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The Best Travel Pillows

by:Qihao      2020-07-03
Anyone going on a long term car, train, or plane ride knows the difficulty of falling asleep or even getting comfortable in cramped seating. Those with bone or joint issues are especially vulnerable for suffering pain or even damage from extensive time spent in confined areas. There are several companies that market travel pillow models in order to reduce strain on the neck and upper back, most of which cost under $50 and can be found in nearly any retail store. Travel pillows are primarily used for neck support, curling around the bottom of the skull and cushioning the head rather than forcing your head to lean against uncomfortable and poorly sized head rests. A bed pillow often helps a customer fall asleep on an extended trip, as they do not need to support their head on the side of a metal or plastic window in order to get comfortable, simply relying on the cushioning about their upper spine. Many travel pillow designs are specifically meant for muscle rehabilitation and feature extensive support as well as specific cushioning around individual bones in the neck; these may require a prescription to purchase and can cost upwards of one hundred dollars, but nonmedical pillows are easy enough to find and do not need anything more than a few dollars to buy. There are generally two different types of pillow models. The most popular is a u-shaped cushion that wraps around either the front or back of the neck, depending on sleeping and at rest preferences, providing support and superior cushioning compared to airplane model pillows. These u-shaped pillows often come with a matching eye band to filter out light and assist in falling asleep, often costing around twenty to thirty dollars for the basic model. The second type of pillow is less familiar, an oblong shape that can be molded into specific shapes depending on use. These flexible pillows resemble long straps, but can be folded over for the best fit desired. Due to the extra size, these travel pillows cost around $60 to $70, but many customers find they are worth the extra money.
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