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The travel pillow that claims to let you sleep anywhere

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
In the middle seat of the plane, bus or train, the embarrassment of falling asleep on the shoulder of the neighbor, may yield to the past because of a new bed pillow, the pillow claims that the user can sit anywhere and even stand \"sleeping in the Cradle\" anywhere \".
The Dream Sling connects the pillow to the sling, which \"uses the gravity of your arm to redirect it to help support your head \".
Tired travelers can place their heads on an inflatable microbead pillow that fits the shape of their head and is supported by the weight of their arms that will be hung
While at first glance you may just be wearing a sling to support the broken arm, it is said that the Dream Sling is useful in almost all cases, sleeping outdoors from hiking or camping, sit by the bed for a show or sleep while staying in the hospital.
The new pillow launched last month on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter is priced at $60 and is expected to go public this summer.
The Dream Sling connects a string of unusual travel pillows proposed in recent years and feels similar to the disc
The NapAnywhere pillow, which was launched in 2013, also claimed to allow travelers to fall asleep anywhere.
Portable and foldable foam structures can be twisted into shapes, perched between the head and shoulders.
The pillow comes with a strap that is reclined in your chest and tightened to keep it in place.
As early as 2015, when JetComfy was released on Kickstarter, it was called \"the best bed pillow ever\" by designers \".
Connected to a swivel and reclining rod that can be adjusted to any height and tied to any handle, it is said that JetComfy pillow is the only \"comfortable pillow\" on the market that provides \"real support\" for the head and neck \", sleep on planes, airport terminals, trains, cars, and even offices.
At 2012, unusual-
Introduced Ostrich bird pillows of various shapes, claiming that \"a nap can be taken anytime, anywhere\", including in the airport lounge and on-board, and helping fight the negative effects of long sleephaul flights.
Filled with synthetic material-\"for maximum performance and brightness\"-different --
It looks like the pillow has a hole in the head and a hole in the mouth that makes it easy for the wearer to breathe.
It also has two side holes where you can put your hands if needed.
But if you\'re looking for a more discreet, lighter scarf
The shape of the Trtl Pilow is packed into the size of the tablet, probably more than the traditional U-shaped pillows.
Or a hoodie and a pillow. in-
One is HoodiePillow, which was launched in 2014.
Basically a hood with an inflatable travel memory foam neck pillow with two pull cords that can be used to adjust it on your head, \"cocoon yourself up\" for more privacy \", and protect your eyes from any in the morning or at night
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