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Safe Travels With Handy Branded Merchandise

by:Qihao      2020-09-09
Those fleeting moments when you are free to escape the ardours of working life and go and see the world are few and far between. So few in fact, that when they do come along you really need to make the most of them. There are some travel accessories out there that although inexpensive, can really make the difference to your trip. You know, just those little things that although small, make life just a little bit more pleasant. What better gift for your clients and customers than travel branded merchandise, to help them enjoy their time off to the full. In this article we're going to have a little look at some of the handiest travel branded merchandise on the market, which will show your customers and clients alike just how much you value their business. Travel hairbrush and mirror Some of us don't look our best all the time. There are those moments, which are of course few and far between, where the light might not be quite right or we might be standing at a bit of a funny angle. Sometimes we've just disembarked from a torturous ten hour flight half way around the world and we look grotty. So what do you need before you are due to be closely inspected at passport control? A quick brush of the hair and a touch up around the face of course. With a branded travel hairbrush and mirror you'll be thanking your lucky stars that lovely business you've been dealing with want you to look presentable. Travel rain poncho You know when you go away that there's a chance it might rain, but you don't want to acknowledge that chance by packing a raincoat. A travel rain poncho folds away into a tennis ball sized container, so although you are packing some protection, it's only an afterthought, which should help to ensure the bad weather stays away, but if it were to rear its ugly head, you'll be thankful you received that thoughtful free gift. Branded memory foam neck pillow Being able to sleep on a flight is a God send. A little cap nap can easily turn an eight hour flight into a seven hour doze and a ropey meal, which is of course preferable. Not everyone can fall asleep at will, head rocking to and fro or rested cosily on the shoulder of the anonymous traveller sitting next to you. A branded memory foam neck pillow can make all the difference. They are only cheap but can make a long flight so much more bearable.
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