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this 15-in-1 travel jacket by baubax just became the most crowd-funded piece of clothing on kickstarter ever

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
With the release of the Night Tube expected to take place in a few weeks, thanks to its Inspector Gadget, London commuters will want something called the \"best travel jacket in the world --
Hidden features.
Beautiful invention by Chicago start
Up company baubaxo promises not only to keep you warm on your way to and from work, but also to build
Pen Holder, iPhone charger, gloves, iPad case and inflatable memory foam neck pillow and eye cover in the Hoodhaul journeys.
The list goes on to detail a total of 15 hidden features, including the Headset Holder and overflow-
Proof drink pocket.
The Internet gave a very generous reception to the bauguans jacket Kickstarter event --
In fact, this is the most heavily funded clothing project so far.
The best travel jacket in the world with 15 features | baubaxo

More than 40,000 out of quality donated to fundraisers£5. 2m)
When the campaign reached the last day, everyone was together.
This reduced the original target amount (US $20,000) of bauguan\'s on the site by 400 times.

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there is an inflatable pillow and eye mask in the hood of the jacket

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The finished jacket will provide a variety of different designs and colors for women and men
From windbreaker and bomber to wrinkles
Free sports jackets and jerseys.

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