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spend a night surrounded by a piece of folk art

by:Qihao      2019-08-24
Even after seven years here, Laurie wise, California, is not used to snow.
However, the seasonal challenge did not diminish her enthusiasm for the Hancock Hotel, a historic hotel she worked with her uncle Robert Short.
\"When you arrive, you can look at the room and choose the one you like,\" she said when we called before Christmas to book a slow weekend evening.
But there is no need.
We wanted to live in the rouvers Porter suite named after the 19 th --
Century touring artist, whose landscape murals in New England\'s homes and pubs are now considered an early example of American folk art.
Founded in 1789, the hotel has been renamed several times, but according to short, it is the oldest hotel in the state.
As Hancock\'s first place to offer accommodation, food and rum, the hotel was established when Porter painted all four walls of the second room
About 1825 floor rooms.
The original style of Potter shows the vast sky, the rolling hills and the rolling rivers.
A group of children-like houses shows a village along the river, while a lonely house sits on the top of the mountain.
The huge trees look like fountains that spewing, highlighting the foreground while the cones
The pine Cypress of different shapes seems to be going up the mountain.
\"This is really a special place,\" Short said as he took us upstairs . \".
\"I will have to consider restoring it in a few years.
\"At the same time, he treated the murals carefully.
When he annexed part of the corridor and created a rest area for the Porter Suite, Short warned the workers that they could not use the hammer for fear of damaging the old plaster.
The thoroughly engaging mural is the star of the room, but we don\'t have to sacrifice comfort or style to spend the night of this time capsule.
In the middle of the four windows in the room was a queen bed with a cannonball headboard and pedals.
In the compact bathtub, the blue and yellow chinoiserie fabric covers the bed pillows, windows and shower curtains.
A loose chest rests on the woven carpet at the foot of the bed.
There are two wing chairs next to the gas. burning cast-
Iron furnace installed in the original fireplace.
The chair can turn to the small TV set sitting in four chairs
Chest of drawers in the corner opposite the room. (
The historic property has made some concessions in terms of modernity. Free Wi-
There is Fi throughout the process.
However, the TV is covered with a quilting comfort like a large teapot. )
In the Tavern on the first floor, a modern mural pays tribute to the original Potter, but reveals its own unique details, such as the lion and lamb opposite the window.
On a snowy night, diners chose the tavern, where the shabby wooden table and a bar with a rough beam framed to create a rustic atmosphere.
When a local couple played checkers, we read the menu carefully and talked briefly about food and wine. (
He\'s a foodie. )
The other couple had just finished dinner and drove over from a nearby town to celebrate their 58 th anniversary.
On the way out, the husband suggested: \"Be sure to eat a Baking Pot . \".
The sumptuous menu matches the weather in winter.
We put together a delicious cranberry baking pan and a hand-made broth with a truffle Beckham sauce and asparagus and the sun --
Dried tomatoes and wild mushrooms.
Our waiter packed and refrigerated our leftovers.
We might be full but we didn\'t want to miss the dessert so she also prepared a tray with a chocolate can and a cheese trio (
Pistachio, raspberry, chocolate truffle)
Our room is waiting.
Ware was tracking the time when we arrived at the restaurant for breakfast the next morning --
Honored antidote to the cold weather in New England: Do something soothing in the kitchen.
\"I just finished mixing a pot of fudge,\" she said . \".
We had fruit salad, muffins and orange juice and enjoyed the red walls and the old food.
Portrait of old fashioned
Soon there was a plate of French toast and sausage.
\"I\'ll cut you some fudge when you leave and let you take it,\" she said . \".
Cambridge-based writers Patricia Harris and David Lyon can be reached.
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