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travel review: travelmat by thermalay

by:Qihao      2019-08-26
Yes, of course, it sounds fascinating to fly from Wellington to Norway and come back to work for a week.
But you try to do it.
This is a tired recipe.
It was in the midst of financial stress that last month, an email from Thermalay\'s fundraising program for Travelmat ad Kickstarter fell into my inbox.
Accompanied by a rather amateur video produced by its inventor Kaitaiabased globe-
Travelmat\'s trotter James bonanza has come up with an almost irresistible claim: at the annual Travel Goods Show in 2018, it ranked second in \"best innovation\" and was defeated only by the robotic suitcase.
James sent me a prototype of Travelmat in exchange for a very reasonable $45. This is basically a foam pad that turns Economy Class seats into more comfortable economy class seats and includes a surprisingly effective way to replace neck pillows, grow the tentacles of several snails from the top of the mat.
In both extensions, there is a memory foam that not only works more effectively than the usual type of memory foam neck pillow, but also allows for a variety of different heads, neck, back and lower
Thigh support options.
Given that it is possible to get more of a certain type of reward at any stage in the long term --
This different deployment is one of Travelmat\'s best features during long flights.
Not to mention that it is very convenient for two people in an unplanned situation. hour mini-
The flight from Oslo to Stavanger was transferred to a town two hours later and left by ferry.
It also greatly improved a soft Norwegian hotel bed which was disturbing.
Sure, Travelmat will make you look interesting.
It packs into a small bedroom, so spreading it on the plane causes some comments, and when I first fall the \"tentacles\" to the right place, it takes the nervous flyer next to me
However, one of Emirates\'s crew members is the most enthusiastic --
Asking me for details of the site as a buyer indicates that Travelmat may find a ready market.
Of course that\'s what Kickstarter enthusiasts think.
Bountuk raised $31,365 to get the first container
Goods are currently being shipped to New Zealand, Australia and the United States, slightly ahead of the financing target he set.
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