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The Scientific Sport Latex Mattress

by:Qihao      2020-09-05
The Sport Latex Mattress has been scientifically configured to provide satisfying sleep, better pain relief and quicker recovery from intense physical workouts. It is made of 100% latex components, which provides excellent ventilation and helps to make out heat produced by the human body in reducing body pressure. These non-toxic and anti-mite mattresses are environmental friendly and are made from sap of rubber trees. This environmental material has proven to provide support for those who are facing circulatory disorders, neck pain and stiffness. Special consideration has also been figured on the proper density of the mattresses, to make it a comfortable feel. To experience a quality of sleep after every tough day, these mattresses are helpful that every sportsmen looks for its good night's sleep. However in keeping the needs in mind the company manufactures Latex Mattresses to counter a fresh sleep for the athletes. Overview- Sports Mattresses is owned by the Chiromatic Sleep Products, Inc. Onwards from 1977 Chiromatic was the leading manufacturer of sleep systems for chiropractice patients. The company has designed the mattress in such a way that, it can reduce back pain and stiffness, resulting an overall good sleep. The products are made of natural latex plant based polyurethane foam. The Mattresses are scientifically innovated to promote more satisfying sleep, in reducing pain, resulting a good sports competition for the next day. The combination of patented features works to improve an individual's sleep quality. These features help to increase growth of hormone production, increases blood flow and circulation to inflamed muscles and tissue; reduce pressure points; prevent pooling of fluids; provide proper spinal support; and regulate temperature for cooling recovery during sleep. The Sports Mattress Series appears in three comfort levels, Firm, Plush and Pillow Top, designed to cater with the needs of each unique athletic body type or individual comfort preferences. Being an ultra premium luxury mattress with no-flip design it helps in enhancing pressure on latex and memory foam. Products: - Features- Patented Lumbar Zone Quilting System The new patented Lumbar Zone 'Zoned Quilt Technology' consists of a densified quilt pattern that provides additional support in the middle third of the mattress (the lumbar region). Lumbar Zone 'Zoned Quilt Technology' also implements a unique added layer of latex foam or visco-elastic memory foam in the center third of the mattress to provide extra pressure relief in the area of the body most commonly associated with pressure points. This technology combined with the special quilt pattern used in the Sports Mattress, Class I, II and III, provides increased blood circulation throughout the muscles and joints of the entire body resulting in enhanced recovery from athletic activity. This unique and specialized zoned quilt pattern pre-compresses the cushioning materials in the center third of the mattress to eliminate breakdown and body impressions and provides additional support to the area most commonly associated with body impressions. Lumbar Zone It is essentially a spring unit material that provides a support system and reinforces the central third of the mattresses, in supporting the lower back, neck and hip support. With this way it gives the mattress an extra strength where it is needed most. The patented and clinically proven design enhances the lumbar and thigh support as it correctly supports the natural curve of your spine. Life Edge It is a butterfly steel encasement that revolves around the perimeter of the mattress that prevents border breakdown. So as one sits on the mattress, there is a extra support on the edge, which prevents collapsing. Not this, with its Chiro-Life Edge, it helps to sleep right up to then edge of the mattress without rolling off., in making it an advantage over the entire sleep surface of the mattress. Sports Mattress is a one-sided bed that never has to be flipped. Sports Mattress still recommends turning the mattress every 12 weeks for proper care, but flipping it over is no longer required.
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