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the history of the world cup ball

by:Qihao      2019-09-01
Adidas held the World Cup for the first time, creating the world\'s most recognized football design.
It has 32 hands.
Stitching panel (
12 Black Five horns and 20 white hexagon)
This makes the ball a more perfect sphere and is visible to audiences around the world on black and white TV.
Until today, the design is still the prototype of football.
The 1978 match ball consists of 20 panels, three of which form an optical impression of 12 identical circles.
Tango designed the ball for the next five World Cup tournaments.
Slightly changed from 1978 of the match ball, 1982 of the ball shows innovative waterproof sealed seams, reducing the ball\'s water absorption in wet conditions and minimizing the weight increase.
Spanish tango is the last traditional ball in the World Cup.
The ball used in 1986 World Cup game completely changed football and production technology and became the first all-synthetic/polyurethane-
Match ball with coating
The new material adds durability and further reduces the absorption of water.
The ball was also the first to include a design from the host country.
Inspired by the Aztec architecture and murals in Mexico, Azteca is elegantly decorated.
For the first time, the World Cup ball contains a black polyurethane foam, making it completely waterproof.
Faster than ever before.
The name and design pay tribute to the history of Italy and the art of the Etruscans.
The new configuration reduces the number of panel contact points, forms a smooth and perfect circular exterior, improves accuracy and control.
Prior to team spirit, there was a significant difference in the surface of the World Cup match ball, depending on the position of the player to hit the ball due to the defects of seams, ridges and other panels combined.
Teamgeist\'s revolutionary propeller design minimizes corners and creates a smoother surface for improving the game.
The ball is designed in the traditional colors of the German flag and focuses on the gold of the World Cup trophy.
Adidas provided official games for their 12 consecutive World Cups in 2014, and Brazil made its debut in December 3, 2013.
Brazil was confirmed as the title of the game after a public vote, with more than 1 million football fans voting in the host country.
The new Telstar 18 is a reimagining of the first Adidas FIFA World Cup official match with the ball Telstar, which was used in Mexico\'s 1970 World Cup.
It features a brand new body and panel design that provides performance and durability in stadiums and streets.
The ball also includes an embedded NFC chip-the first time it has been used for official matches-designed to increase consumer interaction.
Adidas is a global football leader.
It is the most important football tournament in the world, such as the official sponsor/official supplier partner of the FIFA World Cup™FIFA Federation Cup, Champions League, Europa League and European Championship.
Adidas has also sponsored some of the world\'s top clubs including Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus and AC Milan.
Some of the best players in the world on the Adidas roster are Messi, Pogba, Bell, Benzema, Fermino, Mueller, Suarez, rodríz, Costa. Mesut Ozil, Renato sangchi and Julian de la Kessler.
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