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the lore of big thief

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
People close to Adrian Lecker know many of her names.
The lead singer of pirates is sometimes the parent of Anne or Anna;
Anna or Anne to her grandmother.
She is Dran of her sister and brother and Lunx of her university band.
She\'s Charlie and sometimes goes to Mark Twain\'s Matt Davidson, who opens on the first big thief show, and she also gives Max Orr, the bassist of her band
\"For many people, she may have a lot of things,\" said an old teacher at the Berkeley Conservatory of Music . \".
She called her Adriannie.
The names are also filled with lekel\'s songs: \"Harry\", \"Mary\", \"Lorraine\", \"Paul\", \"Randy\", \"Jonathan\", \"kailina \".
\"Sometimes I need to give a name to the theme in my song, but usually these topics are all about me, or for myself,\" she said . \".
A beloved song, Paul, is a song about a male lover, but it\'s actually about balancing both sides of her own personality.
\"Mary\" was written to a good friend, but Lecker often felt that she was singing the song for herself.
She forms an intimate relationship with others in which she can write a song with someone\'s name and write a song about herself in each section.
This intimacy is part of what the audience hear and feel from the music of the thief.
Lenker\'s clear, instinctive and profound personal songs have earned the band a place on the highly respected independent record label Saddle Creek roster, and its album Masterpiece established it as a breakthrough in 2016.
Before that album was released, it had already recorded most of the content of another album: capacity, which took the diary style of a masterpiece --
Rock, which created the myth of personal matter, accelerated the rise of the organization after its release in 2017.
Lenker\'s unremitting exploration of the meaning of his life has given the original and fragile power of the \"Pirates\" music.
If Lenker\'s songs are real, it\'s probably because they\'re real.
Lenker was born into a cult in Indiana and her parents left when she was young.
She remembers the next uncertain period. \"We had a van —
A big blue van.
We turned ourselves into a small family . \"
\"We will stay there for a few weeks at a time and then find a place to land.
\"The place to land, such as the house rented at Nisswa in Minn.
In the capacity of the protagonist single \"The beauty of myth\" mentioned.
Her father was her first music teacher.
She struggled at school.
He played her chords on the guitar.
\"I\'m always late so I can get lunch detention,\" she said . \".
\"I \'d rather have trouble in this casual office than be left out at the buffet lounge,\" I don\'t know who to sit.
When she was 8 years old, her father asked her to practice karate.
Mr. coach.
Mallorca was a stone in her life during that time.
Her parents divorced at the age of 12. Mr.
Marotta will take her and her siblings to a chain restaurant called Perkins with green walls and tall and thin mugs.
She moved in with her father and worked in music.
She became a black belt.
She never went to high school.
Her father encouraged her to work in music, and she was eager to get into it.
He arranged a meeting for her.
Professional sessions with professional session players.
They taught her craft.
\"Because I didn\'t go to high school, I really saw that time as my education and they were my teachers,\" she said . \".
This will be a complete
Her producer told her that time worked.
As a teenager isolated from children of the same age, she agreed but did not fully understand what it meant.
She recorded an album and released it, along with a live album.
When her family was struggling financially, they went to Nashville to track the other one.
Her father is putting everything he can into her music career.
She felt the pressure.
\"I\'m used to recording background vocals perfectly and I\'ll take 18 shots before they line up,\" she said . \".
\"Without recognizing the inner beauty of every show, just doing something good.
\"Making music is more about a successful product than a meaningful process, and then she knows she doesn\'t want to release their hard-working albums.
\"After three years of energy from these adults, I said, \'I don\'t want this.
\"I want to go to college,\" she said.
At that time she had a rift with her father, but she persisted.
She remembered that he applied for her-
The weekly summer program at the Berkeley School of Music in Boston, she succeeded.
She doesn\'t have enough money to go to college.
But when she took part in the summer program, her guitar teacher arranged a meeting with Dean of Admissions Damien blakon.
He was looking forward to the discussion, but she brought the guitar and played her song for him. He was floored.
He knew that the famous singer Susan tedski was assigned to help students in search of the Berkeley scholarship --
That student is Lenker.
When an accomplished belter Tedeschi heard her play, she advised Lenker on how to express her voice more, but Bracken told her not to change anything
Until today Lenker sings like she speaks
Gentle but strong, a little whispered as if she was by your side.
That Lenker is desperate-size-fits-
All assessments of Berkeley, but once she was with the music industry of her age, she quickly found a home with guitar professor Abigail arronson Zocher
Zocher remembers the sneaker worn by young Lenker and the calm independence.
She taught her. on-
Took a class at her Joni Mitchell lab.
\"Whenever her peers hear her voice, they are greatly inspired,\" Zocher said . \".
\"They say, \'This is what I want to do.
\"Zocher kept photos of Lenker and four other students.
Lenker sits on the floor of Zocher\'s little studio
The office held her knee to her chest with her back against the wall, and Zocher now has a picture of Benjamin Briton on the wall, a 20th-century composer and non-partisan Explorer. She\'s smiling.
\"The feeling I got from Abby. . .
\"I have experienced more fun, joy and excitement on the topic of music than any other teacher or class I have in Berkeley,\" said Lenker . \".
When she performed in a show at Zocher, Lenker wrote a preface for the show.
\"So many people have stopped playing at a certain age,\" she wrote \'. \".
\"There are some serious students in our community, which is great, but sometimes the workload makes people forget to play.
It reads like a letter to the young self.
When she graduated in 2012 and moved to New York City, she already knew what to play.
Alexander Buck Mick had gone down his winding road to the city when lekel got there.
He grew up in winbury, Texas, just 45 minutes southwest of Austin.
Wimberley is a Liberal stronghold, home to hippies, old musicians, and glass artists and child psychologists who raise Buck and his brother Dylan.
His mother was his first guitar teacher and when he was 6 or 7 she showed him the chords on the 1976 Yamaha sound.
In his teens, Mick was immersed in illegal national, Western swing and jazz performances in the region.
Earlier he found jazz guitarist Slim Ricky and Django Potter and blues guitarist Brandon spirit --
He gave him the first performance to play the rhythm and played his old Fender Double Reverb amp on stage.
You hear those guitarists in the big swing and jazz today-
He used to highlight or offset the melody line of the Renke voice.
Like Lenker, he began to be surrounded by adults, young.
The semester she started in Berkeley, he graduated.
They once played together on the same bill, but their interaction was limited to her refusal to let him borrow her acoustic guitar.
Soon after she graduated, she moved to New York.
According to her statistics, she and a friend are moving her belongings into an old warehouse in Brooklyn that illegally houses 12 thin people
Walled cabin with an industrial sink, when she took a break to buy juice in a bodega called Mr, she took a cold showerKiwi\'s.
That\'s when she saw Buck.
\"For some reason I\'m wearing a tuxedo and I\'m wearing a Mohawk or something but I don\'t have a shirt,\" Meek said . \".
\"We close our eyes and remember each other very clearly, but we don\'t know each other at all.
\"I stopped and I said,\" are you? . . do you . . .
Have I met you in Boston? \'\" Lenker says.
\"I don\'t know anyone in New York, so I guess I\'m just a little extroverted because it feels like a very strange place and he\'s a familiar face.
She showed him the warehouse.
The next day, he took her to the city by bike.
A huge sliding metal door closed the warehouse from the rest of Bushwick, and from then on Meek came over every day waiting for her to open it.
He is a bicycle messenger and construction worker;
She\'s working as a waiter.
They started playing music at the car store in the warehouse.
First John Prine and Fleetwood Mac, then each other\'s songs.
\"I think what impressed me at the time was that her songs seemed to be real human, real emotional and honest --vulnerable —
But at the same time, they all have this unspeakable quality . \"
\"Like, all human content is as a medium for transcendence.
\"It\'s a very fast growing friendship in which you all suddenly become the best friends of each other,\" Lenker said . \".
\"From the moment we met, we went out to play every day.
\"On May 2013, they took part in the triple billing tour of the American Railway company with a friend.
They became duets.
Adrian Lecker and Buck Mick
They made two EPs, one called-
A side called B.
Both sides are very enthusiastic and have a voice.
They were called Buck and Anne.
Less than a year and a half after the meeting, they bought a 1987 Chevrolet G20 modified van together.
It is colored cream decorated in gold and brown with wood paneling and orange carpets.
They called her Bonnie.
On the cover of these EPs, they stand in front of the van.
They are laughing.
\"We don\'t have much impact on how to travel or something like that,\" Meek said . \".
\"We just looked at a map and [thought]
\"Where do we want to go in this country?
They perform as much as they can.
A school building with barbecue in the backyard.
\"We can play anywhere,\" she said . \"
\"We have been doing it for two years.
They burned the discs and sold them in paper bags.
Sometimes they sleep in the homes of friendly strangers, but usually they stop in the quietest and flattest places on the road and sleep in the van.
Bonnie has a small kitchen where Lenker makes popcorn in the evening with their collection of spices --
Truffle oil and Curry, olive oil and nutritious yeast.
\"It\'s not a real dinner.
But this is one of my favorite things to do at night, very comfortable and smells bad. \"She said.
\"This is how we look: we are not looking for a label, we are not looking for an agent, we are not looking for a shiny career, we just want to do what we are doing.
We just want to make music and albums.
We\'re already doing it. . .
We don\'t need anything else. I felt rich.
\"Two years later, they had a small grassroots follower.
However, Lenker has started working on rock songs, and the quiet arrangements for the two cannot be adapted.
They started looking for a band.
Ten years ago, a gentle teenager met Max Oleartchik on Berkeley 5. week program.
They became friends and then, like teenagers at summer camp, lost contact.
But the thief has a rare trust in fate and near
The divine feeling of the people who enter their lives and the moment they enter.
The week that Buck and Annie started looking for the band was when olecchi started looking for the band again.
They met on a street in Brooklyn.
He joined the ranks of thieves.
They perform with songs that make up a masterpiece.
Lenker received her first electric guitar in an email on 2015 New Year\'s Day.
Like Bonnie, this is the legendary object of a band based on a sense of myth --a brown custom-
Collages carved from a piece of mahogany that guitar manufacturers have kept for special purposes.
In July of that year, she took it to a friend\'s house by the lake, where it, along with Meek\'s own house, was the rant id of the thief, she can use this tool to release the underground tension under her sweet song.
James Krivchenia started these classes as their engineers and became their drummer.
At that time, they were close to each other.
The last song they tracked at the Lake House was Masterpiece.
\"It\'s going to be their breakthrough single.
Conference producer Andrew Salo, who has been recording lekel\'s project since college, said it was her only struggling record.
He, Mick and oliqik walked into the room with her and began dancing around her while she was singing.
From the energy of her friend, she finally got her support.
Two years after two record releases, Monday.
2017, the band stands in Boston on a world tour of North America.
The morning after a show, when they came to the tennis club in Boston, it rained heavily.
Built by Frank L.
In 1902, according to myself, the club is the oldest sports and social club in Boston.
No matter what Whitcombe imagined to bring next 115, he is unlikely to predict 10. m.
A big black Ford E-250 high-
Top class van called Roofus with drum kit, guitar, AMP, half the night before
Three of the four members of the burning incense and rock band are called Pirates-
Their Berkeley seminar at the club was a bit late, so parking was illegal.
Abby Zocher held a seminar for Berkeley students at the last minute, which is why it is at the tennis club.
After the band unloaded into the solemn Hamlen room, she brought them gifts. Pom-pom socks (four pairs).
Travel pillows (inflatable). Pens (invisible ink).
They sing and answer questions.
\"I was on your show last night and I had some questions,\" one student asked at the end of the course.
\"After you played the \'master\' you mentioned. . .
Sometimes some parts of the song are difficult to sing. . .
I will write some songs that are about things that I sometimes have a hard time singing and I don\'t know how to overcome these problems and be able to perform [them], but [I\'m]
Also, if I think about it from the perspective of \"overcoming it and performing it\", will I still be scared and will I still get an emotional performance?
I don\'t know how you deal with this.
Lekel thought for a moment.
\"Are you really not going to sing these things?
Or do you really want to sing their songs?
Response: \"Sometimes I feel like I\'m pulled. . .
I wrote a song about my youth in the summer, but I didn\'t play because. . .
I think I\'m always afraid of being too vulnerable when I perform.
\"If you don\'t mind me asking,\" Lenker said, \"What is the worst thing that can happen in your mind in this case?
\"All the scenes I think of are like this, \'well, it makes me vulnerable.
Like everyone else? \" Lenker asks. \"Yeah.
\"I think this is very effective,\" Lenker said . \".
\"It could be a useful part of what you tell yourself, \'This is fragile, this feeling is really exposed, \'it\'s like you tell you to be careful with it while doing it. .
Start sharing with people, even with just one or two people at a time, and even just a few friends you want to share with, where you\'ll feel like it\'s a safe place --
I know people are actually listening and sharing there.
\"Pirates are a band, but it\'s also a community of people who really listen.
\"When you\'re playing music and you start to expose yourself for the first time, there\'s nothing more powerful than being listened to and being listened to,\" Lenker said . \".
She and her band members have a sense of her songwriting and music --
As a more \"happening\" thing than it was crafted.
The band never forces its own music to be anything, so it\'s usually two contradictory things: personal and universal, height-
Trained instinctively.
\"Whatever Adrianne is doing, it\'s very, very coherent,\" Oleartchik said of their songwriting process . \".
\"Everyone knows what the song needs. . .
You\'re not playing, you\'re not playing-
This is just happening.
\"I think it\'s 90% emotion,\" Lenker said . \".
\"We had 90% of the relationship, 11 hours we spent on the van, 10% of the music.
\"On a song like the Black Diamond, the capacity of turn off the track, Krivchenia\'s drum is breathing things, and he plays more specific notes and chords,
When Oleartchik played, he often showed curious joy to other band members, with a feather dangling from his bass bedside table.
His bass has a similar geographical relationship with the bass drum in cliff Hiya.
When all the members of the grand thief play, their bodies have obvious constraints, as if each note was released from the fence where all the other notes were kept.
Krivchenia wrote their set for each show.
At Berklee\'s event, Lenker asked him what song he wanted to sing
He responded with a song that he wanted to hear most, an unreleased tune that he barely played.
A student was surprised by his ignorance.
There is a story about a particularly big thief show that reveals the lifeless experience of how the band works to preserve its music
Even with the increase of tour time and audience.
This is on a headline show of over 10,000 people.
The capacity space of Chicago Millennium Park has a towering screen behind the stage.
Mark Twain\'s Davidson performed the show with them. \"I think [it\'s]
A very shocking [experience]
For a performer, the first time you see yourself on this scale and feel deeply under a microscope, he says: \"The audience is far enough, you can\'t really tell what kind of impact you are having. \".
Lenker responds with an impromptu performance
Push the amplifier in order to make noise and play a long wave of pure feedback.
She changed the lyrics to songs.
She made up a song and sang it live.
\"People began to come to the show with demands --\'Play this! \'\" she marvels.
\"I sometimes feel uncomfortable on stage, and then I don\'t hide.
\"One Night of the most recent tour, Lenker was trying-when the band was doing a sound check at Williamsburg concert hall in Brooklyn-ear monitors.
With the growth of the band\'s stage and audience,
Ears are a way to ensure that band members can still hear each other\'s voice without damaging their ears.
Sharon Jones often uses this special package at some point.
\"I am committed to being honest and not necessarily acting,\" Lenker said . \".
\"I don\'t want to pretend because I think it goes against the whole purpose of music directly, and for me it\'s just getting closer and closer to myself and our meeting point as people gather.
\"Music means a lot to her at different times in her life, but it always seems like this: a way to listen clearly to others, a way to actually listen to yourself.
\"It does feel like you\'re more of a bubble,\" she said . \".
Someone offered to direct the microphone in front of the audience so that engineers could plug in their response.
She postponed it and said she wanted to try it out several times before the show.
Later that evening, the band was crowded like before each performance.
Lenker says a spell to herself every night so she can perform honestly. \"I\'m . . .
Set an intention, \"help me put this aside and allow what\'s there, don\'t try to force it to be anything.
That night in Brooklyn was the second night of the pirates. to-
Buck\'s last show has been around for a while as he takes some time off to make the upcoming solo record.
In front of the crowded house, four musicians played the songs their fans learned to need in two years.
As they often do, they end the set with The Last Song \"Parallels\" of the masterpiece.
This is the victory of the process they have honed over the past few years, in which Lenker\'s own music is reflected through the band, forming a strong new whole.
The song was anthemic, and rose to its climax again that night.
But Oleartchik and Krivchenia did not highlight the last episode, but withdrew as Meek and Lenker\'s guitar crossed the end.
She sang the chorus, \"I saw your similarities.
\"But in the Pirates, the lines always intersect.
She changed the lyrics on the spot, and as a radio operator on a boat, she shouted
Gail, \"take care of/take care of each other outside. \" Her in-
On another day, she could hear how the crowd reacted to her, and she was meek when they experienced the fresh lyrics of an old song.
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