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tempur-pedic lumbar support pillow - tempur pedic pillows

by:Qihao      2019-09-03
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What is the Tempur lumic lumar support pillow like most tempur pedic pillows
Pedic wood support pillow is a sticky memory foam pillow developed by NASA in the 1970 s.
Memory foam was originally designed for use on a shuttle chair to help reduce G-due to extreme-
Reduce the possible damage caused by accidents.
Although it has never entered the space shuttle, the sticky-bullet memory foam design has become one of the most popular sleep products for consumers in the past 10 years.
It is most commonly used in the manufacture of mattresses and mattress canopy as it is a very valuable tool for sleeping.
The work memory foam is made of an \"open cell\" structure, depending on which regions produce the most pressure per inch, which forms the shape of your body.
For example, when you lie sideways, the area that usually creates a pressure point is your shoulders and hips.
The open cell structure of the sticky memory foam is \"given\" in these two areas, while remaining firm enough in other areas to support the weight of the rest of the body.
The importance of the waist support of the temurpedic Pillow: The shape of the human spine can be best described as looking like S.
\"This shape is perfect for us to bend and move freely.
We can stand straight, bend over and sit comfortably for a long time.
However, problems arise when sitting for a long time without proper posture.
The natural shape of our spine brings a lot of weight to several areas of the back, which can lead to back pain and muscle strain.
Office chair waist support: most people find back pain in sitting in the office chair for 40 hours a week.
Although there is an opportunity to stand up and stretch, the number of cuts during working hours will inevitably lead to increased pressure on the lower spine and back. Tempur-
Pedic waist support pillow is the best way to solve this problem.
By simply inserting the memory foam pillow into the back, you can immediately support the whole back in the right posture and relieve the pressure on the lower back.
They are designed to fit the shape of your waist and include a machine washable cover.
Waist support car seat: Another good way to use the Tempur pedic waist support pillow is in the car.
Whether you\'re just doing a lot of daily commutes or planning a long trip, adding sticky bullet memory foam pillows can increase your comfort and patience on the road.
The reason why most people have back pain in a car or plane is because it takes too long to be restricted to one position.
Unlike sitting on a desk chair, you don\'t have the opportunity to stretch your body regularly on a long trip.
Whatever the reason you buy a memory foam pillow, make sure to buy the Tempur pedic waist support pillow because of their excellence and ongoing commitment to quality.
You will find that the imitators will not compare.
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