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the world\'s most punctual airports and airlines in 2018 revealed

by:Qihao      2019-08-25
Flight delays cost you so much money and ruin your family
Together or simply consume you with anger?
Take a deep breath, count to 10, hit your bed pillow and continue reading.
Because there are messages that can help prevent this from happening again.
Travel analyst OAG has just released a £ 2018 punctuality rate, naming airlines and airports with the best timekeeping in the world.
This may be good news for anyone flying through Tokyo (
Or find a cheap ticket to Latvia). Make full use-
Annual data for 57 million flight records in 2017-
The most tracked OAG in a year--the UK-
Based on the analyst has created a best ranking
Time performance of the world\'s largest airlines and airports.
Its on-definition
Time performance (time) refers to a flight that arrives or leaves within 14 minutes and 59 seconds after the scheduled time.
The most punctual airline in the world-with 90.
Flight 01% on time--
It is Latvian Baltic Airlines.
Baltic Airlines is headquartered at Riga International Airport and flies to 68 destinations in Europe, the United States and the Middle East.
The most punctual flightairBaltic (90. 01%). (
Top European trunk airlines and top airlines). 2.
Air Hong Kong (88. 83%). (
Best Airline in AsiaPacific). 3.
Hawaiian Airlines87. 24%). (
Top airlines in North America). 4. Copa Airways (86. 39%). (
Top airlines in Latin America). 5.
Qantas (86. 18%). 6.
Japan Airlines85. 27%). (
Top major airlines. 7.
Airlines85. 35%). (Top Low-Cost Carrier). 8. Jetstar Asia (85. 08%). 9.
Skymark Airlines (85. 00%). 10. Aer Lingus (84. 46%).
Qatar Airlines, No. 15, OTP is 82.
95%, is the top airline in the Middle East and Africa region.
OAG noted in its report that low-
Airlines and mainstream airlines.
\"This year, 6 of the top 20 airlines are LCCs, up from 4 last year and 2 in 2015,\" the company said . \"
The most punctual airport has at least 2 airports per year, ranking all over the world.
5 million seats from the store.
Like airlines, the higher passenger traffic, the greater the challenge, so OAG subdivides the rankings according to the size of the airport.
For the third consecutive year, the most punctual giant Airport (
30 million seats)
It\'s Haneda, Tokyo, Japan (86. 75%).
The largest major airport (20 -
30 million seats)is Minneapolis-Saint Paul (85. 72%)
Top airports (10 -
20 million seats)
Osaka Airport, Japan (88. 45%).
Birmingham Airport is a top medium-sized airport (5 -
10 million seats), with on-
Time performance 89. 52%.
North Tenerife is the largest small airport in Spain. 2. 5 -
5 million seats), with 90.
05% of flights arrive or leave on time.
OAG noted that the North of Tenerife \"is the only airport in the world to reach 90% OTP in 2017 . \".
Elsewhere in SpainFUE)
This year\'s ranking has really climbed, entering the top 20 for the first time, as has Bilbao (BIO).
Best places to visit in 2018-
CNN Business Guide highlights: easy to carry
OAG also released its busiest line data for the first time this year.
Time performance of the world\'s busiest international and domestic routes: the Busiest international routes: 1.
Hong Kong to Taipei: 29,494 flights with 70 OTP. 92%. 2.
Kuala Lumpur flights to Singapore: 29,383 and OTP 78. 52%. 3.
Flights from Jakarta to Singapore: 26,872 and OTP 77. 38%.
The busiest domestic route: 1.
Jizhou to Seoul Kimpa (South Korea)
: There are 74 OTP flights on 64,991 flights. 06%. 2.
Melbourne to Sydney (Australia)
: There are 74 OTP flights on 54,519 flights. 10%. 3.
Mumbai to Delhi (India)
: 47,462 flights with an OTP of 59. 14%. With record-
Breaking passenger flow and constant
In 2017, the ever-expanding flight network, airlines and airports faced enormous challenges.
In addition to keeping an impressive on-time record, the aviation industry has also been praised for being the safest year in flight history.
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