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Tips When Traveling From Singapore to Bali

by:Qihao      2020-08-23
Flights from Singapore to Bali are usually interesting; and that is why many people are constantly on the lookout for cheap air tickets. As Bali is a prestigious island that features stunning beaches and astounding heritage, it is not easy to resist the temptation of giving it a visit. It is an ideal getaway for people who wish to escape the bustling and pressuring city. It is an ideal venue for the ultimate vacation. In order to make the most out the trip, one should not forget certain things. Here are some pieces of information to always remember: 1) A budget trip is possible when going to Bali. Not everyone is ready to splurge on a trip; and people who are into saving money should grab every opportunity to do so. Ways include purchasing the cheap tickets Singapore travel agencies and airline companies are offering. Most of these discounted tickets are available online, and are easy to buy; and availing affordable packages for Bali hotels. These are the most recommended ways to start a budget trip. 2) Flying from Singapore to Bali Indonesia takes only 2 to 3 hours. As both countries are located in the Southeast Asian region, the travel time is short. Nonetheless, people should not bother bringing various stuff to make them comfortable while on board. This includes bulky pillows and stuffed toys as this would just add up to the luggage weight. A simple memory foam neck pillow would suffice. One could choose whether to land on Bali Denpasar International Airport, or at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta to transfer to another flight to Denpasar. 3) If not comfortable with a plane, try the ferries. True, it is not just the planes that could bring a Singaporean traveler to Bali. Ferries docked at the World Trade Center Ferry Terminal can also be used as a means of transportation. There are daily trips to Batam in Riau Islands and tickets can be bought anytime. From Batam, one has to go to Jakarta through Sinabung ferries; and from Jakarta, one can ride the bus to Bali. It would most likely take almost two days to complete this trip. 4) Bali enjoys a tropical weather. As Indonesia is a tropical country, Bali naturally has a tropical weather which can turn hot and humid. It could be uncomfortable but combating it is simple as the island is home to spectacular beaches. People can plunge into the cold ocean anytime or bask under the sun for some stunning tan. Sunset is also breathtaking! 5) Beaches are not all Bali has. While it is true that Bali is a resort capital of Indonesia, the good things do not end there. Bali is also a cultural capital as it gives home to historical sites and is a venue to different traditions and festivals. There is also a commercialized area in the island which permits people to do their shopping, dining, and entertainment activity just like how they wish to do in the city. Booking flights from Singapore to Bali is surely one of the best decisions Singaporean travelers could do. Time should not be wasted. Plan your trips now!
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