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trendsetters at work: magazine

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
The Red Book is a hot topic.
Expert advice magazine on fashion, beauty and health-
We can see why.
Hearst Publishing House
New York City-has a long-
Catering to fashion and good business historyinformed women.
We interviewed the editors of the three magazines to learn about their current obsession with fashion and beauty, their love of pop culture and why they like their work.
They shared the following: Victoria Kirby, beauty director, when you were 23, how did you start with publishing I found a job at Harper fair as assistant director of beauty advertising.
I was too young at the time and I didn\'t know that the magazine had an editorial and publishing side --
All I know is that I want to write stories for a big fashion magazine, so I took the opportunity to work in Bazaar.
I adore my boss and she is a great mentor for me, but I quickly realized that I wanted to be an editor of the magazine.
After about 6 months of my work, my boss resigned and her position was vacant for several months.
During that time, I talked a lot to the editor\'s beauty director, and one day she casually mentioned that her assistant had just resigned.
I immediately shouted and asked if I could apply for the position.
I did an edit test for her.
I may be working harder than my college paper and I want the job very much --
Luckily, she hired me.
So, as an assistant, I transferred to the Barsha beauty editing team, where I stayed for six years and finally became a beauty editor working under the beauty director.
What is a typical day for you? No typical day!
This is one of my favorite jobs --
It\'s easy for me to get bored, so I don\'t like the work of sitting at my desk every day doing the same thing.
As beauty director, I go to the market almost every day to date, meet up with beauty brands and see what they are about to launch, and meet with amazing hair stylists, makeup artists, manicurists, nail artist bloggers and founder of beauty companiese.
People who shape the trend we write every month.
Also, I edited all the stories that went into the beauty section, worked with my incredible team to determine which products and trends we will cover each month and make the TV, radio and print interviews on behalf of the Red Book.
Describe your working environment.
The Red Book office is fairly laid back-
There must be no devil in Prada drama.
Everyone here is friendly, respectful and open to each other\'s ideas, which is refreshing. Our editor-in-
Chief is very approachable and I think her friendly and open attitude will affect the rest of the people here.
Tell us about your office decor or creative inspiration.
I tried to keep my office tidy but it wasn\'t easy when we were 20
Beauty products shipped 30 times a day!
I don\'t know how I would describe the decor: you call a table with 20 nail polish and what you usually wear to go to work. I like to dress for work.
I love the women\'s clothing tailored: a great suit coat, a refreshing pencil skirt, a nice button --down, slim-cut pants.
Always wear high heels!
I just didn\'t feel very professional when I was in the apartment, although I occasionally turned to them on a quiet Friday.
But my clothes and shoes are never too avant-garde.
These things never look right on me.
I try not to wear black clothes.
My mom has a great style and always wears color so I try to do the same.
A little color makes me happier.
Where do you buy clothes? I think the theory and rag and bones are the best trailblazer and pants.
I like the seasonal trends of Zara and Monaco club.
Sweater staff
When Barneys are on a seasonal sale, I head directly to the Proenza schooner and Balenciaga districts
Of course, they are still an investment even in sales, but their work remains the same forever and never goes out of date.
What is your favorite accessories brand? There is a weakness in the Hermes enamel bracelet.
My other jewels are classic and simple.
I have a few chubby glitter necklaces that I will take out from time to time, but other than that I wear the same ring --
It\'s my mother-
The same little gold earrings are available every day.
The best part of my job is . . . . . . If I say that the endless supply of free beauty products is not the best welfare in the world, I will lie!
But I like our close-up too. and-
The first time I came to the brand or beauty major and saw their name or product appear in the magazine, they were very excited and grateful.
It\'s a wonderful feeling when you can introduce millions of readers to people or products you really believe in and see how it affects them.
Without some amazing people believing in me, I wouldn\'t be able to get to where I am today, so it\'s really good when you give the same opportunity to other people who really deserve it.
I will never leave home without an iPod.
Living in New York City, you need to block all the noise around you while commuting by Metro
Even just walking down the street.
I always have lip balm on me.
Now I like Vaseline lip therapy, it\'s extra
Moisturize and make my lips rose.
What is your guilt? I just found out that SoapNet runs the classic Beverly Hills of 90210 episodes-
We\'re talking about the Brenda era.
Sunday night.
This is the best treatment for Sunday blues.
What is the best advice you receive whenever you find a problem, providing a possible solution --
Don\'t just bring it to the attention of people and then count on others to solve it.
Don\'t use your fingers-
Admit yourself when you make a mistake.
I \'d rather someone come to me and say, \"I made this mistake, that\'s why\" and then try to give me all sorts of excuses as to why he or she is not wrong.
We all make mistakes, including myself.
But if you acknowledge that and move forward, you get more respect than trying to shift responsibility.
What must your trip be? havesSunscreen—
Even if I\'m going to a cold place, I wear SPF 50 on my face every day.
It\'s really the greatest anti in the world. ager!
Recently someone taught me the biggest trick of packing all the chargers and headphones so they don\'t entangle: buy a small claw hairpin at a pharmacy --
Only one inch or so wide --
Clamp the wires with them.
Simply wrap each wire in a circle and place the clip on it, then you can throw all the chargers and headphones into a bag and they won\'t get tangled up.
What must your beauty be
HavesI was lucky that I was able to try so many amazing products every month, but in my years of testing there were products that I never found better. They are:1.
Creme de Corps shower gel from Kiehl: once I started using it, people started telling me, \"Your skin is the softest I \'ve ever seen.
\"Believe me, I don\'t --
Because of this lotion. 2. SK-
II facial care essence: within two months of using this toner twice a day, my skin has changed from a combination to a perfect balance.
My oil stain area is gone and my dry knots are cleaned up as well.
It was almost ten years ago, and my skin looked good.
I say this: no one told me that my skin was fine before I started using this product. Notonce. 3.
Cover girl LashBlast Mascara: I might have trouble saying that, but I found that the pharmacy mascaras is much better than most department stores mascaras.
Maybe, like Avis, they work harder.
All I know is that for the dozens of new mascaras I try every year, I \'ve been coming back to this from cover girl.
It beautifully defined and lengthened my lashes without making me look like a spider. 4.
Oribe Maximista pickening spray: The hair is good and most of my career would like someone to invent the perfect abundance spray: one that makes my hair elastic and full but never sticky.
Oribe finally did this with this product and it left a smile on the boots. 5.
Rita hazagan cover conce cream: this is a must if you color your hair --
This is a colored spray with different hair colors.
When you regenerate or grayed out, you fog at your roots and it will completely cover them.
It looks very natural and doesn\'t make your hair brittle.
It will not fall off until you wash your hair.
This is a lifesaver! What is your purpose?
Go for lunch or snacks
Lunch usually comes from salad bars in our building cafeteria: a mixture of vegetables, tofu and other things they went out that day.
I try to keep healthy!
If there is no heat, I eat brownie every day.
However, in real life, I like the Popcorn from Popcorn.
The combination of salty and sweet makes me happy.
I didn\'t think of it until I had Starbucks coffee in the morning.
I don\'t drink anything special, though.
Pure Coffee with whole milk.
If I hadn\'t done the job, I would have hoped I would have got the job.
Can you share some suggestions for aspiring professional girls? Don\'t be ashamed to contact the editor via email or social media and ask him or her to be interviewed with the information.
You will be surprised how often people say yes \"!
Learn about what\'s happening in the industry and the digital world by focusing on websites such as Mashable and New York magazine\'s Cut blog.
If you can shake it, subscribe to toWomen\'s Wear online every day (
A bit pricey but worth it for all the insider news).
Most importantly, once you get into the door of an internship or assistant position, be passionate about everything you do --
Even a task that looks humble.
At some point we all have to do this and they offer you an opportunity to get to know the industry from scratch.
I promise that if you have a good attitude towards what you do, you will go a long way.
Audrey Slater, fashion director, how did you start your career? My master\'s degree in writing, a graduate school friend of mine knows someone who works in glamour.
An assistant position in the fashion department appeared at the right time.
I work for the fashion director and I have never looked back.
A typical day for you is usually a mix of market appointments and news events, putting the look in the fashion closet, checking in with my team and keeping our pages open.
Another typical day is when I\'m on set or shooting a fashion story.
Describe your working environment.
On any given day, I was surrounded by at least a dozen shelves of clothes and 300 pairs of shoes.
I stand in the fashion closet where my computer is located.
I am an indispensable wardrobe manager and our fashion intern.
Other members of the fashion team sit with all the other editors at the proper desk in the Redbook office.
Tell us about your office decor or creative inspiration.
Behind my computer is the official cute wall of the Red Book fashion closet with a bunch of photos, sketches, funny tears, notes and many other random souvenirs of kids and dogs.
I have a bulletin board that I can slide, but I have never worked like this.
I am more \"practical shoes\" about it \".
I pulled my favorite clothes and then stayed in the closet with them for a few days, turned them into clothes, took them apart and started over.
Describe the style of your office.
When it comes to my personal dress, what do you usually wear to work without \"typical \".
\"I never wore the same clothes twice.
I will repeat, but not the complete ensemble.
So the shoes and jewelry will change or I will layer in a new way.
It\'s very tired, but it\'s my business.
In general, summer means there may be a dress, and I am a cashmere sweater girl in winter.
Where do you buy work clothes? High/Low dress has always been my style and I love bargaining: Bottega Veneta or Marc Jacobs sample sales are mixed with Topshop and Zara.
My favorite thing at the office/desk is: a photo of my daughter and I wearing the same messy buns and T-shirts.
She was my child at that moment.
What sin have you committed? I have a serious internet addiction to food.
I like Chopped broken, diners, driving
This is impossible.
I don\'t watch TV except food TV!
What is the best advice you receive?
This is the only way to develop your career.
What must your trip be?
Is the worst in packaging.
I brought a dozen clothes choices for two. day trip.
I always have too many shoes in my suitcase.
But I can never get on a plane without headphones.
What must your beauty be
Mascara, blush, lip balm and dry shampoo.
Rita Hazan\'s Nicole terres. Best. Colorist.
Of course, my favorite work and gadgets to play with iPhone and iPad.
And my digital rope skipping.
I read these websites/blogs/newspapers/books every day.
Because I am an old school, I read a stack of monthly magazines.
I read The Times on Sunday.
I read WWD in spurts, just like I would fall behind and then attack the value of two weeks.
I will be a fitness coach if I don\'t do the job.
Can you share some suggestions for aspiring professional girls? Hungry, but be modest.
Work as hard as possible when someone gives you a chance.
There is nothing more impressive than serious professional ethics.
Cris Pearlstein, senior fashion editor, how did you start learning news in college with the aim of becoming a political analyst in Washington, DCC.
When I was doing my internship at now
Magazines such as shops that have closed down.
They asked me in the interview which department I wanted to work in and I said fashion was for it.
In fact, on the first day I knew it was something I wanted to do in my career.
It\'s a 180 shift from my original plan, but as a girl who is always interested in fashion, it\'s a perfect choice.
As a young student, I never knew there were other fashion jobs besides being a designer --
Unlike today, you have 100 reality shows that expose people to every cool job outside.
What is a typical day for you? According to the time of the year, my day may change a lot.
Now I\'m almost out of the office as I go out and visit the showroom and take part in the line preview.
Basically, all the brands I worked with now show their Spring 2014 series, and it\'s very important for me to understand what consumers can get at the time.
We work at least 3 months in advance and now see that the Spring Series helps us plan for future editorial reports.
Tell us about your office decor or creative inspiration.
My Cube is full of personal photos that make me happy when I look at them --
Mainly my husband, my dog and my friends.
But I also have a lot of tears in magazines, with beautiful fashion pictures or cool hairstyles that I secretly hope I can copy (
I swear, one day I will have the courage to try the whole celebrity with the elf cut! ).
Every few months, when I get new inspiration from the advertising and editing fields, I change them.
I also worked with a lot of great PR people who sent me sweet notes and cards and thanked me for covering their brand in the red book or told me they were so thankful and
These are always hanging on the wall to remind me how lucky I am in this industry.
There are two interesting things on my desk, one is the collection of piggy bank and the other is the collection of miniature iconic shoe chains (
Think of Bean boots, the top guy in Sperry, Dr. Martens, etc).
You just accidentally accumulated something strange over the years!
Describe the style of your office.
What do you usually wear at work? I usually wear jeans or trousers every day.
I \'ve been trying to incorporate more clothes and skirts into my tracks lately, but I\'m actually a girl. I love button-
Down jackets can be worn by themselves or layered under sweaters or sharp jackets.
I always borrowed a part of it. from-the-
Boys, some avant-garde/urban, some girls.
If I was wearing something very obvious about women, I wouldn\'t feel like myself.
I have men on my feet.
Inspired flat shoes such as Oxford shoes, wingtip shoes, Penny casual shoes or rough boots (
Now I love my rag and bones)
I can really walk in.
Because I often run around during the day, I can\'t wear high heels as often as I think.
High heels and the New York Metro system really don\'t fit together!
My favorite shop is J.
Crew, Zara, Rag and Bone, Barnes.
The jeans I swear to wear are NYDJ-
They fit my body very well.
Although most of my money is now spent decorating my apartment (
It\'s a new addiction to me)
So I don\'t have much shopping.
What are the fun and affordable accessories of your favorite brand accessoriesI love wandering. Marni is my go-
To design high heels
They are always so comfortable, quirky and sexy at the same time.
For the bags I love, from my Alexander Wang oblique crossbody to my classic coaching legacy to my camo printed LL Bean tote, I love it.
My favorite thing on the office/desk is: the piggy bank I collected.
They are stupid.
The best part of my job is . . . . . . I work with the PR staff of various brands and agencies I work.
A lot has become true to me.
Life is a friend, which makes our work more interesting.
What is your happy TV?
I can watch it for a few hours, especially on rainy days.
Especially I love the chef, keep up with the Kardashians, and the challenges of mtv.
Oh, and candy.
I know it\'s terrible, and it\'s the brain.
Numb, but sometimes on my way home from work, I just want to get out of a crazy day.
The best advice you have received was during my first magazine internship.
An editor told me not to say so much, to listen more and observe more.
This is the best thing anyone can tell me.
What must your trip be?
When I fly, I always carry a pair of sheep-haired socks with me, an oversized scarf used as a blanket, a memory foam neck pillow, my Kindle, a New York magazine, this way I can do crossword games I always stop at Hudson News to get a bottle of water, a salty snack and a magazine or two.
Even if my flight is only a few hours, I will still go through the whole routine.
What must your beauty be
This mascara is really good. now I like to be shown off by beauty fans.
Nail art of course-I always feel \"done\" immediately with fresh mani.
Red lipstick always adds a little bit of a sexy to any old dress, so I\'ll put it in my bag in case I need to lift it up.
Also, Hairspray is very necessary for me as I have been wearing different styles of hair all the time. What is your purpose?
Go for lunch or snacks in the morning, I always have a cup of coffee in bed before I open my eyes.
When I get to the office, I\'ll have a second drink while eating any breakfast I pack for myself --
It\'s usually hard.
Boiled eggs, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, or some sort of mixed fruit bowl.
I also always keep snacks in my bag when I am on a date so I don\'t buy unhealthy food and I will regret it (i. e.
Pizza I find hard to resist).
It\'s usually an apple, a bag of pretzels, a piece of Turkey that I get in whole foods, or a piece of cheese.
I read these websites/blogs/newspapers/books every day: sewing craftsmen, Garance Dore, New York magazine, and I watch the Today show or today morning every morning,
If I don\'t do the job, I might be some kind of chef.
I really enjoyed cooking and I kept telling myself that I would go to cooking school if the magazine world crashed.
Can you share some suggestions for aspiring professional girls? Persevere and realize that figuring out what you don\'t want to do is as valuable as figuring out what you want to do.
As many internships as possible.
Good for everyone.
You never know who you will meet again
Especially fashion in such a small industry!
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