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shape-shifting bra made of nasa space foam is the latest thing in \'biocosmeceuticals\'

by:Qihao      2019-09-03
It was originally designed by NASA to make safer aircraft cushions.
Now it\'s used to buffer something else.
NASA has developed a smart memory bubble in 60 years to make its aircraft seats safer and more comfortable.
It is also experimenting with these things to study the potential future use of spacecraft components and structural engineering products.
But, at least today, it is used to make bras.
The \"smart\" foam has a unique quality to maintain or remember its shape after applying pressure, and is a key ingredient in a new bra sold in Australia.
Dr. Tim Nielsen, general manager, local distributor of bras, said he has been looking for interesting mashups --
The combination of technology and clothing. And space-
Take the cake, he said. foam bra.
\"I \'ve probably evaluated hundreds of products in the last three years, and once you filter out all the products that are completely crap, that\'s number one,\" he told News . \". com.
Au \"I have to take double steps and think \'how is this possible?
But when I read more about it, I realized more practical benefits.
\"The derivation of foam is used in memory foam mattresses.
It is also used for the safety lining of the racing helmet, so I realize that it can have a lot of practical use, and there can be a lot of benefits from this softening and expansion. \"Hang on.
Softening expansion?
What exactly does this bra do?
\"When it detects an increase in body temperature, it can promote cleavage,\" Dr. Nelson said . \".
\"For example, when a woman is excited, she will blush a little.
It can do some flirting for you. \"Really?
\"But it also has a lot of practical benefits. \"Phew.
\"For example, if you are exercising, it detects a body temperature rise and it can be expanded to provide more support when you need it.
\"According to Dr. Nielsen, bras can also adapt to the changing shape and size of women, which means that you are unlikely to buy another bra in the future.
Dr. Nelson, who holds a PhD in biochemistry and uses it to do business in what he calls \"bio-cosmetics,\" said that the product could also make life easier for women dealing with diseasesfitting bras.
\"This smart memory bra that can solve all these problems is the answer that many people dream of,\" he said . \". Indeed.
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