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slumber conundrum: how to decide which mattress-in-a-box to buy

by:Qihao      2019-08-29
It was a bed. in-a-
The emergence of box companies simplifies the lives of consumers.
They offer a free trial with a sturdy mattress and a relatively low price.
Things are becoming more chaotic as more and more companies begin to emerge.
Some people ask you to try out their mattress for 100 days and others for 120 days.
You can find mattresses that only give you a firm choice, while other mattresses can be customized according to your size, shape and personal sleep habits.
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As you sleep, the next mattress plans our next workout to help you understand all of these comfortable puzzles, and we summarize some of the biggest names in the mattress delivery game.
Whether you want the lowest price, the longest trial period, or the most customized mattress, we can help you.
Brooklyn bedding is Open since 1995 and start shipping bedsin-a-
Box became one of the first players in space in 2009.
You can also purchase pillows, sheets and platforms from Brooklyn bedding.
Because it offers three levels of firmness, you can read the company\'s guide on choosing the right mattress or call or email for advice.
Thickness: 10 inch (
2 inch talalay latex, 2 inch dunlop Latex, 6 inch high-
Density of poly foam
Price for Queen size: $750 shipping and return: free option: soft, medium or fixed duration: 120 day warranty: 10 yearssoftness-fits-
When it was launched in 2014, all the way to its mattress.
Sheets are now sold (
White or white and chambray)and pillows.
Like a mattress, the pillow has a single style --
There is no difference between back or side sleepers --
But you can buy standard or extra large.
If you want to try it yourself, they have already worked with West Elm.
Thickness: 10 inch (
Latex Foam, sticky memory foam, proprietary transition foam, polyurethane support foam)
Price for large size: $850 shipping and returns: free option: non-trial period: 100 day warranty: 10-
Like many competitors, Helix wants to make personalized mattresses.
You have to check a lot of boxes on the questionnaire instead of choosing to be firm.
From your height and weight to body size and sleeping posture, Helix wants to know all about it.
If you have a partner, you can choose the mix option, which will have an impact based on your combined statistics, or divide it into two halves so that each party can be customized according to the individual.
Thickness: 10 inch (
Dunlop Latex 2 inch, 6.
Poly foam 5 inch, 1.
Micro coil 5 inch)
Large size Price: $900 shipping and returns: free selection: customized according to the questionnaire duration: 100 day warranty: 10 year order to give you more options, layla baked softness and firmness into a single woman.
One side is soft and the other side is hard.
On the softer side, it\'s also \"injected copper\", which the company says keeps it cool and helps to cycle --
Although we are a little skeptical about this statement
Thickness: 10 inch (
High of 3 inch
Density memory foam, 6 inch foam, 1 inch foam)
Price for large size: $899 shipping and returns: free option: soft or hard depending on which party is warranty: 4 months leesa takes a similar approach.
Every mattress is as strong.
However, for every 10 mattresses sold, the company donated one to a local shelter.
In addition, the company provides Leesa blankets instead of pillows and sheets.
It is made of the same material as the mattress cover.
Thickness: 10 inch (
2 inch memory foam, 2 inch Awena foam and 6 inch dense core support foam)
Price for large size: $890 shipping and returns: free option: non-trial period: 100 day warranty: 10-
Mattress manufacturer Saatva, loom and leaf bills themselves provide a limited one-year warranty as a luxury mattress that is not packed in a box.
Instead, someone provides and sets the loom and leaves for you.
It is also equipped with higher price tags, shorter trial periods and a few inches of foam than many other mattresses on our list.
It even has a layer of gel that will keep you cool.
Thickness: 12 inch (
2 inch of medical expensesgrade gel, 2. 5-
2-inch memory foam
Inch transition pad and 5.
High of 5 inch
Density of foam core
Large size Price: $999 shipping and returns: free option: relaxing company or company probation period: 75 days warranty: only a few of these companies 15 years ago, all it takes to stand out is a slightly longer trial period.
Since Luma is a bit late in the game, if you find that your first choice doesn\'t match your preference, it decides to let you change the mattress hat to another hardness.
If you don\'t like the mattress, the company will also give you a whole year to decide. Thickness: 13. 5 inches (3-
Inch convertible talalay latex hat, 1. 5-
Inch thick talalay latex, 8-
1-inch pocket coil bracketinch high-
Density-based foam)
Price for large size: $895 (no topper), $1,494 (with topper), $2,195 (all-latex version)
Shipping and return: free selection: plush, medium, fixed term: 1 year warranty: 15 years with hop assistant, you can quickly find which one of the mattresses for Nest bedding suits you.
First, you choose a size and then you answer questions to further personalize your experience, such as whether your partner is bothering you at night, whether you have back pain, whether you have allergies or asthma.
After that, the assistant will give you a list of mattresses that meet your specifications.
Thickness: 11 to 14 inch depending on the style (
Some are foam, some are coils)
Price for Queen size: shipping and return from $799 to $2,099: free option: personalised according to the questionnaire duration: 100 day warranty: 10-
Plus the year, you may remember Saatva fromearlieron on our list.
Just like the loom and the leaves, the Saatva mattress was not installed in a box, but was installed by one of the employees.
The company will also ship your old mattress for $39.
Of course, it lacks the gel layer owned by the loom and the leaves, but it is also $100 less.
It also exchanged some foam layers for the coil. Thickness: 14. 5 inches (1. 5-inch pad, 1-inch foam, 1-
Inch soft foam, 4 inch coil, 7 inch coil)
Price for Queen size: $899 shipping and returns: free option: soft, Deluxe Company and company trial period: 75 day warranty: 15 year warranty mentioned with Casper and Leesa, tuft & Needle is another single
Mattress options.
According to the company, the material is neither latex nor memory foam, but its own proprietary foam.
However, what really sets the mattress apart is the price, which is a few hundred dollars cheaper than anything on our list.
Thickness: 10 inch (
3 inch foam, 7 inch foam)
Price for Queen size: $600 shipping and returns: free option: non-trial period: 100 day warranty: Creators of Yogabed, launched on 2015, 10, say their inspiration comes from-
It\'s no surprise that --from yoga (
Hope it\'s not on the yoga mat. .
The company\'s one-year trial period and the use of glue clip between foam layers make this mattress slightly different from some other universal hardness options.
Thickness: 10 inch (1-
Inch responsive foam, 2 inch gel, 6-
1-inch foam base
Inch support base)
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