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the 2016 lincoln mkx is not a luxury vehicle, no matter how hard it tries

by:Qihao      2019-08-28
There\'s something that doesn\'t look high no matter how you shoot --end.
The terrible neck pillows and Tupperware boots people wear at the airport. . .
Kate Moss herself can use them on all the best lights and stages in the world, and they still look out of style.
2016 neither Will Lincoln MKX. (
Still, Matthew McConaughey. )
On Sunday, I cruise the city wilderness in a residential area of Shangcheng and take pictures in front of millions of dollars of people
Park and dollar manor on Madison Avenue.
I hope that the side of the secret fantasy of putting it in front of the whitewashed manses will come. (
It seems to be a bit like a hearse I \'ve been in the dark city center;
Sometimes changing the scenery can help these things. )No dice.
Oh, of course it looks better-the town-
Car grilles, low-stretched hips, and rectangular windows don\'t look so dim in front of the glittering sidewalks and trimmed shrubs on 73 th Street.
But I find that even if you park it in front of Manhattan\'s most expensive property, Lincoln MKX will never look rich.
I just thank God that I have blue instead of black.
Otherwise, I would definitely be mistaken for an Uber driver.
MKX is a $48,000 crossover developed by Lincoln on the Ford Edge platform.
It aims to help drive the brand to connect with young driving audiences and be a pioneer of the New World brand to be launched next year.
If you\'re thinking about the elegance of it, also check out the $41,000 Lexus RX and $35,000 ac song Kurosaki today.
I think they are the same as premium levelsbut-not-quite-
Luxury crossover car.
Audi Q3, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz-
Mercedes-Benz\'s GLC and Porsche\'s Macan are both excellent in shape and functionality, and are hardly expensive even in their highest version.
Please take any one instead.
But let\'s start the discussion (read: cheap)
Tacks: The new product of MKX next year is 2. 7-
Standard 3 upgraded EcoBoost V6 engine was selected. 7-
335 hp 380 lb V6 enginefeet of torque. (
Added 32 horses and 100 lbs. -ft.
On the base engine.
I mean basic. )It has a six-
Automatic transmission with full speedwheeldrive.
Lincoln did not specify its zero. to-60-
Hourly time, but it is expected to belong to the ranks of the van.
Speed is not the top priority here.
Want to know what it\'s like to drive?
Have you ever driven a Ford SUV like an explorer? Like that.
Well, it\'s like a 7-Eleven.
You said hey, you swipe your card, you sign, you go out.
It\'s barely registered as a trade of any kind.
However, you will notice 4,447 of it-
There are pounds of bulk around the corner. (
Some of the reasons are that MXK is longer, wider, and lower than its sibling node edge. )
This is part of the problem and the turn should be tighter.
The total fuel efficiency is 19 miles, 24 miles on the highway, and 17 miles in the city.
The car will drag 3,500 pounds.
Enough to pay the weight of your average ski boat.
I can say something nice about MKX: The engine is quiet and smooth.
Active noise control, hill-
The boot assist and privacy glass helps make it look at least a little more luxurious than Ford\'s, just like the LED headlights that automatically flash when you enter the tunnel.
Rapid integration of Bluetooth system and mobile phone; the 8-
Inch LCD touch screen is easy to operate.
I found myself hoping to hear better than the standard 13 speakers (19 optional)
There are three different listening modes.
The whole thing sounds shallow.
You may like the fact that in order for driving, parking, neutral or reversing, you press a big fat button on the dashboard. (
I don\'t-I feel very condescending. )
You may also like panoramic sunroof, hands
Free back door, heated and cooled seat, rearand parking-
Blind auxiliary camera
Heat the spotlight warning light on the side mirror.
I appreciate all of this, although at this point they are the basic principles of any luxury car on the market and should be simply recognized, not a special award.
If the leather wrapped on the steering wheel is wider and of higher quality, it will help to increase the richness of the MKX interior;
Matte brown burr wood on doors and center console is by far the best interior accent.
It will also help (optional)20-
The inches rim is at least 1 inch wide.
Standard 18-compared to the big wheels of other luxury SUVs-
The inch wheels on this rig look weak.
Lincoln wisely decided to maintain five.
The passenger configuration for MKX, instead of trying to accommodate an additional row of seats.
This makes quite a lot of legroom in the second row, with enough storage in the back.
Fold the seat up and it\'s enough to hold almost all the bikes, luggage, grocery bags, dog cages or sports equipment at the same time.
Still, like the edge leather and the dull power system, these things feel like checked
In order to achieve luxury, not as comfortable as the real appreciation of excellence, close the box on the books of the desired person.
I will note that there is a particle-
The filter air system is high standard
The final version of MKX. (
This is the \"reserve\" version I opened for $58,740. )
Somehow this is a welcome addition, though I think it has a more placebo effect than anything else.
The surrounding lights, like a candlelight dinner, may be an older woman who fills the room with a flattering glow.
It\'s a pity that it can\'t do anything for the outside.
Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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