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Sloan Jacobson lives in a world without peanuts.
While the Air France hostess was busy throwing proseck into the plastic flute in the first class cockpit, Sloan lamented the etiquette of not letting her eat her favorite snack.
Someone\'s allergic.
Could be allergic-so it was a no-
All nut products are OK.
Usually her future
A focused mind will start to guess.
How will the normalization of food sensitivity affect consumer habits in the next few years?
But instead, she just feels bad about the current geography
Political expectations are the worst.
Someone might also stab the pilot\'s neck with their wine glasses, so the airline also banned all glass drinks.
Flight attendant is not French
Carly, look at her name.
A drink was served to Sloan, along with a cucumber and a purple-red wedge disguised as foie gras.
Yes, the world is a simpler and friendlier place when Sloan can still eat nuts in public.
She stared at the range of eggs.
Her companion Roman is reading an article in the travel section of a newspaper: the Mediterranean: Is there any safe place to go? “Is there?
Sloan asked with his heel to get his attention. “Is there what?
\"He said, looking at her through his glasses, he wore more glasses than anything related to vision for aesthetic reasons.
\"Is there any safe place to go?
\"Oh,\" he said, shaking the paper and letting the paper stand in a better position.
\"It\'s obviously Portugal. ” She scoffed.
\"But it\'s not in the Mediterranean.
Roman shrugged his shoulders and said, \"this is true . \"
\"Then I don\'t think so.
He turned the page over as if to check.
\"This is not a good article,\" he said, continuing to read.
Sloan reclined in her seat and stared at the dome ceiling, a pure, oxygen-free sky.
Flying is not easy when you are a trend forecasters.
Sloan has a sponge-like sensitivity to her environment, which only deepens when she flies.
She felt itchy and uncomfortable. at-ease.
She was annoyed by the article.
Although she is looking for the next important thing, it is still exhausting, greedy for undiscovered, novel, new things.
Lisbon is certainly not \"new\"
It is one of the oldest cities in the world, even earlier than Paris
But it has been designated as New Berlin by the Kant Nast family.
Sloan tried to calm himself down and calm down the negative
She can also watch movies.
Considering too much
She can see whatever she wants.
But she still can\'t get rid of a winding anxiety.
There\'s a problem.
Like the last time she was flying in the air, when she felt so ominous, she wondered if \"What to see, what to say\" could include \"producing a bad atmosphere, thirty years old
Three minutes after the flight plan began, the plane was hit by lightning.
It shook and it smelled.
People screamed. It righted.
No, it\'s not like that.
This is a mechanical mistake in her heart.
She may need more vitamins. Vitamin D.
In addition to her, Roman has given up reading about the impact of the European debt crisis on travel and has gone through the airline\'s film options, with his fingers guiding him to the \"New release \".
Sloan is sure Roman will choose the perfect course 3 \".
His Americanism is non-discriminatory: wool sportswear, SUVs, submarines
Zero refrigerator, discount supermarket, virus of American patriotism :(
Flags sprout in window frames and front lawn patches after severe events)
Internet culture, pop culture
He was attracted by all this.
For people like Roman, romantic comedy is the key to understanding the American way of life, and it is trained to look for signs and signs in each experience.
The excitement about the cappella music is clearly the first step.
When Roman was full of stars
Sloan stared at the rotating Universal Studios logo on the screen and pulled out the customs immigration form from his seat pocket, remembering how the eyebrows were arched when the flight attendant asked for two.
Carly repeated and made sure that the polishing people before her were supported. Yes, well.
In Paris, traditional marriage is as popular as private medical care.
Roman has been with Sloan for ten years.
His name was written on her electricity bill, but they never had children;
Their profession is their children, you have.
In fact, their common decision not to breed has promoted their careers.
Famous American forecasters and French intellectuals
\"Couples who have everything but children ,\"(
Figaro, July 2013
\"The ultimate reaction
\"Mom\" is the headline of Sloan in the latest British \"fashion\" magazine. “Re-
Production is similar to ecology
Terrorism, \"she was quoted in that magazine).
It\'s the wrong interview time-3 p. m.
The worst time for her.
Low blood sugar and low mood.
Her wine with passionate journalist Chardonnay was cheap. Eco-terrorism. Yeah—
It\'s good that Sloane\'s family doesn\'t read much.
Or, maybe since she last saw European fashion gloves three years ago, they have an interest in European fashion gloves --
She hasn\'t had time to know yet.
But according to her sister\'s annual newsletter of July 4 (
Yes, she did)
Lila was pregnant with her third child.
When the girl was in her twenties, her father died, Laila --not Sloane—
It turned out to be the success story of the family.
She used birth to fight death.
Sloan made predictions to change the technology industry.
Before 9/11, she had foreshadowed the symbolism of roots to the food industry and predicted the now ubiquitous touch screen gesture-swipe cards.
She lectures, consultations and seminarsed in thirty-
So far, she has an apartment in Paris Area 6, and friends from seven countries only know their names.
Many people care about the life she creates.
She used to be.
Roman tapped the screen to pause the hole in front of him.
\"Did you do that?
He asked too loudly and the headphones were still on.
Sloane put a finger on his lips before answering;
Passengers are sleeping. “Do what?
\"Singing with the girl?
She narrowed her eyes. “No.
Do the boys sing too?
Are they very popular?
Even though she laughed herself.
\"Cappella wasn\'t cool when I was in college,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s by a T. V.
The choir performed.
Roman\'s eyebrows were arched.
\"Everyone knows the glee club.
Sloan was dissatisfied with the new disobedience.
Roman is now an internet star. he knows everything.
For a trend predictor, unfortunately, she prefers the old version of her boyfriend to Roman 2. 0.
When they first met, Roman was a smart market researcher at Unilever consumer goods in France.
She was immediately attracted by his invention wisdom and a confused calm, which she later thought was optimistic and unusual for the French.
They met in a focus group on a new series of male soaps.
Consumer feedback is useless (
An example is: \"I want something that smells like charcoal, but it\'s also nice, like soap . \")
But when Roman said goodbye to the industry, he did so with a perfect Anatolia: \"Gentlemen, I don\'t know what I will wash with, but I
Sloane remembered his thoughts. he was a little grandiose.
But he does look interesting.
He is very grandiose these days.
Roman has moved from market research to professional power: delivering lectures around Europe on the transformation of touch patterns.
He even created a term for his research: Newsensualism.
Make him a newsensualist”—
The word is already stuck. Between his op-
With regard to how the body changes in a digital world and his increasingly colorful social media presence, Roman has a place among European intellectuals.
But what would he do once he incorporated the Zentai suit into his social media feed and demo?
The Competition of Internet stars was ignited.
Sloan first saw Roman wearing a seamless suit that marked Japanese practice, the only word rolling out of Sloane\'s mouth in their Paris kitchen was a smirk.
The body suit is overall.
There are no holes in the eyes and mouth, and the whole thing is entered by a small crack.
When it is properly put on, it looks like the wearer\'s body is immersed in a liquid pewter.
\"You look like a superhero,\" said Sloan, looking up from her job at the odd figure next to the refrigerator. “What’s it for? What is it?
This sentence annoyed her now, and she was pretty sure it was one time to wear a suit --in-a-
Happen for life.
Panel stuff. A crowd-pleaser. Click-bait.
\"The Zentai suit is very charming,\" Roman said . \" He slipped his hand down.
\"This is an invitation --
No, no?
It presents the body as an anonymous thing that can be considered but never really touched.
He put his arm behind his eccentric head.
\"I found my head portrait.
He seems to be the same.
At a university in the United States, Roman may be fired for giving a speech on pedophile software, but in Paris he is welcomed: it\'s the form that satisfies him that\'s to speculate about the sexy nature of the digital age.
He used the dress as a channel for temptation and rejection.
\"You can see how far this effect can go,\" he likes to say . \".
\"Birth Control, affairs. ” “Affairs?
She remembered asking. “If it’s non-
Infiltrated, non-infiltrated
Touch, can you count as cheating?
Sloane leaned his head against the window of the plane and touched it coldly.
If so, Roman is not loyal to his phone call.
Just before they went to the United States, the famous French news magazine Nouvel Observer gave him a brief introduction: \"touch: a day in a new life
\"Since then, his mobile phone has been ringing, has been ringing, has been ringing. A six-
With the spread of writing page Photos
Get up, Roman does a daily job in Paris: watch the news at restaurants, sniff melons at outdoor markets, and eat French stick sandwiches on wooden benches.
The difference is that Roman is doing the skin of these things-
Tight Zentai set.
Sit in his metal-gold carriage, ride the subway and stroll on the Seine River.
The so-called elegance and indifference are the customs of the Romans, which is very exciting to the Bukit public.
His Instagram account was recharged overnight.
200,400: Sloan has stopped checking before seeing it reach 5.
When they returned to Paris, they often consulted together (
Local media called them \"duo de choc \"!
It always makes her feel like it\'s a fascinating teen way to say \"power couple)
But she\'s been greedy all the time. and secretive—
About her mission in technology giant Mammoth, she has recalled her to the United States for half a year.
In the trend industry, caution is equal to Yes, it is part of her silence, but there are other things.
Her instinctive impulse told her not to bring Roman into Mammoth\'s arms.
Sloan keeps in mind the key terms of the work contract;
She is proud of what she can do to accept such a task, and for the first time she finds herself wanting to share: with your global expertise in fashion, beauty, technology and entertainment trends, you will help our creative team shape their vision for the replication summit on June.
Electronics giants run three times a year.
The daily peak on consumer trends brings together world visionaries and fashionistas to consult on different topics.
They made a big fight against this, emic.
What do we do when we stop having children?
The CEO of Mammoth, Daxter Stevens, needs a world-renowned person.
A man of vision
A man of understanding
People without children
Enter Sloane Jacobson: The Origin of thought, the divination of the card.
Instinct, possession, mother instinct, No.
When you are working in a trend, it will take a while to identify your major.
Although she was beautiful at first
Quickly from an Americanin-
Non-Paris entry level hotels
Official creative director of French cosmetics giant Aurora)
What Sloan is good at is drawing out what the cable rich wants next.
There are no children yet.
In the past 20 years, the self-desire of the middle class in the United States, global positioning systems and wearable devices;
It does not want children.
For the various companies she consulted, Sloan portrayed an increasingly self-contained world view
Centered on predicting the growth of personal electronic products, personal progress and the decline in the birth rate, because it is selfless to have children.
Does she regret the article she published? She said in the article that breeding is short-lived. sighted?
Look, there\'s a slight difference.
She may use a better word.
But she never withdrew her opinion or apologized.
For the world outside of her, she is successful, influential, and unapologetic: Uber-mom. So be it.
If Sloane has to judge from her emotional incompatibility with her mother (
An obsessed Nursery)
She will be terrible as a parent.
She just gave it to her without it.
In addition, she is not a fan of fear, and she is more afraid to love someone than to love yourself.
Next to her, Roman laughed at something in the movie.
She craned her neck to see something, but the title of his screen was that all she saw was darkness. 2.
In the 1950 s, personal electronics were something that was desirable: a reflection of the desire of the middle class.
When Daxter Stevens was brought from Greylight advertising to become Mammoth\'s youngest CEO ever, he expanded consumer electronics around a new axiom: this is how we should be told
With the support of TV, gaming systems, phones and computers, Dax has added telecom, Internet services, lifestyle products, social media, security and man-machine integration technologies.
Therefore, the huge performance is accompanied by a large amount of solar energy-
Power benefits, one of which is self-driving cars used by Sloan personally.
The car is a prototype and is currently called (
Ning untuk redly)the M-
Cars, ready to offer a more personalized experience than competing models, most of which still cannot distinguish between \"roads\" and \"Sidewalks \".
\"The problem with the driverless car is that it has no driver: no one is meeting you at the door of arrival.
Sloane did not ask one of her family members to pick her up, nor did they take the initiative to bring it up.
They might think she had a UFO on the phone.
\"Is the car not here?
Asked Roman, with his brows locked, his eyes were trained to the streets, where the hastily cleaned cars that shared the driving economy were waiting for their riders.
Sloan rolled the message in her phone and looked down at it with great regret.
She has had an allergic reaction to her smartphone in the past year.
Migraine, vision problems, elevated body temperature.
Her therapist says these are symptoms of anxiety.
But she went further and named it environment. xiety.
If it was up to her to decide, she would throw the gadgets in the trash, throw away the constantly appearing things, and the greater pressure to be in an informed state forever.
But if Sloane goes offline, she can\'t make the kind of money she\'s making.
This is the buzzword of this millennium.
Celebrity, black voter, ayahuasca-
Induced clarity: everything needs to be achieved with everyone.
\"Daxter\'s assistant said the car had stopped,\" Sloan said in an email. “Aisle 37. Level B.
Roman\'s eyes were wide open.
\"Just stopped?
Sloane shrugged.
Yes, the prototype of the first self.
The car is parked in a commuter area.
It turned out to be between a rusty Ford adventurer and a Honda Civic.
Sloan used to be in a self-driving car, but only those comfort levels were designed according to the golf course --cart’s.
In the focus group, Mammoth found that the target consumer of the self-driving car still wants to feel like he is being driven, which means: The driver is not visible in the front and the passenger is invisible in the back.
The ceiling of the car has individual dimmers, the onyx color privacy partition and the spotlight on the massage leather seat.
The most important thing is that the car has a name.
Sat there and watched a teaching video outlining the advantages and limitations of the automotive lidar technology, with the ceiling light on and the car vibrant.
\"Good Morning, madam.
\"Hello, Mr Bellard, Jacobsen,\" said the car in a crisp voice, \"I am Anastasia and I will be your driver.
Please note that you will notice the location of the \"emergency\" button and seat belt?
Sloane thought with a smile, annassia.
They were not transported through the Midtown Tunnel, but through the Russian grasslands.
\"Can we talk back?
Roman whispered eagerly, interrupting her daydream about horses and white fur.
Sloan leaned forward and her voice was aligned to the dashboard.
\"Nice to see you, too.
\"But happiness is mine!
Annassia answered with obvious enthusiasm.
\"Is Air France flight 9773 from Charles de Gaulle to LaGuardia Airport comfortable? She continued.
Sloan noted that there are some session deviations that Mammoth needs to address, \"Yes.
\"I am very happy to hear the news.
We will still be heading to East Ninth Street and C Avenue in Manhattan?
Next to her, Roman did one thing.
The clucking tongue used by the French to express anger.
When Mammoth said they would rent an apartment anywhere Sloan wanted, Roman has been looking for the Upper West Side, but his understanding of New York real estate was mainly made by the early Woody Allen films
Since \"Anne Hall\", he has not realized that there has been a change in the area.
Sloan relies on signs and clues to complete her trend work: she observes the way people behave, changes the way they are good and evil, the way they speak and dress.
It is possible to monitor the undercurrent of new behavior in large box stores, but this is not desirable.
Only so much, she can tell humans by noticing that Costco is doing a big sale of smoked trout.
That\'s why Sloan wants to live near Alphabet City in East Village, a place that is largely a chain storeyo free.
As a wealthy white man, Sloane knows that it is sacred to treat Alphabet City as \"real\" New York.
\"Real\" New York is no longer there.
Not in Brooklyn-
Recently considered \"the most affordable place in America \".
Like imported cheese, Brooklyn is now more of a category than an autonomous city. But still—
Bad smell everywhere, precious community garden, trash can full of dishes stained with 90 pieces of paper
Nine and six.
Dollar ristrettos, she was moved by a fusion.
Alpha City is not perfect.
Their location is only two blocks from the riot scene at Tompkins Square Park, where hundreds of people begged Abbott scum to die --
But at least it\'s not stupid.
Because it\'s a bloody, scary Sloane, not a community strain: the bland of a luxury apartment building with a gym and dry cleaning service
Create a convenience store with chia seed Green SmoothieEven celebrating-
Everyone is one thing, trying to be one thing.
When Sloan last lived in the East Village, she always hated it --room walk-
With a de called Ramona and them-
In fact, her third roommate, her sister Laila, was a high school student at the time and frequented her.
How much she loves those crowded, relaxed times, because the hair of too many others in the bathtub can be a problem.
In addition to the fatigue of globalization, nostalgia has also pulled Sloane back to Alphabet City.
Her sentimental side needs constant cover-up.
\"If you allow it,\" sidasia brings Sloan back to their commute, \"The hot radar seat backrest detects a temperature rise on Mr Bellard, suggesting moderate dehydration.
We have a variety of snacks in the temperature adjustment cooler under the seat partition, and one more
Coffee machine is provided, I do not recommend activating the coffee machine at this time due to cited dehydration.
Sloane opens the fridge and takes out two bottles of bottled water.
\"Bottled tap water,\" she said, handing it to Roman, whose lips rarely touch anything other than caffeine and red wine.
\"Welcome to the United States. ”3.
When Sloane was a little girl, her closest friend except her sister (
Who was a toddler at that time)
He is an Argentine named Marty Fernandez.
Almost every Friday of the seventh year, Marty spends the night at her house, and like most girls of the same age, after Sloan\'s mother tells them to go to bed, they spend a long time chatting.
Sloane woke up from a dream during one of the overnight stays.
She saw the man Marty was going to spend his life with, and it was clear.
Marty returned to Argentina in the kitchen of her adult family.
That man is very broad.
With a relaxed smile on his face, his hair is like a boy, his nose is sharp and his hands are big.
He looks very interesting and kind.
When Sloan woke up, her heart beat faster, as if she had pulled out of a nightmare, and she was sure that she had met someone who was there, except that she had seen him in the next 20 years.
When Marty woke up, Sloan told her that she had seen the man she was going to marry.
She saw their kitchen. (
She didn\'t like its granite countertops, but she didn\'t tell her. )
She lives in Argentina again with her children.
Marty giggled uncontrollably, wanting all the details of this adultLife in the future.
After Sloan shared everything she could remember, Marty fell on the pillow and looked at the ceiling like a dream.
\"It\'s so bad I\'m not moving back!
But she did move back.
Their old high school often sends newsletters, and when she sees the latest news from the 95-year class, an adult Sloane has taken a breath.
Marty got married and she married him: the man Sloan met in a dream years ago.
It was the same man, as old as he was in her field of vision, with the same helpless smile and great hair, much bigger than little Marty;
Generous and kind.
Sloane is now standing in her apartment with Roman and she feels the same disturbing frequency growing inside her: a disturbing feeling that she already knows how it all goes.
She tried to shake the hunch.
Just tell yourself that everything will be great.
\"That\'s what happened in the kitchen!
Roman put down his bag and cried.
\"New Yorkers never cook?
\"Rusty fire passage, bleach on the surface to cover up the pre-
The existing smell of old beer and flower youth: they have arrived at their new home.
Sloan watched Roman investigate this small, sunny kitchen on black and white felt, a paneled glass with a view to the solemn kristodolata on the street.
He opened the cupboard and stared at the refrigerator, while Sloane heard hiss, gags and crackles from an apartment in New York.
She has forgotten the harsh sound of the plumbing system, the water shooting sound around the building, the clip sound of the high-heeled PR staff blowing dry hair, and the entire floor of the rented r that refuses to lay the carpet.
Even though it\'s bigger, top-level, and more expensive, the energy is not much different from what she shares in College: The building is unfriendly and cannot be kept clean.
\"Can this oven still be used?
Roman shouted from the kitchen she had just left. “Probably not!
Sloane shouted to the room, and she hoped it was her home --
But she knows about Manhattan: she will never be at home.
She will keep her spare clothes and extra toothbrush under her desk and this sunny place, the perfect room will eventually become Roman\'s room, he will only say the book is about \"new\"sensualism!
She asks every time.
Her friends in Paris thought it was strange that she did not push for more information about the project and did not read any of his pages.
But Sloan is the protector of the creative process.
She respects Roman\'s rhythm and his privacy.
Also, if there\'s anything worth continuing with his city Zentai photo, she\'s pretty sure she\'ll hate the whole thing.
She came to the bathroom, a crowded, unhappy mass of more black and white felt and beautiful pink sink, and it looked antique after modification.
Despite the obvious renovations, Sloan remembered the wet mozzarella cheese flavor at the university, which was a very crowded apartment with no air, they had to store the cosmetics in the fridge so the cosmetics would not melt.
Sloan even put a cup in it for her sister to come and see her. Shelf in the upper right corner
Laila was too nervous by the Wet Wild eyeliner to wear by her mother.
God, the fun they have seems to be indulgent.
The three of them were squeezed into that tight bathroom, and Ramona sat on the edge of the bathtub, curled her hair calmly, while Leila tried makeup while pretending to make-up --to-be-
The music came from the cassette player, and the high sound was too high.
If it weren\'t for Leila, Sloan might have spent all her college nights reading at the bookstore.
Her sister relieved Sloan\'s pain and her self.
Seriously, try to show her that there are some things that don\'t need to be analyzed and some are just interesting.
For example, share a bathtub the size of margar tower in a tortillas apartment, or dance with a stranger on the temporary dance floor of the bar.
Dancing, God, it\'s also like something that belongs to another era, like pagers and roller skates.
Last time Sloan was touched by a stranger.
One less dance.
It was taken at TSA. Her carry-
Alert On (
She hopes to quickly take the four ounces of facial mist from her bag)
But when she held out her arms and stood there with her palm facing up, a woman in uniform announced where she was going to touch her, why, when she felt the palm cup of this woman, her shoulders slipped down with her hands --
It\'s really ridiculous.
More ridiculous than the huge margar tower.
Sloan wants to cry. “Darling!
Roman shouted from a place where he might be a bedroom.
\"There\'s a problem with the bed!
Sloan walked in and found her partner\'s face.
On the mattress, his palms opened and his fingers arched.
\"Botox is inside!
He said, raising one hand.
She studied the material slowly rising around his handprint.
\"Memory foam,\" she said, sitting next to him.
\"It will shape your body. ” “Why?
She tried not to worry, and her eyebrows were tightly knit.
What excites her is not a chemical imbalance, but a jet lag reaction.
Usually, they actually get involved.
Why is memory foam such a desirable mattress for American consumers? —
But she is too tired.
\"I don\'t know,\" she admitted, a little tired and dull.
\"It\'s just one of the things that everyone is told they should want, so they start to want it.
\"Well, I don\'t want this bed,\" Roman said . \" He put his thumb into the dense cake of polyurethane foam.
\"I don\'t like it either.
They were all silent.
This is the first time they have agreed to anything in bed for a long time.
Things that the Roman side began to feel uninterested in sex began to look like an aversion;
Or at least he\'s disgusted with the kind of sex Sloan wants.
Sloan worked very hard.
She\'s only a few months from the age of forty.
At the end of the day, she just didn\'t wear a pedophile suit without eyes.
Roman lay down and sighed with a deep feeling: he soon fell asleep.
As for Sloan, she stared at her new bedroom and realized how useless it was to be sentimental.
Rent an apartment in a place where she used to hang out from college, and not let Ramona magically appear in her pineapple kimono, with hair dragged out of her bubble bath;
She will not send Leila to the bed, where she will put a new box of Manic Panic hair dye in her hands and revel in freedom.
Sloane needs a place to stay during his time in Mammoth, just in this apartment.
She happened to be within driving distance with her family for the first time in nearly 20 years, and it wouldn\'t change anything, thinking it might be naive. So, no.
Sloan can\'t just invite her sister. much-cheese-and-
Wine night, can\'t tell her to find a nanny so they can see it back-to-
When Roman opened the second bottle and admitted that she and Roman had not had sex for more than 18 months, the person with the back mat could not pull her into the bathroom.
Contrary to her professional life
In her personal confrontation, Sloan tends to sweep things under the carpet.
Inside, when she returns to Paris on a business trip, watching people wander in front of the flower stalls and sniff the roses with hope, she will see her encounter with Roman as a stage.
It\'s important that this is just a stage, or at least it develops into something that doesn\'t hurt her as it is now.
The New York episode was good for them.
Opportunity againalignment.
At best, this will prove to be a high
Pay for distractions.
The worst part is a carpet.
Sloan looked around again and felt the pull of his dream.
It will be bad for her time difference.
She should force herself to stay up late, but Roman has been breathing calmly and she doesn\'t have so much to open.
Whether it\'s the Mediterranean or elsewhere, sleeping seems to be the safest place to stay.
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