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travel hacks: how to make a long flight bearable

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
I have been laughing at people walking around with a memory foam neck pillow for years, but I got one myself.
This is one of the best investments if you want to develop the economy.
Buy one that you can put in your backpack or carry with you. 2)
Get noise reduction headphones.
Seriously, do it.
I got the Bose q20i.
$300, but you won\'t regret it.
I didn\'t hear the engine noise, and there was hardly any child screaming or other \"noise \".
This is the best thing ever, especially in those international flights. 3)
If you travel with your family and you are in a higher position, book for your family so that everyone gets the same benefits.
I am a 1 k member of Manchester United, so it also helps others (
Better seats, boarding crew, etc. )4)
If you travel a lot, it is worth using the lounge.
Some lounges have their own service desk.
If your flight is canceled, you can do it in the lounge and avoid having 200 people at the \"standard\" customer service desk. 5)Hydrate!
I always travel with my Concorde mug
Or at least make sure you have a bottle of water. 6)
There are always some snacks in the backpack. 7)
Buy a great suitcase and just carry it with you if possibleon.
Personally, I only travel with what I carry with meon.
It\'s easy for me to do it for two weeks. 8)
Dressed in comfortable clothes but still decent.
No sweat pants or flip covers. flops or alike.
Comfortable shoes (
Closed because it can get cold in the air)
Consider bringing a vest or something like that.
I can\'t count how many times I \'ve come out and my vest keeps me warm.
Personally, I always wear long trousers and long sleeves.
On top of that, when I fly more than 200 kilometers a year, I would say that good behavior and mindfulness to others will also help here.
Mean, don\'t bring your stinky food on the plane (
You\'re sitting in a tight tube with 200 others! )
Make sure you don\'t smell (
Seriously, it\'s annoying to sit next to a person for 10 hours and smell or not brush your teeth)
And good to the flight attendant (
They are just doing their job).
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