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The Airplane Neck Pillow Is Not for Everyone

by:Qihao      2020-07-22
You see them everywhere these days, at dozens of airports around the world, peeking out from shopping bags, being stuffed into carry on suitcases. I am talking about the lovable, cuddly, overstuffed airplane neck pillow that has rapidly become a necessity for thousands of travelers daily. Even first class passengers and business class passengers now rely on airplane neck pillows, especially on long flights and trans-ocean voyages. Some people however find them uncomfortable and can't use them at all. These are the same folks who fall asleep hunched over in their seats, as if they are falling forward. Personally I fall into this category and find that the only way I can get forty winks on any length of flight is to hunch over and let my head droop down. There was a time not too long ago (less than ten years ago) when the thought of falling asleep on a plane seemed absolutely ludicrous to me. I envied those folks that could just shut their eyes and pass out. These were the same folks who never had a problem falling asleep during the day, another thing that I and millions like me can't possibly ever do. I tried the airplane memory foam neck pillow and ended up sweating all over it. The wicked thing was too hot and I just had to get it off since it was chafing my neck. It was not until I had travelled extensively that I started to feel comfortable enough on a plane to fall asleep. No matter how hard I tried however I could never fall asleep by reclining in my chair. I tried leaning to one side, with my head against the hard plane window. That was much too uncomfortable to stand for too long and so was eliminated immediately. Leaning in the other direction towards my fellow passengers was alright if I knew them. If they were strangers it was not polite to invade their private space, though it seems they had no such compunction in invading mine. Many thousands of passengers suffer from a rare affliction known as 'Restless Leg' Syndrome. RLS is a real, scientifically recognized malady that affects many people around the world. The general public is somewhat leery on this subject and may not believe that the affliction is a true one. They believe in their profound ignorance that Restless Leg Syndrome is something that the pharmaceutical companies invented out of whole cloth in order to sell a product designed to stop the symptoms of this fictional malaise. No airplane memory foam neck pillow treatment can help you when you do suffer from RLS, no matter how hard you try. Restless Leg Syndrome can have a person pacing the aisles for hours. They find it next to impossible to just sit there in their seats without having to get up and move around. This is not a dangerous affliction but it can be quite annoying, especially on long flights. This is one of the reasons that I do not like to travel on long plane flights.
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