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The Right Pillow Provides Ultimate Comfort

by:Qihao      2020-09-05
What's better than a super fluffy down pillow you can smash and push and punch and plump until it's just right? Or perhaps a cushion that's a bit more firm and supportive, when your neck needs some love? A long body pillow can support aching knees, hips or shoulders. And additional bedfellows can cover ears and eyes - blocking out barking dogs, dawn's early light and the bright red glow of the alarm clock. But if you find your pillows meet none of your comfort Bed skirts: Needs, perhaps you haven't yet matched form with function? Your sleeping position is the most important factor in choosing your optimal headrest. If you sleep on your stomach, you need a soft, not overly filled pillow, and manufacturers serious about sleep specifically identify 'stomach' pillows. Back and side sleepers will prefer a pillow with more fill, but often labeled, 'soft'. If you seek more support and/or you usually snooze on your back, you want a pillow that's classified as 'medium fill' or 'overfilled'. If you snore, or need extra support for your neck, you may benefit from special pillows that feature a firm bolster section along the bottom edge. And now it gets more complicated - down or synthetic? A 100 percent down-filled pillow will have the lightest, fluffiest feel, and the higher the 'fill power', the higher the quality and fluff factor. A pillow that combines down with feathers will have a more substantial heft to it, for those who prefer a firmer texture. Best quality down and feather pillow manufacturers use only fill that's been properly cleaned, are dust-free and guaranteed hypoallergenic. But if you don't want fear of natural fibers keeping you up at night, try one of the newer, high-end synthetic fills that actually feel as lofty as down, and come in a range of firmness levels as well. An all-cotton shell ensures good breathe ability, and for down or feather pillows should be labeled 'down proof' to prevent any fluffiest from floating through your dreams. Certifications like Oeko-Tek or GOT, help you rest assured that no harsh chemicals have been used in the processing or manufacturing. To ensure a long life for your new best friend, protect it with a zippered pillow protector under your pillowcase and launder both often. Dampness will encourage mildew and deteriorate your pillow's fill, so keep your pillow dry, fluff and air it daily, and when you do wash it (infrequently), make sure it's thoroughly dried and lofty.
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