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sleep on long flights like a pro with these 13 must-know tips

by:Qihao      2019-08-27
There is absolutely nothing comfortable with flying unless you happen to be small enough to be able to adapt to the limited space on the plane, or rich enough to be able to afford the first flightclass ticket.
If you\'re going to start a long flight, catching a few Zs might feel like it\'s an impossible task to complete.
But a few hours of high quality sleep is definitely not impossible and all you need to do is know how to take advantage of the limited space to your advantage. 1.
Booking the right window seat by the window may prevent you from entering the bathroom, but in terms of comfort it is the best seat in each row;
The plane wall is the best place to rest against your head.
But not all window seats are equal.
Flight attendant Lauren McLaughlin swears that the best window seat is to have a curve or indent of the window only a 2 inch distance from your seat.
This allows you to lean your head against the advanced sleep angle by the window. 2.
Choosing a seat you know is not all window seats are tilted at the same angle, and some seats are not tilted at all.
Our resident illustrator Yumi recommends checking SeatGuru first before choosing a seat to avoid the back leaning against the partition or the seat in front of the exit as they may not be tilted.
SeatGuru even developed an app for Android and iOS so that once you get on the plane, you can research and submit photos more easily. 3.
Those horseshoe pillows.
The shape of the memory foam neck pillow may look ridiculous, but carrying the memory foam neck pillow with you will make your plane nap different.
Flight attendant Michelle Lazzaro points out that it helps keep your head rolling from one side to the other --
You don\'t wake up every time your chin falls to your chest.
Most importantly, using one will help you avoid drooling on your neighbors.
They sell at most airport stores, so it should not be difficult to find one. (
Other pillows also apply. )4.
If you really get a very popular neck pillow but find it a bit uncomfortable, turn that suction cup around.
Or, buy one that is designed to wrap around the neck.
There is an opening at the back of the neck and the chin can be in a more natural position on the fluffy cushion side.
This helps you keep your neck and spine aligned while you are sitting and snoozing, and add support when you adjust your position. 5.
When you get to the safety line, taking off your shoes will make you take off your shoes, so most people will be prepared by wearing comfortable shoes that are easy to take off their shoes.
So why don\'t you wear shoes on the plane?
At flying height, the shoes contract their feet and block blood circulation.
If you put them aside during your flight, your feet will swell less and you will have room to release your toes. 6.
Put on your most comfortable clothes and there is no reason to wear them on a long and calm flight, so save hours of discomfort in tight and stiff clothing.
Instead, wear your favorite sportswear, your softest pajamas, and even leggings.
The goal is to feel comfortable and move easily.
The more you feel at home, the better you can sleep. 7.
Add a cushion to your backpack when you should always wear your seat belt
When the seat belt lights up, you can put the blanket, sweater or other fluffy layers in-
Between you and the buckle.
When the flight attendants can clearly see that your seat belt is buckled, they will leave you alone and you don\'t have to worry about the metal center pressing down to your lower abdomen. 8.
Avoiding leg crossings is an easy way to save space on crowded aviation seats, but when you\'re sitting in a position like this, you\'re hurting your blood circulation, it may increase your chances of getting a blood clot.
Physical therapist Karena Wu says this position can even cause pain in your lower back as it will distort the lower half of your spine in one direction.
Although it feels comfortable, you will wake up painfully because of squeezing and twisting for such a long time.
Instead, try to keep your legs straight and put your feet on the floor. 9.
While planes are usually packed with passengers, sometimes you will try to find a flight with a few empty seats, or find an empty seat in the ideal world.
If you feel lucky, ask the flight attendant if you can sit in an empty seat and stretch your body to sleep in the seat.
However, if the seat belt sign is on you, you will not be able to stretch in your seat, but it is enough to relax just knowing that someone is not around you. 10.
Use a beach ball to support and cushion by bringing an inflatable beach ball to make your back more comfortable in your small seat.
Inflate the ball part and place it on the spine curve.
When you lean back in your seat, you will prevent poor posture and pain when you wake up. (
You can also buy a real inflatable waist support pillow. )11.
Practice pre-flight yoga or stretching before you get on the plane and sit for a long time.
Before boarding, stretch, bend and prepare your muscles for uncomfortable positions, and when you\'re stuck in your seat, you\'ll find it easier to move.
The softer your body feels, the less nervous you will find yourself when you try to sleep comfortably. 12.
In an interview with Yahoo, a flight attendant suggested choosing your restaurant
To help you sleep, the flight is carefully drunk: \"Bring a chamomile tea bag if the flight time is long.
\"The Staff of the plane can give you a cup of hot water so you can make your own tea.
As we all know, chamomile tea can calm your sleep, so you can relax your experience.
Try to avoid anything that will dehydrate you, such as alcohol, coffee or any salty food, to make sure you feel well rested when you wake up. 13.
If you fly with a friend, create a comfortable place to lie with their seat.
Let your travel partners keep their seats a few degrees lower than you, instead of tilting your two seats back.
Then, when you try to sleep, you can wedge your head in their prominent seat.
You can use a cushion seat instead of leaning against a hard wall or window.
You can put the pillow in, too.
If you all want to doze off, it\'s between you two.
Don\'t forget when you finish your flight. . .
Take the most sensible advice from strangers on the plane: \"Take off your shoes and socks, then walk around the carpet barefoot and punch with your toes.
\"Are there any other suggestions for sleep on board?
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