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searching for serrated grapefruit spoons

by:Qihao      2019-08-30
To increase the portion of the breakfast, Eleanor Taylor of La Crescenta kept her eyes wide open for jagged grapefruit spoons, but has not been successful so far.
Can you help her search get results ASAP? Or will Taylor burst into tears because he\'s not feeling well at all? J.
Hollywood Bradford needs some help to fix the swivel chair.
Can we reach out to you so that you can help Bradford get back to the chair position that he is so desperate for, or will he end up being a real \"chair \"?
Michelle Mooney, from Los Angeles, has been tossing about the fact that she can\'t find a washable pillow for her bathroom bed;
She claims that the fabric made of polyester is rough and feels flat.
Can you please raise your head for Mooney or will she suffer from insomnia because of all the pillow language?
Don Edberg of Tujunga needs Vols.
4 and 5 in the \"Report of the Presidential Commission on the Challenger space shuttle accident\", a report that appears to have gone out of print.
Can you help before Edberg goes back and forth to Washington? Reader-to-
Reader Help Line: Catherine in (805)942-
1072 required records-and -
8-playback switch
Track Dumont combined tape player-Box playerradio-record player ;
The manufacturer is out of business.
Please help bring the sound of music back to Catherine\'s House. . . . Elizabeth at (714)493-
7835 Stangl Terra rose pottery that wants tulip patterns;
This factory in New Jersey has not been available for many years.
Please help so that Elizabeth will not go for marijuana.
Note: Reader-to-
The reader\'s help line is for only one-
Time items and products are no longer available in the store.
And you must send us a written permission for your phone number so that others can contact you directly. D.
Peters of La Puente looking for candles
Wax hardening agent, can be enterprise.
Both Lawndale\'s Tim Corcoran and Sunland\'s readers say that hyaluronic acid is the best product for hardened wax;
Can be bought in candles
Shop and hobby shop.
Corcoran added that although the name of the product is daunting, fatty acids are actually a white solid substance that does not hurt the skin, and it will hardly even hurt the skin.
What it does is to increase the melting point of the wax when the wax is mixed into the wax to be cast.
This caused the candle to burn more slowly and eased the sagging. (
Corcoran should know.
He said he used to be a candle.
Manufacturer and Ph. D. in chemistry. )Mrs.
Gordon McFarland at Laguna Hills is looking for a zip leather coin holder and a zip wallet with a metal slot that he should zip directly to the nearest Scout sales outlet (
They can be in a lot of good-
Department store size).
Carver Jewett of San Jacinto said that he had ordered zipper leather coin boxes from the Scout catalog many times.
He is not sure if the catalogue also lists zip wallets with metal coin slots, but it doesn\'t seem to hurt to look around for change.
More information on removing rust from concrete lanes. Mrs. G. O.
Eriksson of Ventura says mixing four ounces of grass into a quart of hot water, brush the mixture on the stain and wait until it dries;
Then wipe the dust off the crystal and rinse the driveway.
Repeat if necessary. (
She said the instructions came from Yankee Magazine, which was published in April 1987. )
Herb Hain can\'t reply to the email in person, but if space allows, he will respond to the required readers in this column ---or have--
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