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the most outrageously thorough, ridicously detailed college shopping list you will ever see

by:Qihao      2019-09-04
Where did you go to school and how did you get there (
Car, train, bus or plane)
And your house (
Stay in a dormitory, Fraternity/fraternity or off campus
Student apartment on campus
It will be decided whether or not you bring boxes full of items in your home sedan and/or send something by UPS, US Post Office, FedEx or otherwise.
This list should not be trackedby-piece;
I suggest that college students now include these programs.
Use these tips to help you decide what to buy and what to bring from home before you graduate from college, especially something you don\'t want to forget. 1.
Bathroom and toiletries bath mats bath towels and towels bedding shower gel cotton ball deodorant flat iron floss hair dryer hair products • lip balm • lotion • mouthwash • nail clippers & files • Q-
TIPS • robes • shampoo and conditioner • shower cans • soap and soap dishes • suction cups • Sunscreen • paper towels • toothbrushes and toothpaste • toothbrush boxes • Travel bags for men\'s toiletries only: • Post
Shaving • Electric Shaver • Shaver/s • Shaving cream or gel for women only: • curly iron • wash your face • Women\'s hygiene • hair rings and clips • makeup wipes • moisturizer • Nail Polish & defacing • tweezers2.
Additional 2 sets of bedding
Long sheets 2 pillowcases quilt or duvet and cover electric blanket light blanket mattress cushion (extra-long)• Pillows3.
Cleaning supplies Dish soap glass cleaner hand sanitizer Lysol wet wipes mini
Rag or towel (vacuum and/or hand vacuum)at least 2)
Clean up the mess/dry goods • Bath cleaning-sponge-detergent • swifer sweeper toilet cleaner and brush4.
If you are moving to a warm weather or a cold climate, you may want to wait until you get there to buy new clothes.
You\'re more likely to find more.
Suitable styles and find them cheapers)
• Swimsuit • Belt • flip-
Slippers • gloves • jacket • jeans • leather boots • pajamas • rain boots • running shoes • sandals • shorts • Socks • sunglasses • sweaters • jerseys • t-shirts (long & short-sleeved)
• Vest • underwear • vest • Watch • Winter Jacket • men\'s sportswear only: • jacket or jacket • formal shirt • gloves • suit (If you have one)
• Only suitable for women: • shirt • bra • clutch • dress • high heels (
At least 1 pair of classic black dress up occasions)
• Jewelry • leggings • wallet • scarf • skirt • tihts5.
Cooking and kitchen if the kitchen is part of your college life schedule, you can consider: • coffee and filters • cups • Favorite Recipes • funnel • Knife • portable mixer • microwave (
If the school allows and does not provide)
Microwave plates, bowls, etc.
• Small refrigerator • mug • paper towels • reusable water bottles • Salt and Pepper can (
If the school allows and does not provide)• To-Coffee cup-
Ziploc baggies6 for hot and cold storage containers.
• 3-desks and school supplies
• Backpack or bag • binder • blank CD • Calculator • calendar • mobile phone charger • Computer (
Laptop or desktop)
• Chair seat cushion • envelope • Rubber • Ethernet cable • expansion folder • External hard disk for backup work/data • additional printer ink • Flash Drive • folder • Ipad • index card/flash card • laptop lock • loose lights and bulbs-
Noise-mouse and mouse pad-
Cancel the learning headset notebook paper clip pencil highlighter, etc.
• Pencil sharpener • Post
It notes printer, paper and ink rubber band scissors stamp stapler and stapler fixed label surge protector/power strip tape-
Wireless Internet router/modem (Scotland, shield and pipe)
Unless provided by the school)7.
• Headphones • speakers • Sports equipment: basketball, Bukit board, Frisbee, football, roller-
Video Game System and Game 8 Blade, skateboard, surfboard, tennis racket.
• Alcohol (health, medication, emergency and safety program)
Wipe, don\'t drink)
Antibacterial ointment (like Neosporin)
• Condom • cough drops • emergency contact information • eye drops • First-
Emergency Kit flashlight hand sanitizer Health Insurance Card OTC drug with hydrogen peroxide (
Steam friction in Edville or Tylenol, benajo, nikiir, Pepto Bismol, Vic)
Prescription glasses holder for pepper spray prescription and case (if applicable) social security card thermometer vitamins9.
Laundry detergent fabric softener iron and small ironing board laundry basket/bag (
One with wheels makes it easier to transport large loads, pop-
Bags are easily available
Washing machine and dryer quarterly sewing kit stain removal 10.
Other batteries, beach towels, bicycles and U-
Lock • bed bug spray • checkbook • debit/credit card • earplugs • extension cord • extra phone charger • Housing Information • ID/driver\'s license • keychain • laptop • Mini
Passport (If you have one)
Shoe nails (
Heel ball for girls wearing high heels)
• Sleeping bags and air mattresses for holidays, guests, etc.
• Student ID • tape measure • kit with hammer, nail, screwdriver, screw, tape, pliers • umbrella11.
Snack/food health cereal cookies granola sticks honey oatmeal bag peanut butter popcorn microwave soup nuts and dried fruit ramen sugar bag candy bag tea/coffee12.
Store and \"things\" air freshener for your room alarm clock small items, basket Cork for hair supplies/bulletin board dry-
Wipe board and Pen • fan · garbage bag • hanging wardrobe hanger • storage message board door · Photo • album flyer poster putty-carpet-shoe cabinet-small desk/dresser sticky hook and hook on the door hookbed and in-
Without this list, you may forget the closet storage box • cable wires • luggage bags/overnight bags for short trips • Bring dirty dishes/utensils to the sink • clothes rack-
Protective clothing bag • lint roller • memory foam mattress topper-
There are a lot of different space bags on the dormitory bed to store clothes in the off-season.
Finally, before you go to college in the fall, remember the famous \"motherism\": \"You will forget your head if it is not screwed!
\"Please don\'t forget your head!
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