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Tips For Choosing Themed Boys Bedding

by:Qihao      2020-09-04
Your teenage boy's room can be decorated in a variety of themes and ideas. It is important, though, to know your teen's preferences. Among the popular decor themes for teen boys are sports, adventure, music, nature and travel. When you decide on a theme, you can start to select room accessories, furnishings and bedding that will help you build the theme. Bedding can play a key role in establishing the theme in a room. You can choose bedding sets, comforters, shams, pillow covers, and other bedding essentials that bring out the room's theme. Sports Sports themes are an ideal way to decorate your teen boy's room. Depending on your teen's favorite sport, you can find boys bedding with images or motifs of the sport. Baseball, basketball, football, surfing, and soccer are among the popular sports themes. Choose bed covers with baseball bats, footballs, soccer nets, or lacrosse sticks and complement that with matching pillow covers or shams. Adventure Another popular theme among teenage boys is adventure. Boys bedding can be found with images of adventure sports like skateboarding, surfing, or skydiving. Decorative pillows with motifs of surfers or skateboarders on bed covers or comforters in shades of black, grey, blue or green can also bring out the theme. Music Decorative pillows or throw pillows in music-themed images or motifs can be perfect a teen guy with a passion for music. Choose pillows that have motifs of musical notes, music records, or musical instruments to complement a music theme. Boys bedding sets that have images of your teen's favorite musical instrument will be a favorite for years! Travel For the teen who likes to travel, bedding in travel-themed designs or images is a great idea. You can find boys bedding sets that have motifs of specific places or from around the world. Decorative pillows that have maps printed on them can really help with a travel-themed room. Nature Nature- themed bedding comes in numerous motifs, colors, and patterns. Boys bedding can be found with prints of various animals, trees, and nature-inspired landscapes. You can find bed covers and comforters with images of your teen boy's favorite nature scenes. Decorative pillows with motifs of sea life, surfers or palm trees can complement a beach theme very well. Once you have chosen the bedding, you can move on to selecting furniture and decor accessories that can further complement the theme in your teenager's room.
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