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this device holds your head up so you can nap hands-free

by:Qihao      2019-09-04
One of the most annoying problems with napping on the plane is when your head is lounging and you can\'t find a comfortable and considerate way to support it.
Over the years, inventors have offered a wide variety of fixes, from inflatable hoodie to head hammock, but this solution looks more promising than any solution we \'ve seen in a long time.
JetComfy is a cushion platform for your head that connects to the armrest and extends to the height you want.
And other travel gadgets include blowing
The package is good, just support your chin, or need to put your head into a dark hole, which requires a more basic approach, says JetComfy
Founder David Brecht
\"Our goal is to mimic the natural resting posture that puts the head on the hand,\" he told Huffington Post . \".
JetComfy is a memory foam pad on a stretchable base where you can slide it onto the armrest and clip it in place.
Adjust the tilt of the mat to your liking, then take a nap.
Then take back the base and fold it up after it is finished.
At first glance, this gadget takes up the armrest space and looks like it will annoy your seat mate.
But Brecht suggests that it may be more annoying to support your head in the usual way.
\"JetComfy is only a small part of the armrest that your neighbors can continue to use.
\"If you don\'t have a jet, you\'ll put your arms on the shared handrails, which will take up more space,\" he said . \".
It\'s worth noting that, based on the photos posted on the company\'s Facebook page, in any case, it seems that people tend to put their arms on the armrests when using JetComfy.
The product went public at the end of last year at a retail price of $49. 99 on jetcomfy. com and $39. 99 on Amazon. It has built-
Also in the power supply for charging electronic devices.
Some commenters said JetComfy was too bulky to complain that its mat ran into their neighbor and said it was not properly tied in the aisle seat.
Others did not report the problem, saying it was a lifesaver for long flights.
JetComfy meets TSA carry-on
About the guidelines, so you should be able to bring it up without any problem.
However, whether or not your seat mate will complain is another question: in 2014, a travel gadget called \"knee guard\" sparked a nationwide debate
When one passenger uses it to prevent another passenger from reclining against the seat, there is a conflict between the passengers.
If everything fails, you can try to fall asleep on a plane without gadgets. Sweet dreams!
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