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travelling in style: ottawa couple designs comfortable pillow (with video)

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
As a regular visitor, comfort has always been the top priority for Logg and his wife Beth Shepherd. During his 30-
During his one-year career in Bell, Canada, Rogge traveled extensively and Sheppard boarded the plane she deserved as a management consultant.
The Ottawa couple booked dream holidays in Italy, France, England and the Caribbean.
However, they always use comfortable bedroom pillows wherever they go.
\"We dragged our pillows all over the world . . . . . . We are comfortable travelers . \" He added that every time they travel, they assign a suitcase to the pillow. But twice.
On 2008, the couple spent a week exploring the Canadian Arctic and were forced to leave Fluffy sleep aids at home because they could only carry things on their backs.
As they had spent many sleepless nights, the tired traveler came up with an inflatable profile travel pillowcase with a microfibre cover with duck down or hypoallergenic, not only comfortable but hygienic
When deflating, 48-by 36-
Cm pillow, lid and 100-per-
For the convenience of travel, the cotton pillow case is involved in the nylon bag. “That (trip)
\"This is the origin of the pillow,\" Logue said . \" He spent a year designing and testing prototypes before launching the pillowcase. The fully-
A washable pillow was made in Ottawa and ducks came down from the town of eastern Quebec.
The couple\'s first global headquarters
A floor study in Britannia village overlooking the snowy Ottawa River.
Since 2010, they have sold more than 800 pillows to customers around the world, from home camping to mountain climbing, all of which they use.
Lightweight and hygienic, the inner pillow can swell to whatever hardness you want, just breathe a few quick breaths of air.
To deflate, just turn the valve and compress it.
The minimum version is $99;
Microfibre $89.
\"If the price is a driver, you won\'t buy our products, and we are happy with that,\" Logue said . \" Most of their customers are defined as discerning travelers who are willing to pay extra for quality comfort.
\"Those who say they can roll up their jeans and sleep, we say put on your boots,\" he joked . \".
\"Our market is a person who appreciates comfort, usually our elderly,\" Sheppard added.
\"To order one, visit the akaChief pillow officer or send Logue by email.
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