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Sharon Osbourne\'s Bedtime Bother

by:Qihao      2019-08-29
Unlike Ozzfest tickets, home furniture often comes with a price tag.
A Studio City design store in California sued Sharon Osborne for breach of contract, fraud and deception on Thursday, claiming she had never paid a $26,000 custom fee
Sent to her bed earlier this month.
According to the lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles High Court, the fact is
TV stars signed an agreement in October.
3 Buy King-
Size bed for her main bathroom and kitchen, as well as custom curtains, from pillows etc.
And send the items to the hidden mountain mansion in osbournes.
However, in addition to the pillows and interior decoration, the credit card given to them by the wife of Cheryl laud oz only paid part of the fee and she did not make further efforts to settle the bill.
The representative of Osborne told tmz.
Osbourne tried to give Law two different credit cards to pay for the money, but the designer told her neither of them was accepted.
But the representative said that Osbourne\'s credit statement ended up listing two separate charges, both of which were full charges, which meant that she had actually paid the fees twice.
Her representative said the shop had fixed the bug and Osborne sent a check to pay for the bed and curtains.
But when she had one
As we all know, the judge of the American Daren, who is often jewellery, also plans to unload a pile of property her family has acquired over the years, and now Jack and Kelly have left the nest.
She and her husband plan to auction more than 600 pieces of furniture, paintings, clothing, jewelry and souvenirs from their homes in Malibu, Beverly Hills and buckin county, and the UK will raise funds for the Sharon Osborne Colon Cancer Foundation.
Sales are scheduled for November. 30 and Dec.
Apparently against Oz\'s will.
\"I don\'t know why we\'re selling everything because I want everything,\" 58-year-
The lead singer of the old Black Sabbath said.
\"Sharon told me that we have to do this or our house will [expletive]explode.
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