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traveller\'s takes a long road back: motel\'s rebirth aims at working singles

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
Construction workers are giving a new life to the former motel at 2828 Iwan Avenue.
Turn it into a 55 in Victoria
Rental of property for units targeting work singles.
\"Buildings like this only need to be reborn,\" says Ian Laing of Ian Laing Properties . \".
Laing and Mike Forbes at Forbes pharmacy are the main partners of the property, which they bought for $2.
At the end of 2011, 1 million.
The site is owned by the company behind Victoria.
Budget motel chain hotel.
More than 20 of these companies went bankrupt in 2009, and their property
Including the one in Iwan.
Change hands in courtordered sales.
Some people have changed their faces, while others are still changing their faces.
Ryan said the renovation of the Rock Bay motel was almost complete and the rent could be ready this spring.
\"We are happy to be near Iwata bay and help revitalize emerging markets --and-
The field of products, \"he said.
Rent for studio, bachelor and one studio
The price of the bedroom will increase from $650 a month to $850 a month, he said.
The building will have 25 parking spaces, 55 safe bike spaces and a bike rack.
The property, located near Canyon Road East Road, had become a meeting place for drug dealers and users before the new owner took over and spent $30,000 on the safety fence.
The construction permit submitted to the city set the renovation fee at $1.
2 million, although Laing said that other costs, such as architect fees, would push the total to nearly $1. 5 million.
In Monitor today, we saw what happened to several other properties of the former Voyager Hotel Group.
A former traveler\'s hotel has become a supportive home.
Some motels are still in operation while others are being renovated to build social or rental houses.
When more than 20 companies behind Victoria
In 2009, the traveler\'s cheap motel chain went bankrupt, and the properties eventually went public under court. ordered sales.
The fate of some is yet to be determined.
Owners are considering whether to repair the buildings or re-develop the properties for another purpose. Some owners —
Private or government.
In the past few years, a total of millions of pounds have been spent upgrading and updating previous motels, but other properties look shabby.
When the tourism industry is hurt, the new owner must decide whether it is worth repairing an old building.
As a major part of the local tourism market, fewer Americans are visiting Victoria.
As tourists travel more at the last minute and the holidays are shorter, the travel patterns are also changing --
All factors affecting the health of the hotel industry.
\"It really has a direct impact on the city\'s tourism industry and the city\'s hotel business,\" said businessman Robin kmpton . \" He owns two hotels for former travelers.
Life is not easy for those who want to turn a motel into a rental unit.
They must meet Victorian standards covering everything from the size and affordability of the unit to the number of parking spaces for vehicles and bicycles, accessibility to storage, number of green spaces, etc, security and whether the proposed use is in line with the official community plan.
\"We saw some [conversions]
It was very successful and unfortunately we saw some absolutely disastrous things from killing, fire and all sorts of things, \"said Cohn. Pamela Madoff.
Over the years, Blueand-
At the north end of downtown Victoria, especially Douglas Street, the white traveler\'s inn sign is essential.
The owner group once owned about 14 properties and owned one of the largest number of rooms in Hotel B. C.
Close to 1,000.
Except for a motel, the rest are in Grand Victoria. (The then-
Located in coicahn Bay, it is known as a seaside resort. )
When he encountered financial difficulties, John, a businessman in Victoria.
Who leads the chain
Hope to sell the properties and repay the creditors in full, but this is not the case.
When creditors moved in to recover the money they could, the chain was finally removed.
Bankruptcy trustee Ken Glover, who traded with 21 companies behind the Voyager Inn, said this week that all properties had been sold to his knowledge, although paperwork was in progress, it may take another year.
The disintegration of this chain is a complicated process, as different real estate agencies and different recipients have listed the property for sale.
Glover estimates total debt under guarantee and non-guarantee
The secured creditors are between $65 million and $68 million, but they say that the final arrears may never be known.
This is because, if a major creditor, such as the bank that provided the mortgage, was not paid in full, it would not bother to submit an amended claim outlining the remaining arrears.
\"They know I have nothing because they just sold it [the property],” Glover said.
Some 300 employees worked for the chain, some of whom were in arrears.
Glover verified claims based on federal wages-
Provide income protection programs for those who owe money.
The plan compensates eligible workers for unpaid wages and other payments owed when the employer declared bankruptcy or bankruptcy.
The following are the status of the main motels held by Voyager Hotels Group: 3025 Douglas Street
Frustrated boss Mike Kelly says he wants to level the first two
The story Voyager hotel has installed a chain fence around the hotel, allowing it to sit for a year or two.
\"I\'m just thinking about my choices.
\"Driving past the site today, you will see the sign of the storage space written on the advertisement and an old motel, white, dark
Gray door facing long-stay tenants.
Kelly, a developer and businessman who paid $2.
2 million of the property, the city of Victoria has rejected his offer to transform the motel into an affordable rental apartment, and is furious.
The hotels of other travelers have been approved, he said, or similar reconstruction is being considered.
\"I am the only one who has been blocked.
When Kelly first came to the city, some members described the plan as substandard housing, including 45.
Kelly replied that it was hypocritical because Victoria had approved a renovation of her former traveller\'s hotel at 710 Queen\'s Road.
But he refused.
The subsequent application reduced the number of units to 42 and reconfigured other equipment.
Victoria insisted that the easement allow access to the storage area through another property and said that the parking lot could not be removed without the approval of the city.
A municipal official said other owners did not agree to enter.
The motel needs a major upgrade, Kelly said, adding that if he removes the motel, he will install a waterproof film on site.
• 3020 Douglas StreetThe 51-
The guest rooms resort and conference center in the north section of Douglas Street are priced at $4.
It is 2 million from Victoria Businessman Wayne Hopkins and Mark elotte and Mel Gardner of Williams Lake.
The owners are determining the long term-
The future of this well
Known property, once known as tallyHo Motor Inn.
It continues to operate a motel with a room rent of $59. 95 nightly.
The hotel has an outdoor pool, a waterslide and a Kitty\'s Hideaway Restaurant, and a Murph\'s Place lounge.
Hopkins said the resort was modernized and refreshed after being purchased.
Now, the owners are considering whether to invest \"quite a bit of money\" to re-imagine the days of it --Ho.
\"The hotel industry is up and down and sometimes very challenging,\" Hopkins said . \".
More than an acre of slopes leads to Douglas Street and Burnside East Road.
It\'s right next to the Cornell Chevrolet dealer at the corner of Douglas Street and fenlayson Street, which has been approved as a new location for Metro Lexus Toyota.
One possibility, Hopkins said, is to redevelop the property into a commercial site that meets other uses nearby.
• 2898 Douglas StreetThe 52-
Arbutus Inn was renamed and renovated in 2011range hotel. The three-
Anne Wong bought multi-storey buildings
Harrison, owner of the national car and truck rental and sales, costs $2. 15 million.
It is located at the intersection of Douglas and dunnidan Street and Burnside Road.
Wong-a massive upgrade that cost over $300,000Harrison said.
\"We replaced the roof and installed a new heating system. [We]
Replaced all beds with Serta\'s Perfect Sleeper bed, triple bed sheets, gel pillows, repainting
All rooms and bathrooms are carpeted and equipped with new light fixtures, mirrors and refurbished equipment.
A flat-screen TV is installed in the guest room and the lobby is decorated.
I think we should be on a real hotel makeover show!
1961 Douglas Street. The four-storey, 80-
The capital city center hotel, located on the corner of Douglas and Discovery Street, was sold for $5 in May 2011. 568 million, B. C.
Assessment said.
Owner director, capital city center hotel Co. , Ltd.
Wally Meng and Jamie Wu are business partners and their holdings include Red Lion Hotels and Suites at 3366 Douglas Street
Meng recently reported in the news a series of assassination incidents on the Red Lion in November, and faced five serious attacks.
The capital city center building was built in 1961 and was initially launched for sale in 2009 for $7. 9 million.
The hotel features an outdoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a banquet hall.
• 1850 Douglas Street
The hotel was not part of the original Voyager Hotel group whose company went bankrupt, but its owner was considered bankrupt in 2010.
It was the last traveler hotel to be taken over.
In 2010, its owner is listed as T. S.
Rights Holdings Limited
According to B. , John. C.
Government documents.
Sold in 2011 for $4.
43 million, according to B. C.
Assessment records.
Current owner Island Travel Inn
Register in Edmonton.
A red and white sign on the building indicates that it is now known as the Island Travel Inn.
The hotel also retains the traveler\'s Inn logo, which is white. and-
Blue color scheme. • 626 Gorge Rd. E.
Owner Mike Forbes is seeking a rezoning to build 23 rental apartments in two years, between 240 and 461 square feet plus 1,657 square feet of retail space
Brown buildings decorated in dark colors.
The former traveller Hotel, now closed, was the group\'s first hotel to sell in December 2009 and turned again in September 2011 for $1. 4 million.
City of Victoria planners recommend not to proceed with the application, stating that this does not meet the objectives of the official community plan and does not meet the minimum unit size and the number of parking spaces required.
But the municipal planning and land use commission supports public hearings. Coun.
Lisa Helps said in January that the project will help ease the city\'s demand for affordable housing.
The staff are reviewing the development license for the site and will report to the Council.
A city spokesman said a public hearing will be held after the Council reviews the application for a development permit.
• 120 E Canyon Road
Highway 45 is under construction. year-
The old former motel transformed it into an affordable home for the Aboriginal community.
The government is spending more than $1 million to transform the number of former travelers.
Siem Lelum House, which will be operated by Victoria First Nation Friendship Centre, is negotiating to purchase the building from the city, which has purchased the building and another property to provide a low pricecost housing.
The first phase will provide 26 units and the second phase will provide 19 units with a total of 45 units.
Rent for the studio will increase from $425 to $620
Bedroom Suite or family room.
The property was sold for $3 on July 2010.
0. 362 billion, according to B. C.
Assessment records.
710 Queen\'s Road.
The tenant has moved into what is now called the Queen\'s estate, a supportive place --
Building near Douglas Street. The three-
Pre-story motel is one of two properties purchased in Victoria in 2010 to increase the stock of social housing. B. C.
Last week, housing bought it from the city for $2.
5 million, Katie Josephine, a spokeswoman for Victoria, said.
Repainted with cream beige exterior walls and moss-
Decorated in green as part of $1. 5-
Million decoration projects
A big picture of sunflower was posted at the door.
With the support of taxpayers at the federal, provincial and local levels, coupled with the Victoria Cool Aid Association and the great Victoria Union Road, Queen\'s estate has been upgraded.
The building, operated by cool aid, has 36 studio units offering so-called low
Provide transitional housing for people who may be homeless.
The city of Victoria staff will continue to participate in discussions near Queen\'s Avenue, including regular meetings with the police, city council liaison officers and local neighbors, Josephine said.
760 Queen\'s Road.
The businessman and former Victoria council candidate Robin Kington, the owner of two properties nearby, bought the three properties
Former motel Storey, $4.
2010 2 million.
The large motel near Blanshard Street has more than 80 rooms, advertising the best prices on this street.
The hotel offers a mix of short and long service, klipton saidterm stays.
Although he plans to keep some rooms for hotel use, his goal is to attract elderly residents who want to scale down.
\"I would love to cater to the elderly.
\"There was a lot of\" extended repairs \"when he bought the motel and he described the building as still intact,\" he said.
Outside improvements will be made this spring, including power cleaning and wall panel replacement, kmpton said.
Some of the siding is broken and the white paint on the outside is marked out and it looks like a new coat is needed. • 723 Field St.
The building boasts one of the most interesting looks of the former traveller hotel group holding company.
It is located on the south side of the Bay Street Amoury, with an arched entrance above the gate and a circular window above it.
Known as a boutique suite, purchased by Hampton-
Who\'s the parking lot next door?
$2 in December 2010. 75 million.
The ad for the rental unit is frank: \"You may know that the building is a more difficult building, but, we have been trying to turn the building around.
\"So far, more than a dozen of its 28 units have been upgraded, and the cost per unit is between $5,000 and $10,000,\" Mr. kmpton said.
Six units are currently occupied.
When the suites become empty, they are fixed.
The workers are at work every day, he said.
\"We will stick to it as much as we can.
• Coicahn Bay.
Waterfront suites coicahn Bay enters bankruptcy management. Today, the 56-
Restaurant, pool, and fitness center on sitetitle units.
Another key factor for Voyager Hotel Group is not the motel: 2269 Douglas Street
Jordan interior design purchased, renovated and moved into a former furniture showroom that was touted as a premium casino last month
Visibility location on Douglas Street and Queen\'s Road. The Vancouver-based, family-
The building is stylish and modern in appearance and is owned by the company.
Originally opened as a Wosk furniture store, it is now a furniture store and closed on 2004.
John Asfar, head of the Voyager hotel, bought the building in the second year and tried to turn it into a casino, but failed.
After B. , Victoria decided not to hold a public hearing on casino plans. C. Lotteries Corp.
Indicates that this use is not supported.
After closing now, 13-year-
The old building has been vacant, although it was used as a place for the annual book sales of time colonists.
It is one of the listed traveller hotel groups that changed hands in 2011 and then sold again in October 2012 for $6.
28 million, according to B. C.
Assessment records. David Jordon-
The company\'s chief executive, Knox, said the building had about 55,000 square feet of storage.
Moved from its smaller former store to 2680 Blanshard St.
That gives Jordan a chance to launch more products, he said.
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