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Try This Soft, Multipurpose Sheepskin Travel Pillow

by:Qihao      2020-07-18
Have you tried a Sheepskin ? It can be used for the obvious as a neck support but also as a lumbar support while driving. We have 2 sizes for adults and for children. I can not stand to see childrens head bobbing back and forth in the car seat when they are sleeping. It works great to put it around the front of the them so the head is resting on it as it falls forward in their sleep It is also great for a seat belt pillow for the shoulder and neck spot, that the seatbelt likes to irritate. You'll enjoy the 'just-right' support. Sheepskin travel pillows are great for the airplane travel. The ones you get on the plane are thin and don't provide the support that a sheepskin memory foam neck pillow could. It is small and compact, easy to throw into your carry on bag. It is so comfortable you may want to order one or two for everyone in the vehicle or one for each vehicle. You may want to try seat covers. Check my website and email me if you have questions about the seat covers.. They are not listed on my site but are custom made. Sheepskin has a deep, dense pile that can provide a great deal of body support. The cushioning pile composed of millions of naturally springy fibers moves with body motions and distributes body weight evenly, minimizing 'hot spots'. This gives comfort to those confined to one position for long periods of time especially when you are driving long sheepskin bed pillow would be great for the lumbar support.
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