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The Most Comfortable Inflatable Travel Pillows

by:Qihao      2020-07-01
Next time you venture on a flight or go on a long journey then stop for a minute to consider your comfort. Even seasoned travelers that find it their passion will be the first to admit that it is no fun if you spend the hours in discomfort. If you are just taking a short trip during the day then comfort is not too much of an issue but savvy travelers will consider the fact that sleeping will be part of a longer journey. If there is one travel accessory that makes sleeping on a journey far easier than it has to be an inflatable travel pillow. Imagine trying to sleep upright, it is difficult if not impossible. As your body relaxes for sleep, so does your neck muscles that support your head. Putting a pillow behind your neck does not help as it makes it harder for your head to not flop forward and with or without a pillow your head has the tendency to fall from side to side, all of which wakes you up and leaves you tired at your journeys' end. There is not a vast choice of inflatable travel pillows available on the market which is surprising when you think about the amount of people who embark on long journeys every day. Looking at the feedback and reviews that people have left on forums and e-commerce sites the pillow that has the most reviews and best ratings is the Skyrest bed pillow. This handy travel pillow tackles the sleep challenge differently from other brands of pillows. Instead of trying to make sleeping upright more comfortable it applies a different concept. The pillow is inflated and placed onto the airplane tray or your lap. You then lean forward and rest your head so there is no fighting gravity - your head lays down, not upright.Other products on the market but you will find that all they offer is added support and cushioning for the upright position. Another aspect of the Skyrest bed pillow is the ability to be able to pack it down into a very small and concise packet that fits tidily into your travel or flight bag. Using it is just as easy as well. When you feel like you need a sleep whether it is through tiredness or just boredom, all you do is get the pillow out of your bag and in a couple of minutes it is inflated ready for use. Let the air out when you are finished and it is easily folded away to its original small size ready for packing away again. Buying a Skyrest bed pillow requires a relatively small investment of about $30 and it can be used again and again for every trip you make. I you see anyone using one when you are on your travels you will undoubtedly realize what a fantastic idea they are when you see one in action.
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