especially if you have trouble sleeping and especially if you suffer from some form neck pain. Here are some reasons below for using a neck support pillow: Better Alignment of the head and neck Less chance of waking up with a stiff neck Less chance of snoring Better breathing and enhanced circulation Relief of neck pain and tingling in the arms and hands Overall better posture during the day Promotes deeper sleep Relief from chronic neck pain, especially neck pain from arthritis in the neck More comfort for sleeping on your back or on your side Different neck pillows also may specifically provide different functions. Some neck pillows are built for support, some allow for traction while sleeping, others are designed for comfort in a certain sleeping position. Then you get into the different materials that are available for neck pillows these days: foam, buckwheat, polyester fiber fill, water? On top of that you can get hypoallergenic ones, gentle pillows, firm neck pillow, etc. Who knew? Just like when you go to the store and try to pick out a tooth paste. Do I want one that whitens, fights tartar, fights cavities, makes my teeth stronger- or one that just tastes better? The same thing applies to the neck pillow that you choose for sleeping. We sleep approximately 1/3rd of our life, so this choice is important. In my opinion you want a pillow to do as much for you as possible. You want a support pillow that is very comfortable, you want one that maintains and improves posture of course, you want to be able to sleep on your back and side, and you want one that's going to last. If you are used to a down or feather pillow you may want a neck pillow that's gentle or slightly softer; if you are used to a pillow that's more firm, you may want memory foam which tends to be harder. There are a lot of choices, but one thing is for sure - We beat up our spine and posture daily so it is a big benefit to help improve and maintain those things with a good memory foam neck pillow while you rest.
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