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the view/from ansonia; after the fire, hope and plans

by:Qihao      2019-08-31
About two years ago, the latex foam International factory on the Great Streets of Ansonia burned down, and the 2003 city and regional leaders of Richard weizemachi described it as one of the most devastating attacks on the noglatak Valley.
Ansonia\'s biggest employer and biggest taxpayer loss is a huge economic blow to 19,000 of the small cities and the entire six cities.
The town area, which includes 130,000 people, left Ansonia with a real and symbolic hole that no one knows how to fill.
Now, with the help of more than half
More than a dozen students from Yale School of Management and architecture plan-
The acre site is about to be unveiled, possibly in the middle
On April, according to James Dela walpe, mayor of Ansonia. Mr.
De la walpe, president of the Grand Valley Chamber of Commerce, and William Purcell, said that the city Update Plan recommended to use the site is very different from the situation occupied by the plant.
Brass factory originally built in the year 00 s.
The latex foam International factory moved to Ansonia in 1984, covering an area of 284,0000-
The Foot building employs 250 people.
After the factory was burned in May 2001, the company then opened a new factory in nearby Shelton.
The new plan for advertising will create a lively city center by integrating websites into other parts of the city
Use of residential and professional parks.
Light industrial and commercial, residential, green and walkway, antique street lamps and other uses, vacant old buildings and artist colonies to repair the city\'s dilapidated hilltop riverside stairs will be combined to revitalize the city center.
Advertising these are the ideas of the students, which may be for the previous latex site as well as-o two-
The mayor and president of the Chamber of Commerce said the mile-long area along the river extends from the city center to other parts of the community.
They say they want state and federal governments to provide up to $1 million to stimulate more private investment.
Most of the money is the federal economic management fund.
10-reconstruction plan
The Acre website recently received 17-
City comprehensive economic development strategy group, application for national and local economic development funds.
The strategy group consists of Town reps from Waterbury to the Naugatuck Valley in Shelton. Mr.
Della Volpe said that of the 27 plans submitted to the regional economic group, the former latex site project ranked first.
\"This will give us priority to applying for state and federal funds,\" he said . \".
\"We recognize that this is not the best time to look for money in terms of the economy, but we intend to continue to look for it and hope that it will also inspire private investment.
There are very few towns with 10-
Build an acre site on a new and important economic basis.
\"Yale graduate students and their consultants say the Ansonia program provides them with valuable hands --
Experience in economy, urban renewal and construction.
\"When asked to check out the latex foam site, one of our main concerns is how to integrate the area into the city center.
Alan platters, a professor of architecture at Yale University, said he is an advisor to students on the program.
\"As important as a factory, it is always an industrial, fenced --
In the enclave with minimal contact with the community, we see an excellent opportunity to change this situation.
His main idea is that the streets near the site are intertwined with the city center.
The city center is relatively crowded.
One of the more dynamic parts of the local economy is housing in the city center, where many young and old people like to live in a small center in the city center, there they can walk to shops, restaurants and different forms of entertainment.
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As a university, platters said,
Our goal is to involve our students in the community.
Construction projects and towns.
The Ansonia project is a typical example of a small city in New England that is thriving in industrial production, but at the same time it has developed a magical main street that has been almost swallowed up over the years and ultimately lost its economic base.
In the event that the fire destroyed the heart of its economy, it suddenly became a catastrophic example of how often it was a more sinister, gradual decline.
\"Advertisers say that the heart of the program is to link the heart of the historic Main Street area, including City Hall, to the south of the main street, where there is a Milon Greenway.
City and Yale officials say the project has helped the City and provided a rare learning experience for students.
\"There is no doubt ---
This is a real education for students.
Last year, the annual consultant for the school of management outreach program helped develop the marketing plan for the Ansonia website, which later became the basis of the building plan. Mr.
Graduated in last May and now works in the New Haven office of Yale University.
\"Ansonia is a typical New England industrial mill town trying to find new viability in the post Society
The industrial age, he said.
\"It has potentially charming downtown areas and many competitive advantages ---
Close to major employment areas like Stanford and New York City and old buildings that can be refurbished.
\"This is a great opportunity to create a vibrant main street: increased walking traffic on the Main Street, which will also bring more artistic atmosphere, more entertainment with a canal near coffee shops and restaurants across the city now represents a shortage
\"Make full use of the resources . \"Guiltinan said.
Housing will include apartments and apartments for sale at the fair
According to him, market valueDella Volpe. Mr.
Purcell says the Ansonia project is also a good example of \"turning lemons into lemonade.
\"They said that in order to solve local problems, you sometimes have to look 1,000 miles away,\" he said . \"Purcell.
\"In this case, all we need to do is take a 5 mile adventure with Yale students and look for some creative and innovative solutions that will be part of a dynamic new plan
It\'s really an extraordinary partnership that will be the foundation of a vibrant new downtown in Ansonia, along its very beautiful waterfront.
\"There is no denying the fact that when the latex foam plant burned, the tragedy joined the history of the long catastrophic events that led to the economic difficulties of the norgetucker Valley,\" he said. Purcell added.
But now we have the opportunity to make a truly meaningful urban renewal.
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A version of this article was printed on page CN14 of the National edition on March 30, 2003 with the title: Ansonia\'s point of view/from Ansonia;
Hope and plan after the fire.
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