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Suffering From Poor Sleep Patterns? Try a Memory

by:Qihao      2020-09-14
Thousands of people have managed to improve their health both physically and mentally by improving their sleep patterns and overall sleep health by using a memory foam mattress. Memory foam is a product which has its humble beginnings firmly rooted in the manned space program run by NASA in the 1960's and has come a long way since it was first exploited in a commercial setting when it was mainly used in both medical equipment such as X-ray table pads and sports equipment such as American football helmet liners. Later it was used to support long term hospital and nursing home patient who were confined to wheelchairs or completely immobile and in beds and memory foam was seen as a solution to the issues of bed sores and joint pains caused by long term pressure placed on the outer layer of skin when pressed against a hard regular mattress. Memory foam is manufactured from polyurethane and has a secret mix of additional chemicals which increase its viscosity and overall density, and is frequently referred to as 'visco-elastic' polyurethane foam. Memory foam softens when exposed to a heat source, and used in a mattress the heat of the body rapidly allows the mattress to mould to the shape of a body pressing against it and just as quickly reverting to its original shape when the pressure, or body weight, is removed. Denser and heavier than regular mattresses but softer than regular mattresses, they offer a happy medium for sufferers of back and joint pain who may have difficulty with firm mattresses and/or soft mattresses and suffer from poor sleeping patterns. Sleeping partners in a double bed can benefit from less disturbed sleep, the foam absorbing a lot of the transmitted motion that appears on a regular mattress, although they will not stop a snorer snoring; however used in conjunction with an anti snore pillow or device prescribed by a sleep specialist can definitely help. When the foam first appeared on the commercial market it was, to begin with, far too expensive for widespread commercial use; however in the intervening period and certainly in recent years it has become much cheaper and more widespread in its use and application. The most common domestic uses are mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers but it has proven medical uses and is used extensively in hospitals, clinics and specialist units for patients suffering from spinal injuries, joint and skin damage and issues where bed sores can have a serious detrimental effect on recovery. To obtain more detailed and personal information about memory foam mattresses and associated products, visit the memory foam shop at their website, the address of which is
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